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Author Topic: The Etheran Snow Hounds (Imperial Guard Fluff)  (Read 2449 times)

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The Etheran Snow Hounds (Imperial Guard Fluff)
« on: May 20, 2007, 03:27:02 AM »
The Etheran Snow Hounds

Alright, this the fluff for my Imperial Guard Regiment. It's simply just a bit of background and some basic things referring to them as a whole. Please tell me what you think and if there are any errors that need to be addressed.

Home World:
Ethera is a cold desolate Ice World. Located in the Segmentum Obscurus, Ethera was isolated from the Imperium early in the 36th Millennia due to the ever infamous (and convenient plot device) warp storm; not long after its colonization. It is a cold, but habitable planet; warmed by many pockets of hot springs created by geothermal activity. Roughly 5 billion people populate this world, with cities centering on these hot springs, acting like oases in a frozen desert.

After existing for over three thousands years in isolation, the planet has formed its own form of Government. Ethera is divided into 23 different provinces, each with its own governor, in control of a lesser administrator dividing up the province further. At the top of the chain is the High Consul, with 23 elected Consul Members. These representatives are in power for life and watch over the entire planet, regulating and (to some extent) controlling the provinces. The representatives make decisions democratically amongst themselves, each given one vote. In times of crises however, one of the 23 representatives are voted in by the other 22 to hold the power of supreme dictator until the crisis has passed.

Soon enough however, the plot device warp storm dissipated, slowly bringing the planet under Imperial control. The planet isn’t very specialized and self sufficient; lacking any economic specialization, the planet pays its tithe through various different means. Thankfully, planetary affairs are left alone so long as Ethera pays its tithe. Its economy is very capable of sustaining the planet through times of war and crisis.

The Etheran Military
After coming in contact with the Imperium in the 39th Millennia, a series of revolt broke out over the military tithe. The Etheran people were content in paying tribute in terms of everything but their own people. Although the military holds a strong position amongst the people, the simple thought of never being able to return home brought embitterment and rage throughout the planet. Serious thought of rebellion and refusal to become a part of the Imperium ran through the minds of the Etheran people. The High Consul however, voted unanimously (and intelligently!) against such a course of action, knowing full well such a decision would be suicidal.

It was decided that a substantial form of compensation for those families with men in the Imperial Guard would be given. This proved not to be enough and a series of rebellion broke throughout the planet against the government, involving actual Guard Regiments to subdue them up too! Eventually, and reluctantly, the people accepted that Imperial Guardsmen will usually never return home. Families accepted the form of compensation, usually given out as forms of heating and shelter from the weather. Children of Guardsmen are given full scholarships, and families are provided for by the government.

As time went on, the idea was accepted, and fighting in the Imperial Guard was considered an honor amongst the people. The occupation provided for one’s families and gave them firm and a reasonable lifestyle. It is seen as a selfless way of caring for one’s family, a way of protection and provision. The honor of such an act resonate through entire family lines, stories of how a great-grandfather’s enlistment provided enough education for his son to succeed and bring wealth to the family carry great strength and inspire many.

Luckily however, the Etheran are blessed with the ability to see their sons and fathers at some times. Usually when under strength regiments are sent back to their home world to recruit and refill their ranks. This allows some form of comfort as the Guardsmen that are still alive are able to visit their families for a short time before being sent off to another battle zone.

Critics however believe that this is simply a form of selling out; of families sending away sons and fathers simply for their own personal gain and self interest.

Military Tactics
The Etheran love to use shock and awe tactics. Using the mighty forces of their artillery to pound the enemy into submission, the massive firepower and destructive capabilities of their armored vehicles to instill fear in the hearts of the enemy, and followed by massive onslaughts of Imperial Guardsmen; fighting for the Emperor, and their family honor! Squads use fire and maneuver tactics to pin and flank the enemy. Using their APC’s, heavy bolters, and grenades to keep the enemy down as a squad finds an exposed area to attack. They’ll rush and slam into the enemy with their massive amount of screaming bodies; fighting in bitter hand to hand combat to their dying breath. 

The Etheran
are well educated and hard working people. They believe strongly in their family honor. Because the Planetary Government provides benefits to families with a member (Limited of course to the Guardsman’s parents, siblings, and children.) in the Imperial Guard, it is a common way of providing to their loved ones. The Etheran people have great access to education and careers, all for the betterment of their families. Generally, the Etheran people are either your best of friends or your bitterest of enemies. Friendship among the Etheran people are close and regarded as practically a part of one’s family; even going as far as to redeem a friend’s family’s honor. Although true enemies are rarely made; those unfortunate enough to become enemies often see the harshest of treatment, no common enemy could ever unite them. They never forget, and they never forgive!

“The enemy of my enemy is the next one to die.”

-   Colonel Joseph Lavotski, Etheran 501st regimental commander.

In Game

In the Warhammer 40,000 table top game, the Etheran Snow Hounds are represented by the following doctrines. Note, not all doctrines will be used in one army list.

Priest: Charged with preaching and maintaining honor among the men. The Priests of Ethera are often there to remind fellow Guardsmen what they are truly fighting for: THEIR FAMILY HONOR!

Storm Troopers/Grenadiers: Of the 23 provinces of Ethera, one province stands above the rest. Taking military honor to the extreme, these men are raised from a society hell bent on slaughtering their enemies. Hailing from a military society, every male citizen of age is immediately conscripted and sent to the PDF, and most eventually into the planetary tithe. The Orrax people are known for their ferocity in combat, and their high regard of honor. They fight valiantly alongside their BS3 brothers with pride!

Iron Discipline: Most, if not all, officers carry and aura of confidence and such charisma that men will gladly die for them. The rallying strength and courage of their officers reminds their brethren of their family honor, and carry the ability to regroup and sally forth against the bleakest of moments.

Die-Hards: The Etheran will stubbornly fight to their dying breath rather then forsake their honor.

Close Order Drill: The men are thoroughly drilled in the ways of the bayonet and know how to fight in dense formation and present a hedge of sharp blades to combat the enemy. (Plus, it’s free doctrine, why not take it?)

The Etheran regiments that have undergone several military campaigns are stocked full of hardened veterans, fully seasoned from many combat zones.

Edit 5/21

Notable Characters

Colonel Joseph Lavotski:

Age: 53

Province: Jamaal

Position: 501st Etheran CO

Description: Lavotski was born to wealthy family in the capital city of Ethera. He was raised in relative comfort due to the work of his grandfather; who was in the Imperial Guard.  The governmental subsidies and benefits provided by the High Consul allowed his father enough education to succeed in the world. Inspired by this, he signed up for the Imperial Guard, hoping to follow in the foot steps of his grandfather.

   After many hard campaigns, Joseph Lavotski rose to the rank of Colonel, and reassigned to lead the newly formed 501st Etheran Regiment. His first act as commander was to lead his men through the peril that is Medusa V. Despite being a newborn regiment, Colonel Lavotski has whipped these men into shape, and lead them through glorious victories throughout there first military campaign.

Major Michael Hanhson:

Age: 31

Province: Orrax
Position: 501st Etheran, 3rd Battalion CO

Description: Hans, he is simply known, is a cold and ruthless man. Born and raised in the Orrax province of Ethera, he was immediately conscripted by the provincial government and sent to the PDF at the age of 17. Applying for officer schooling, he quickly showed his ruthlessness at suppressing local rebellions that even his own superior officers feared him.

   He is unwavering in his loyalty to his honor and shows great distain for men who don’t hold up to his standards. He is a Commissar in his own right and rumors had it that when the 499th-501st Etheran Regiments were formed, his superiors were more then eager to transfer him into the Imperial Guard. Despite his ruthlessness, Hans is an excellent military commander and proven time and time again to be the most reliable man in the entire regiment, ready to lead his men to hell and back.

“He is a cold ruthless bastard who will stop at nothing to achieve his goals. He would rather see us all dead then surrender, and would shoot us all before we rout. Even the Commissars fear him. I hate that man, he has allowed so many of my friends to die. But…I would truly follow him anywhere, because I know he will lead us to victory… the bloody bastard…”
   -Captain Leopold Scotch.

Captain Leopold Scotch

Age: 26

Province: Moskau 

Position: 501st Etheran, 3rd Battalion, 5th Company CO

Description: Leopold, Leo for short, and Butters as he’s often called (He has no idea how this began nor why, even to this day), came from a poor family in the Moskau province of Ethera. At the age of 17, he was ‘sold-out’ by his parents into the Imperial Guard; simply for the benefits they would receive. He never could forgive his parents for all the Hell he’s put them through, but can’t help but be glad how well off his family must be, and the experience he had in the Guard.

   He began his military career as a lowly grunt, sent off to die on the Hell that was Medusa V as his first campaign. He quickly flew through the ranks as he proved his military prowess and leadership capabilities. Having turned down promotions too many times to count after he achieved the rank of Captain, he settled to simply be the 5th company CO. He is beloved by his men, and those under him show such loyalty to him that many superiors are worried about the power he could posses. If he wanted to, he could turn the entire regiment against their commanding officers and take control of them himself.

“We love Butters (Leopold) so much, that if asked, we would forsake our own family honor.
   -Trooper Alex Bale

First Lieutenant Gregory Koral

Age: 35

Province: Unknown

Position: 501st Etheran, 3rd Battalion, 5th Company XO

Description: Not much is known about Lieutenant Koral. It has shown that he is an excellent leader of men, and has an eerily good skill at keeping the men’s morale. He believes himself to be a great comedian because every time he speaks there is always snickering in the audience. He began his life as a pirate, raiding and scouring the great Volgolgan Sea. Due to geothermal activity, this sea was essentially one giant hot spring, allowing the then pirate to use steam as cover in his raids.

   He was eventually captured and given two choices; to join the Imperial Guard, or execution. It is needless to say he chose the former. He showed great leadership qualities, and was well liked by the superiors, appointed Lieutenant upon the founding of the 501st Etheran Regiment.

“Alright me maties, today we will attack under smoke, ARG…what, what is so funny? ARG.”
   -Lieutenant Gregory Koral

Some Pictures

I apologize for the bad paint job and picture.

Captain Leopold Scotch "Butters" and his men.

Lieutenant Gregory Koral "Scallywag".

Sergeant Doyle and his Armored Fist Squad.

Sergeant Cox and his men.

Small armored detachment.

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Re: The Etheran Snow Hounds (Imperial Guard Fluff)
« Reply #1 on: May 20, 2007, 07:58:55 AM »
Very nice, you've put some thought into your fluff, even considering the political and social aspects of being part of the Imperial Guard. If you can come up with some landmark battles for the Etherans that'll be great as well, it's not necessary but it helps ot better justify the doctrines you gave the army.

Will you be going in-depth to key figures of the army?
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Re: The Etheran Snow Hounds (Imperial Guard Fluff)
« Reply #2 on: May 21, 2007, 01:18:27 PM »
Very good, really is a motivator for me to write up the fluff I thought up for my Army(it's all in my head so lazy!)

What I wanted to know was if you could post some pics!

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Re: The Etheran Snow Hounds (Imperial Guard Fluff)
« Reply #3 on: May 21, 2007, 05:41:10 PM »
Sure, I can get some pics posted as soon as I can get my bloody camera to work. Damn piece of rubbish has been bothering the crap out of me lately. Anyways, I'm currently working on the early history of my Regiment right now, and I will go into some notable characters and battle later.

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Re: The Etheran Snow Hounds (Imperial Guard Fluff)
« Reply #4 on: May 21, 2007, 08:11:33 PM »
Added some pictures and some notable characters. I apologize for the bad paint job and color scheme.

Also, please tell me what you think about my fluff. I can't improve myself if there is no critique!


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