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Author Topic: Knights of the Stormrider  (Read 704 times)

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Knights of the Stormrider
« on: August 4, 2002, 08:55:32 AM »
I know this is "Eldar" online, but.. My Marines are called Knights of the Stormrider. Here's a short background I'm working on. Now, I don't write much and I also don't read much of the stories and stuff other than what I see in codexes and stuff, so I dunno what is really "acurate" as far as what the Imperium/Marines would do.. so any hints? [smile] I want this to be written like it's a report from an Inquisitor that was checking them out and stuff

I'm doing this for the design your own chapter contest, and I'll include photos of the different units in action and stuff, and there's 2 bad pics at the bottom of the leader and standard bearer (gonna be repainted though)


Knights of the Stormrider is a Space Marine chapter located on a small desert planet just outside the Eye of Terror. They have existed for nearly 600 years, though their origins were lost in the destruction of Archive World XIII by the forces of Chaos. They are believed to be offshoots of the Dark Angels, but even the chapters Force Commander will not admit this. For all intents and purposes, they are their own force now and recognized as such by the Imperium.

At the head of the chapter stands The Stormrider. His true name forgotten, even to him, this name was given to him by his subjects after leading them into the Eye of Terror in persuit of a chaos fleet, and out again to safety. His capital ship and most of his fleet destroyed by warp storms and other daemonic activity, his navigators dead, he took control of the ship himself and lead his fleet to a small planet known as Alurzia, which floats close to the Eye of Terror. Since then, they have become an outpost, a watchtower of sorts. Knights of the Stormrider watch over the Eye, and often are the first line of defense when the forces of Chaos venture outside.

Alurzia is a planet much like Terra, in size and environmental patterns. It was home to Exodite Eldar for ages, until an Ulthwe settlement took up residence there with their feral brethren. When the Stormrider arrived, there was much concern with the Eldar community, but after years of barrages by Chaos forces, the 2 races have come to know each other well, and have formed a great alliance here against Chaos and other invaders. Though, trouble may break out between them from time to time, both armies know that they are on that world for a reason, they have a job to do, and they are better off allies instead of enemies.

The Stormrider commands every battle. He is always present with his men. All that is known of his former identity is that he survived the Horus Heresey. To this day he still wears his venereable suit of MK2 Crusader power armor. His retinue always consists of Apotecary Hale, Techmarine Bramos and Cullum, the Knight's Standard Bearer. Also joining him are Veteran Sergant Shaw and his squad of Purifiers.

The army is clad in black, with gold trim, with the exception of tactical dreadnought armor, which is mostly gold. It is rumored that these colors were chosen due to the "Grand Alliance with the Eldar", as this Ulthwe settlement is clad in primarily black and yellow. However this has not been proven and none of the Knights will confirm this.

Normal marines are armed with the standard bolter, however most sergeants are known to carry storm bolters. In keeping with the "storm" theme, specialist troops are armed with storm bolters, lightning claws, storm shields, thunder hammers and most terminators carry cyclone missle launchers.

Asside from their alliance with the Eldar, there is no question in my mind that the Knights of the Stormrider are true to the Emperor and want nothing more than victory in their name. The Stormrider has a special hatred for all things Chaos, and against such forces he inspires his troops on the battlefield with his own acts of valor and bravery. As one of the Imperiums first outposts nearest to the Eye of Terror, they have thwarted many raids that would have penetrated deep into other systems. The proud Knights know their role, and they do it well.



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