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Author Topic: Weavers: The Raven (V 2.0...I think...)  (Read 580 times)

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Weavers: The Raven (V 2.0...I think...)
« on: December 16, 2005, 05:18:38 PM »
The latest incarnation of Weavers is here, I've revised some basic plot and gotten rid of a few of the characters as I felt I was planning on addign too many too quickly.

Anyway, here's the Prologue and First Chapter, enjoy, critique and comment ;).

Weavers: The Raven


“From the ashes of your child,
Your child of love and hate;
Of healing and destruction; of purity and corruption;
Will rise the Roc, the bringer of salvation and damnation.

“A direct descendant of the Dark Lady from ages long passed,
She will be born alone, raised apart,
She will know no friends or companions;
Only allies and enemies.

“The skies will awaken with the roar of giants,
The earth will tremble under the feet of ancients,
The oceans will rock with the activity of Leviathans,
And the mountains will resonate with the cries of heralds.

“She will be pale, but dark;
Full of fear, but fearless;
Weak, but full of strength;
She will be a leader, but a loner.

“With her ascension all shall change,
For she will prove blood wrong,
She will prove nobility false,
And she will cleanse all of Ulei.

“An Empire will burn and crumble,
An Empire built on hate and malice;
An Empire built on the blood and sweat of others;
And Ulei will be reborn. The Weavers will return.”

Chapter One: Sunrise

Raven was calm. She was relaxed.

These were two things that only seemed to occur when she was here, here watching the sunrise. The sky was still only beginning to bathe Ulei in light but she wore her hood up nonetheless because when she was here, standing on spire of the tallest building in the Clandestine Guard compound, she felt like she could almost smile, and smile outwardly.


She did not though, no, she had to keep her mask up flawlessly at all times, and Raven was not one to smile, if she did then the Triad themselves would surely be in a state of disbelief.

Raven was balancing rather comfortably on the narrow pole atop the tower – although this was not due to her sense of equilibrium, she simply used Thermals to keep her in place.

She recalled how intoxicating the presence of Thermals had been when she was much younger and was still developing her Perception and spellcasting abilities to the extent that some had thought she had been on some form of drug. Their effect on Raven was no way near as drastic after all her years of practice and training at Thermal manipulation.

She continued to stare at the rising sun, her pale eyes glistening in the slowly increasing light. Like all Falcons her eyes were opaque, to the extent that her pupils were a light shade of grey and her iris’ colour were undecipherable as they were too close to white.

Her long robe was fluttering in the slight breeze, and was easily the most expensive of her meagre possessions as she had had to save up for years – as well as sell most of the gifts she received on her ‘birthdays’. When still, the black robe would almost reach the floor and was adorned with various straps, belts and buckles in, mostly, unneeded places. Most of the detail was in silver or white and an intricately stitched Raven adorned it’s back. There was also a strange amulet fastened to the front of the robe, on her chest, it was some sort of bird, although she did not know what bird, which was predominantly made of a strange silvery black substance. The amulet was also the only clue Raven had to her origins and the identity of her parents, for this reason she guarded it carefully and would often spend hours staring at it, hoping for some kind of answer.

The reason she placed little value on items she was given for her ‘birthday’ was because no one actually knew when her birthday was as she had been left at the compound’s gates, which, in itself was not uncommon – people often orphaned children to the Clandestine Guard, knowing they would be looked after and educated.


She snapped out of her near trance-like state as someone hollered from below. Glancing down she saw Zei leaning out of a window. His medium blond hair was, as always, unkempt and generally liked to do whatever in the Triad’s name it wanted to do, regardless of the repercussions to the young (in appearance) professor’s professional appearance. His blue eyes were currently locked with Ravens, he was one of the few that did not find her gaze uncomfortable or something to avoid.

Her face was a perfect mask as she met his eyes, not a single emotion was there to be seen.

“What is it?”

“You do remember you’re expected to talk with the Generals in about ten minutes?”

“Of course” She had no intention of moving, which became obvious after an awkward pause.

“Then shouldn’t you, you know, get going now?” he pulled a few loose strands of hair behind his slightly elongated and pointed Half Elven ears and smiled slightly.

“You and I both know it’s pointless for me to go”

“And why’s that?” Zei was the closest thing Raven had to a friend or companion, although to call them friends would be a bit of a stretch. Regardless, he knew her well enough to know the answer, but that had never stopped him asking before.

Raven rolled her eyes. “I’ve lived here all but in insignificantly tiny amount of my life and the Guard wouldn’t throw me away the chance to ‘tame’ a Falcon such as myself, despite the fact I’m arguably the person least likely to roll over and play be-atch to a bunch of nobles with large, obtrusive metal poles jammed remarkably far up their arse”

Zei chuckled, he always seemed to find her rants about his colleagues, superiors and twin amusing. “While I wouldn’t dare argue for or against your opinion I feel compelled to remind you that it’s procedure. Everyone joining up has to sit through an interview”

She was about to reply sarcastically but clouds chose that moment to obscure and ruin her view of the sunrise.

“Fine” Raven raised herself slightly off the pole and then slowly descended down to the large window she had used to get out.

“Oh” the Half Elf added when she had stepped through the window, hood still up. “And take that hood down, they may go easy on you when they see there’s actually a young woman under all that hostility” He grinned and winked at Raven.

She grunted in reply, which Zei knew meant: ‘Shut up if you value the ability to walk, talk and reproduce’.

They walked silently down the castle-like hallway of the building. The whole compound was like a castle within, but looked very clean and neutral on the outside, with it’s perfectly smooth outer-walls and predominantly white colour.

“Looking forward to officially joining?” He asked curiously.

“No” She replied simply.

“And why’s that?”

There was a slight pause before her response. “Why is it you stay here? I know you dislike this place, perhaps even as much as I do”

“Heh, didn’t you know it’s rude to answer a question with another, unrelated, question?”

“Of course” She smirked. “Why else do you think I did it?” Raven turned right, going through a pair of two large double doors. Zei paused, watching her leave before the doors closed again and she was out of sight.

“Give ‘em hell Raven” He grinned and decided to go and help Sciera and the other cooking staff prepare for breakfast.

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Re: Weavers: The Raven (V 2.0...I think...)
« Reply #1 on: December 17, 2005, 08:18:27 PM »
Here be Chapter 2, Raven's encounter with the Generals.

Weavers: The Raven:

Chapter Two: In The Dragon’s Den

Raven walked on purposefully and at a steady pace. She had been tempted to turn back and finish the book she had started a few nights ago, but decided against it on the grounds of not wanting to get into too much trouble before she even officially joined the Clandestine Guard. She walked through the many labyrinth link corridors and doors of the main building before she came to a large heavy door with the words ‘Council Room’ etched on the gold plague that was bolted to it.

After standing in front of the door for a few seconds, recalling some of the likely questions they would ask of her, she walked forward and lazily extended her right hand in the direction of the door. For a split second there was a small distortion between her hand and the door, almost immediately after which, it slowly opened inwards.

Raven walked through and took in the large and lavishly decorated circular room. There were paintings all around it, some of places but most of people, famous Clandestine Guard. Her attention was drawn to one in particular, a portrait of Zei, except with short and neat hair instead of his current mop of untidy hair. There was also a large semi-circular table that took up one half of the room. This was where a dozen people were sitting, all wearing some variation of the white and black Clandestine Guard armour. Most wore the typical light, leather variation which consisted simply of a white cuirass with black detail and recesses, a small white gorget that often had an amulet or jewel attached (also with black detail and recesses) and perhaps some basic gauntlets, pauldrons,  boots and/or greaves of the same style. One of them wore the heavy steel variation, which was bulkier but offered a lot more protection, and three of them wore variations of the basic leather armour, with the white replaced with silver.

They were the nine Generals and three Master-Generals of the Clandestine Guard. Normally they would not be the ones that ‘interviewed’ those hoping to join the Guard, but they insisted on doing so in the special cases, such as when any kind Daiori was involved. Like Raven.

Daiori was the name given to any who possessed innate, and often extraordinary, talents or skills. Falcons were one of the more common varieties, typically very good spellcasters and seekers of knowledge. The problem with them was that, while not necessarily evil, they were almost all complete bastards/be-atches, secretive and generally unpleasant people to know.

The majority of the Generals were male, but there was one female Master-General and three female Generals. All but one were Tsorians, one of the three human races of Ulei. They typically are of average build and height and do not generally have any particular talents or traits. The other one Raven immediately recognised as Zei’s twin, Oeli. They were identical in appearance except that Oeli’s hair was short and neat, he wore Master-General armour, and his face was marked with a long scar that went from the top of his nose’s bridge to his right jaw line, cutting across his cheek. It was then that she realised the portrait was most likely one of Oeli before he got his scar, rather than a more ‘respectable’ Zei.

Raven inclined her still hooded head ever so slightly, much to the visible annoyance of a few of the Generals.

“Raven Sola, you are here by request of the council so we can attain why it is you wish to join our ranks” Oeli spoke up in a very business-like tone. “We will be asking a few questions to that respect”

Raven nodded, her face and body language conveying none of her annoyance and exasperation. “Before we begin” cut in the male general in steel armour. “Take that damn hood down, there is no need to have it up while you are within the building”

After a slight pause that almost led them to believe she was going to refuse, she drew the hood back, her long black hair spilling down to reach the small of her back. “Happy?” she asked sarcastically, which led to an incredulous look on the General’s face.

“You should learn to hold your tongue girl”

The other generals shared a small glance before they carried on, this time with one of the female Generals speaking up. “Is there any particular reason you are seeking to join?”

After deliberating how to reply Raven decided to answer truthfully. “I’ve lived here pretty much all my life, I see no reason to leave now, especially when there is more I can learn here. I would have thought that would have been obvious, after all, I can leave at any time but I choose not to, ergo I must want to remain, it’s simple logic” a slight smirked tugged at her lips.

Once more, the Generals were obviously displeased at her response, but they did not react to it otherwise.

After a few minutes of tedious questions that did not need to be asked (such as whether she had a criminal record and what her marital status was) they asked her to step outside while they discussed whether to admit her or not. Most applicants would have been worried, but Raven knew that regardless of how difficult and insulting she was, they would not pass up the opportunity to have a Falcon amongst their ranks. At least it meant they could keep an eye on her.

She was summoned back in by the door opening of it’s own accord, one of the Generals having obviously used the Thermals to do just as Raven had when first entering.

They all maintained their business-like demeanours , although a few of them looked marginally unhappy at what had been discussed prior. The second male Master-General was the one that spoke this time. “We have all agreed that you would be a valuable asset to the Clandestine Guard, and have therefore approved your wish to join our ranks. Later today someone will give you the trainee cuirass the gorget, you must wear both whenever you are within the compound, discounting your private quarters of course, and whenever you are on official business outside of the gates. The training year will official begin in three days time, in that time your belongings will be moved to one of the shared dormitories within -”

“What?” she cut in, obviously angry at the prospect of having to share quarters with others.

“Just because you have lived here does not exclude you from the rule that all trainees must reside in their shared building. You will not have less space but you will have to put up with the presence of others”

She glared at him but did not press the matter.

He carried on, ignoring her interruption. “In that time you will also be informed of when the opening feast will be and of the details of the event itself. You will be required to attend. Both of your guardians, Zei and Sciera will be at the event due to their own official duties so there is no need to inform them about it.”

Although Raven looked as if she had gotten over the fact she would have to share a room with at least one person she was in fact still fuming about it. ‘Well then, if they want to stick me in with others than I guess I’ll just have to show them how stupid it was’ she mentally smirked while she caught the tail end of the General’s speech about how she was expected to behave.

“-so make sure you do not use any spells on other students unless you have been given permission from one of the professors. That is unless you want to have your books and personal items confiscated”

She narrowed her eyes slightly at the mention of taking her books away, but decided that it was not that big of a threat, after all, if she were to do anything outside of her classes and training sessions she was not stupid enough to do it where she would get caught.

“You will be informed in more depth about your expected behaviour after you have officially been assigned to one of the Wings” The wings were the Guard’s way of sorting all of the students so that like-minded people were generally together.

The Elves who founded the Clandestine Guard a century after the Weavers' Empire was overthrown, which was over nine centuries ago, had organised the recruits into four Wings. back then they were small wings of a fairly large building, but now they were large buildings joined by corridors with a kitchen in the middle. The Elves decided to seperate people according to their skill and interests and originally named each wing after a colour that was fitting for what they represented; white; red; grey; and black. They are still officially recognised by their colour names to this day, however most refer to them by their animal nicknames; Pegasus; Chimera; Dragon; and Hydra respectively.

“I assume you have no qualms about being placed in Black Wing?”

Raven recalled feeling positively sick about the idea of being a part of Pegasus wing, which was chiefly made up of emotional women as far as she was concerned. They focussed on the healing arts, both with and without Thermals. Chimera wing she had found equally distasteful, as it was the soldier's wing, and there would have been no way for her to survive without killing a few of the simple minded fools. Dragon and Hydra wing were the only two she could ever see herself in, Dragon wing was for the offensive spellcasters and Black whing was for the exceptionally talented, or simply those with very rich and/or influential people. While Black was the most appealing she knew she would also have to deal with the clueless Nobles that had gotten in there entirely through their parents' connections, rather than any real talents...

She simply shook her head in reply, wanting to leave as quickly as possible and knowing that regardless what she said they would place her there anyway. Not that she wanted to go into one of the other wings, if she had to be amongst others at least he could be amongst other intelligent people, and few of them.

“Then you may go, we will see you in three days at the feast”

Raven nodded and left the room, putting her hood back on as soon as she was outside and heading to get a few bites of breakfast before she returned to her room to read.

“Three days of freedom left, woooooo” She said to herself sardonically.

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Re: Weavers: The Raven (V 2.0...I think...)
« Reply #2 on: December 30, 2005, 07:36:26 PM »
Hmmm, I'm not really satisfied with this one, I'm not sure why...

Anyway, here's Chapter 3:

Weavers: The Raven

Chapter Three: Fallen Angel

Uriel was crouching atop the roof of one of the many Taverns near the Clandestine Guard compound. Even were it not the dead of night one would not be able to make out much about him, except that he was draped in a black hooded cloak that was wrapped about his lithe form, and wore a bandanna over his mouth and nose. This meant that the only identifying feature anyone could really see was his emerald eyes, and even those were hard to see, shrouded by the darkness his hood would caste.

‘If she follows her usual pattern then she should be coming out of here any minute now’ he thought to himself as he carefully slipped off the roof and into an alleyway to keep an eye on one of the taverns across the road.

He almost killed a very lucky cat due to him mistaking it's meow as some kind of battlecry from an enemy, his hand stopping inches away from it’s head before he relaxed and instead scratched it’s ear.

Glancing at it Uriel said, “Silly cat” and he then returned his gaze across the road, and just in time to see another hooded figure slip out of the Tavern and walk towards the compound. He noticed she was not wearing her usual robe, and had opted for a simple hooded cloak tonight instead.

Giving her a some time to get ahead he returned atop the roof in one graceful bounding leap and then, crouching low, sped off and leapt to the adjacent roof, only to fade into nothing in mid-air. To the untrained eye it would have appeared that he had vanished, however, it was in fact a very difficult spell that few non-Elves knew that simply made him move faster than any eye could see for a split second, which was enough to travel quite large distanced.

He touched down on a faraway roof that only had a road separating it from the Clandestine Guard compound and searched the sparsely crowded street for the familiar figure. She was just walking towards the compound gates, so he crouched down, waiting for her to pass through.

After what seemed like an age of her talking to one of the Guards she passed through the large gates, and disappeared from sight. The gates then started to close slowly and, just when they were barely wide enough apart to pass through he launched himself into the air and faded away once more.

Immediately after landing just within the compound he darted behind a tree as a pair of Guard walked past, on their rounds around the compound.

“Uuurgh, I swear, that be-atch is a real pain in the arse, I don’t know why they haven’t kicked her out yet, what with all the trouble she causes and how she‘s always insulting everyone” one of them commented as they walked past. Uriel instantly knew they were talking about Raven, his on-and-off mission for the last few years. He had always foudn it srange that Shade had wanted her followed and watched over, it was clear to him she was more than capable of looking after herself.

“Simple, she’s useful, that, and she’s a real looker, that is when she doesn’t hide herself away” the other one said, chuckling slightly afterwards.

“Pffft, I’ll believe that when I see it” they both laughed as their voices got fainter while they walked further away.

He searched the ground quickly, hoping that he hadn’t waited too long, unfortunately she seemed to have disappeared. ‘Damnit. She’s probably gone to talk to Zei’. He looked around once more just to make sure he hadn’t made a mistake. When he confirmed she had indeed gone he looked up to one of the tall towers of the building, checking to see if the light of the third from top window was on. It was.

He checked no one was looking and then leaped once more into the air and faded away, this time appearing just before he hit the wall of the tower, grabbing a hold of the window sill and silently waited, checking if he had been heard.

Since he had heard no muffled talking nearby he gathered he had been as silent as always, and gracefully leapt once more to land, crouched down on the windowsill above and slipped in without a moment’s hesitation.

The room was an elaborate guest’s quarters, which was adorned with the finist of furniture. Standing in the centre of the room was a young, short haired, blonde woman dressed in the basic Guard uniform. Her brown eyes locked with his, her face indifferent and cold.

“How did it go?” she raised an eyebrow.

“Not well, I lost sight of her when I entered the compound” He lowered his hood to reveal messy brown hair that draped, unceremoniously, across his forehead, slightly obscuring his view. He impatiently pushed it to the side with one hand while he removed the bandanna with the other. “Although I did hear some male Guards complaining about her and commenting on her“ he paused, trying to think of the most appropriate word to use, “…form.” A corner of his mouth lifted into a slight smile while the woman looked slightly amused too.

“Oh well, perhaps you’ll be able to speak to her at the feast tomorrow”

“Hmmm, perhaps, although, unlike you, Leon, my disguise may be noticed by her. I’ll have to make sure to make the illusion as unnoticeable as possible when she is nearby”

Leon smirked. “Well, that is the advantage we Selkie have, shapeshifting is a very useful gift”

“True, but I would rather be able to recognise myself when I look in a mirror” he took off his cloak to reveal the simple black trousers and shirt beneath them. “Now then, if you’ll excuse me,  I need to get some sleep before tomorrow. Oh how I hate these big events, damn humans”

She laughed. “Well” she replied seductively “If you want some company for the night-”

He helped up a hand to silence her and then motioned for her to leave. “Goodnight Leon”

“Goodnight” she smirked once more and finally left the room.

Uriel sighed. “He doesn’t know when to quit”

He glanced out of the window before he went to bed, lazily checking to see if any of his Fallen Angels had finished tonight’s job. Since there was no commotion in the distance, on the streets, he assumed they had not accomplished it yet, perhaps hoping he, the first of the fallen, would join them in their hunt.

After closing the window he put out the candles with a lazy sweep of his hand and then went to, what he hoped would be, a pleasant dream.

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Because spamming the hotkey for a Deathknight's weapon in WoW is precisely the same as learning to use a sword in real life. That's why when Kendo grandmasters fight, they just stand there shouting keystroke combos at each other.


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