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Title: The Many Poems Of Makenshi
Post by: -Makenshi- on May 11, 2006, 07:30:17 PM
There are more, but I'm not especially fond of the other ones:

La Solida Del Sol (Sunrise) [My Personal Favourite]

New beginnings, new days,
In one moment everything changes.
New light, new babes,
And all of time stands still.

Frozen at that one moment,
Frozen, you wish, forever.
A tide of light, a tide of beauty,
Forever imprinted on your mind.

Burned into your memory,
Burned by the pure flames of the sun,
And etched forever more,
To be cherished unto eternity.

Darkness giving birth to light,
Light giving birth to beauty.
And confusion becoming clarity…
If only for a moment.

You can’t help but stare,
Stare with your misty eyes,
Stare at such perfection…
A single tear rolling down your cheek.

New sensations, new colours.
One moment, one realisation.
A new lease of life…
Do you remember your first sunrise?

Breaking Point...

Nothing wrong with me,
I'm feeling just fine.
Nothing bothering me,
My conscience as heavy as a dime.

I'm Mr nice guy,
The one that never snaps.
I'm just the sober guy,
With the solving problems knack.

Everybody knows me,
The guy with the bright red hair.
Everybody talks to me,
The agony aunt who cares.

Something wrong with me,
The pressure's builing up.
Something bothering me,
Considering a cut.

I'm Mr nice guy,
Only in the public eye.
I'm just the sober guy,
But my fuse aint that high.

Nobody knows me,
I hide my other side.
Nobody helps me,
I don't want to waste their time.

A true man never cries,
I do it all the time.
I've got no one to turn to,
Sometimes I want to die.

But I haven't got the heart,
There are so many who care.
I couldn't rip it all apart.

So I carry on, despite the fact,
That I'm at my Breaking Point...

Ignorance Is Bliss

Igrnoant I was of you,
All those years wasted,
All those memories a pain.
Ignorance Is Bliss...

What I wouldn't give for a retake,
For another chance,
For one last movie.
What can I do to make it up..?

Not until you left was it clear,
Clear that I cared,
Clear that I loved.
Not until I forgot your face...

So I live my life,
Never forgetting the past,
Never forgiving my blindless.
So I will remember...

I can't turn back time,
Perhaps we weren't meant to be,
Perhaps we are in the future.
I can only wait and hope...

Ignorant I was of your affection,
Now I hope for a future,
Now I make due as a friend.
Ignorance Was Bliss...

Too Late

Every word I hear,
Is full to the brim with lies.
Every sentance uttered,
Makes me scream within my mind.

Every time you all backstab,
And talk behind each others backs,
Makes me what to scream out,
My minds about to crack.

I've had enough of your lies,
Your twisted words and taunts.
Why can't you be up front?
Why can't you all just talk?

I may be the nice guy,
But none of you seem to try.
So all I need is a piece of bait,
And then it'll all be too late.

Hugs N' Kisses

How is it we're so close, yet we're so far away?
How is it fair that at times I forget your face?
How is it just that it's been so long?
So long since I saw your smile...

Some people say move on,
But why should I?
You move on when there's nothing there.
A desert.
But all we need is a chance.
A light.

How long has it been now?
How long since we last hugged?
Have we ever even kissed?

But I guess for now I'll have to make do.
Saying 'Hugs N' Kisses' gives me some comfort.
That is at least until we meet again...

Inevitability Doesn’t Dull The Pain

I was happy in my fool’s paradise,
Happy to settle into ignorance once more,
And happy to be able to count on things never changing.
What a foolish pipe dream that was.

Realization has dawned upon me.
I realise that I’m just scared,
And that I fear change.
But now I accept it.

Change is a horrible thing.
A child cries with change,
And cries when they are ripped from their haven of nine months.
This development has torn me from my haven.

Once again I found the bliss in ignorance.
Again it led to pain,
And again it led to a lesson.
But this lesson is far from heaven.

It was always going to be this way.
My friends saw it,
And my family saw it.
But Inevitability Doesn’t Dull The Pain…

The next two are made for my 'Weavers' story, specifically a race called the Serjest.

Lamentations Of War

As the darkness takes you,
Our brethren,
As one by one it takes us all,
Think solemly of those you leave behind,
As those you leave behind think solemly of you.

As we lament you,
Our kin,
As one by one we lament us all,
Think lovingly of your family,
As your family think lovingly of you.

As we lay you to rest,
Our brothers,
As one by one we lay to rest us all,
Think fondly of your friends and comrades,
As your friends and comrades think fondly of you.

As we flood the desert with tears,
Our sisters,
As one by one it is flooded for us all,
Sing one last time to us, your kin,
As we, your kin, sing forever more...to you...

These Killing Fields

The darkness awaits,
It awaits us on these killing fields,
These new playgrounds of death.

The darkness stalks,
It stalks for mortals to take,
To take away to the Everlife.

The darkness hungers,
It hungers to feed on the stench of death,
To feed on the horrors we create on these killing fields.

The darkness feeds,
It feeds on our hate, on their hate,
On the hate fuelled by this Great War.

The darkness will never stop,
It will always wait for us,
Will always stalk us,
Always hunger for us,
And feed on us,
For as long as we create these killing fields...

Any suggestions, questions or comments welcome :).

Title: Re: The Many Poems Of Makenshi
Post by: Shade, Bankai King on May 11, 2006, 07:36:13 PM
Hey man i like them all.Breaking pont is almost exactly like me execpt the hair vcutting and some other minor details. Do you have anymore poems? Also could you help me out sometime in writing poems.Through pms and stuff.I try to write and i just screw it up most of the time.What is your inspirration?
Title: Re: The Many Poems Of Makenshi
Post by: -Makenshi- on May 11, 2006, 07:50:34 PM
I have a few more poems which I can post if you like, although they aren't as good as these IMHO.

If you want help feel free to ask, although bear in mind I'm very busy at the moment (exams coming up, they decide wether I go to Uni or not) ;).

As for inspiration, life inspires me, and writing comes naturally. In fact, I tend to use my writing as a vent of my frustration or other emotions :).

Althoough to be more specific high emotions tend to inspire me, such as 'La Solida Del Sol' was written on a plain jounrey to Spain to see my oldest (as in time we've been friends, not how old they are) and best friend, or 'Breaking Point', which was written when my social group were in a particularily be-atchy mood with each other, talking behind everyone's backs and slagging everyone off (except me apparently, I'm stuck being the peacemaker).