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Author Topic: 2k elite ish nurgle army.  (Read 3974 times)

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2k elite ish nurgle army.
« on: February 3, 2020, 08:27:35 PM »
Batallion 844 pts

Dp of nurgle, warlord. Arch contaminator, the supporating plate, malefic talons x2, wings - 180 pts

Dp of nurgle, wings, 2x talons - 180 pts

Dp of nurgle, axe +wings, - 180 pts

7x plague marine. 1 is a champion - 112

7x plague marine 1 is a champion -112

5x plague marine, 1 is a champ - 80

Spearhead detachment 1156 pts

Lord of contagion,plague reaper - 115

Hellforged deredeo dreadnought, butcher cannon array, twin heavy bolter - 177 pts

Hellforged deredeo dreadnought, butcher cannon array, twin heavy bolter, - 177 pts

Hellforged Leviathan dreadnought 2x hell flamer, 2x meltagun, 2x hellforged siege claw - 267 pts

3x plague burst crawler - 420 pts

Total of 2k

Honestly just wanted to field lots of big guys and go for some target saturation. Looking for lots of conversions and a fun army to field and okay while not having to move 90+ models a turn.

The dreads +troops and plague burst will advance while the 3 DPs go off together to ruin things.

Haven't chosen psychic powers yet but still thinking about those,  any thoughts?

Also debating changing dreads for lots of terminators?

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another day, just breathe.

Looking for a new army project...
Eldar         Necrons
6-0-1       4-1-1

Possible, that it could all be wonderful~
Sweet the sound, as all the stars come crashing down~


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