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Author Topic: WH40K 7e Tournament in Carbondale, IL - 1k, June 29  (Read 1582 times)

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WH40K 7e Tournament in Carbondale, IL - 1k, June 29
« on: June 13, 2014, 10:51:51 AM »
Detailed link on Facebook with more news.
Warhorn event link

Hosted by Castle Perilous Books & Games, run by Lords of Egypt gaming club.
Address: 207 West Main St., Carbondale, Illinois 62901

June 29th, 2014 - 1PM
$5 Entry fee at the door

3 Rounds

Force Rules:
1000pts maximum
Battle-forged armies only.

Army Restrictions:
Army must contain at least 3 Troops Selections
Material from Imperial Armour is allowed.

Unit Type Restrictions:
0-1 Flyer OR 0-1 Flying Monstrous Creature

Detachment restrictions:
No Allied Detachments
Minimum 1 Rogue Trader Detachment
Formations are allowed as a separate detachment providing they are from the same Faction.

Rogue Trader Detachment:
1-2 HQ
2-6 Troops
0-3 Elites
0-3 Fast Attack
0-3 Heavy Support

0 Lord of War
0 Fortifications

Special Rules:
Objective Secured
reroll Warlord Trait

Scenario information:

Mission one: Slaughter House

Deployment: Hammer and Anvil

Special Rules:
Target selection:

Before deployment, select three units from your opponent's army list. Each selection must be over one hundred points, if your opponent does not have enough units over one hundred points select the three most expensive units. Write down your selections on a piece of paper. The unit chosen worth most points is your primary target. The other two are selections are Secondary targets.


If you kill your primary target, you score 5VP.
If you kill a secondary target, you score 3VP.
Any other unit yields 1VP if killed.

Major Victory: You score three times as many points than your opponent.
Minor Victory­: You score at least three more points than your opponent.
Draw­: Your opponent both players points are within two of the other
Minor Defeat­ Your opponent scored three or more points than you did.
Major Defeat­ Your opponent Scored at least three times as many points as you did.

Mission Two: Treasure Hunt in the Warp Storm
Deployment: Vanguard Strike

Special rules:

Chaotic winds: A player may, during their opponent's Psychic Phase, may attempt to manifest Warp Charges on the behalf of their opponent. To do so, after a Psyker unit is chosen and the number of charges attempted is declared, subtract any number of charges from your Warp Charge pool. Your opponent must roll that many more dice when attempting to manifest the power (and may cause Perils of the Warp with those extra dice).

Unusually Strong Power: Each player manifests X extra Warp Charges, where X is the current game turn.

Objective Markers:

Objective placement: Place six objectives numbered one thru six on the table using the standard
objectives placement method. However, no marker may be placed inside of a player's deployment zone, and no marker may be within 8" of a marker already placed.

Primary objective: Before the game begins, after Infiltrators deploy but before Scouts redeploy, roll a D6. The objective with that number is the High Value Objective.


Scoring: Each marker is worth one point. The High Value Objective is worth four points.

Major Victory­: Score four more points than your opponent.
Small Victory­: Score more points than your opponent.
Draw­: Both sides score the same amount of points.
Small Defeat­: Score less points than your opponent.
Major Defeat­: Score four less points than your opponent.

Mission Three: Area control

Deployment: Dawn of War

Special rules:

The long night­: Before deployment, roll a D6 for how long the night fight rules will be in effect. Example if a four is rolled the first four game turns will use night fighting. If a special character's rules would allow it to go on longer than it may continue but it cannot be ended early.


Divide the table into four quarters each is worth three points. To control an area you must have a unit totally in the table quarter with no enemy units completely in the same quarter. Each additional unit inside of a controlled quarter is worth one additional point.

Major Victory­ Control two more quarters than your opponent.

Small Victory­ Control one more quarter than your opponent, or control the same number but have a points total at least three points higher.

Draw­ Control the same number and of quarters.

Small defeat­ Control one less quarter than your opponent, or control the same number but have a points total at least three points lower.

Major Defeat­ Control two fewer table quarters than your opponent.
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