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Author Topic: Empire 2,5k Tourney  (Read 1309 times)

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Empire 2,5k Tourney
« on: September 7, 2013, 07:17:07 AM »
Hello lads,

Having quite the problem choosing between three lists for a future tourney.

No limits and named characters allowed.

Here it is:


_ 1 archlector, on altar, ensorceled shield 

 1 sorcerer lord, lvl3, metal   


1 light mage, scroll

1 engineer

Luthor Huss

1 captain, great banner, full plate, shield, luckstone, ironcurse icon


_ 11 knights, inner circle, full command, banner of swiftness

_ 47 halberdiers, full command, 2 detachments of 5 archers   
                                                  1 detachment of 12 épéists

_ 3 demigrifs, mus, standart, banner of eternal fire

_ 3 demigrifs, mus, standart, gliming pendant

_ 1 great canon   


_ 1 Hellblaster

_ 1 SteamTank

Total: 2500/2500pts

I've got some hitty units, some movement, an horde, some cannon balls, a little bit of magic...


Altar behind the horde, two sorcerers and the great banner in the horde, Luthor gives strenght in the inner circle, engineer gives his relance to the cannon first then to the hellblaster when the enemy comes near enough. Boosted Banishment with the light mage by the altar.

  -  What's the problem with this list? Too many magic lancers, quite fragile heroes, squishy infantry.   -

I think about two other choices:

1 - exchange the altar to get myself an helyobolis, drop the light mage and get myself a 6++ on the halberds that makes them a bit more solid. Archidiacr get some place by the halberds to let them keep Hate too.

2 - exchange the altar and get an hurricanum, same deal with the archidiacr, and Hate plus +1 to hit make it quite interessant for the halberds. Need to keep the ironcurse icon on a hero to get some save against artillery.

Those two choices may let me have the points for 5 pistoliers and musician, resorbing a part of my lack of chaffs. :(

What's your choice? :)

Any advice?

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