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Author Topic: Please review my Orc and Goblin 2250 point list  (Read 1375 times)

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Please review my Orc and Goblin 2250 point list
« on: July 11, 2013, 02:02:33 PM »
This list comes out at 2230 can people offer advice on it and how effective it will be.Thanks         
Orc shaman                       (With Arrer Boys)
Level 2               
Dispel Scroll
Night Goblin Great Shaman       (With Night Goblins)
Talisman preservation                  
Orc Boss                              (With Big Uns)   
Battle standard               
Night Goblin Big Boss                  
Great weapon,light armour                  
Orc Boss                  
Boar,Great Weapon                   
35 Big Uns                
razor standard               
18 Orc Arrer Boys                     
20 Orc Boys                     
Spears Shields                        
25 Goblins                      
Nasty Skulker                  
5 spider riders                     
40 Night Goblins               120         
Nets, fanatic               x         
Musician standard               x      
Goblin Rock Lobber                  
5 goblin wolf riders                
Musician,Spear Shield            
5 goblin wolf riders                      
Musician,Spear Shield                     
5 spider riders                     
Boar Chariot                        
Extra boy                        
Spear chukka x1                        

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