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Tactica Lord and Warriors [Broken HTML]

Submitted By: Date: May 31, 2006, 07:33:34 PM Views: 2772
Summary: <p class="body">Greetings reader, this article will be on the use of necron HQ and troop choices. These tactics are based on my experience of being a necron player for several years, it is not god’s law so if you find something you disagree with then don’t get too upset. I will not be describing any specific rules so as to not violate copyright laws and I will assume you have access the necron rules and understand what I am saying. Let’s get started.

<p class="heading">The Necron Lord: </p>
<p class="body">This tactica is on necron HQ and troops.  There are actually three units that you can take as necron HQ but two of those are C’tan and I have a whole other article just on them.  The necron lord is the only HQ I will be talking about here.  The necron lord is one of (if not the most) important model in the necron army, not because he is the HQ but because he is the only model in the whole army who can take wargear.  Necrons do not have sergeants or an upgradeable character in any of their squads like other armies do so the necron lord will have all the wargear your army possesses.  I have written another article on necron wargear and the ways I consider them best used so refer to that if you have any questions about those.</p>
   <p class="subheader">As Troop Support: </p><p class="body">The necron lord can fill several important rolls in your army.  His most basic use is troop support.  He can carry the resurrection orb which can keep your army alive much longer than if it was not around.  That is useful in all cases.  If you expect your lord to just sit in the background and not do much then the resurrection orb is all you really need.  If you want him to help flayed ones, necron warriors and other ground troops in assault then taking the wargear items  gaze of flame, phylactery, and phase shifter will be most useful.  If you expect to be going up against models with invulnerable saves such as terminators then the warsythe is a good item to take as well but for the most part the staff of light is probably a better choice as there are not too many models in the game with invulnerable saves and the entire necron army as a whole is capable of taking down the toughest vehicle.</p>
   <p class="subheader">As an Offensive Leader:</p> <p class="body">The necron lord can also be used for offensive strikes.  Give him a destroyer body so he becomes much tougher and much faster.  Team him up with wraiths and scarabs and you have an attack force that can take full advantage of the turbo boost ability (of which destroyers, scarabs and wraiths get).  Many a tau and imperial guard player has shivered in fright as my fast attack force has managed to get into close combat with them by the second turn using this kind of tactic.</p>
<p class="subheader">As a Teleporter:</p> <p class="body">Giving the necron lord the VOD (veil of darkness) can help him both offensively and defensively.  It can be used to teleport a squad caught in close combat out of danger so that the enemy squad can be finished off by good old necron firepower rather than having to slug it out clumsily in close combat.  It can also be used to hit the enemy in the rear or flank by teleporting a squad of warriors or immortals next to a vulnerable enemy squad and then blasting them with full power (remember that with the new rules you can double tap rapid fire weapons after moving so a warrior squad can deliver an extra hard punch if you drop one of them near the enemy.)  Immortals are also excellent for this strategy.  Just be careful when using the VOD near board edges or dangerous terrain as you can lose a lord and squad if you roll badly.

In conclusion of necron lord tactica I should say that if you want to use your necron lord offensively with the destroyer body or veil of darkness then I suggest you get two necron lords; one to stay on foot with the bulk of your army with the resurrection orb and the other to go on the offensive.  The resurrection orb is one of the most important things you can have in your army so while it may be tempting to have one, or maybe even two destroyer lords out charging the enemy it is much better to have at least one back supporting your troops.  You may be tempted to take a C’tan as your HQ choice at one time or another and that is fine but always try and have a necron lord with your army as he can make life much easier for it.</p>

<p class="heading">Necron Warriors:</p>
<p class="subheader">Firepower: </p><p class="body">These are the solid, living metal backbone of the necron army.  In my opinion the necron army is the one army in which you could buy just regular troops with no upgrades and still have a mighty fighting force.  Necron warriors have two things which make them some of the strongest troops on the battlefield.  They have firepower and resilience.  Their weapon, the gauss flayer, is basically a boltgun that is capable of taking out the strongest vehicle and the strongest creature.  Necron warriors cannot take any upgrades aside from disruption fields (which I do NOT suggest taking) but they can take apart troops and vehicles with ease.  Since the gauss flayer is rapid fire you can advance your army while still double tapping or if the enemy happens to be heading towards you then you can stand your ground and blast them as they get near.</p>
<p class="subheader">Tough and Buff: </p><p class="body">As I said, the other thing necron warriors have going for them is resilience.  They basically have the stats and armor of a space marine but lower initiative.  This means they are slow but very tough and can take hits pretty well.  But their main advantage in staying power is their  WWB (We’ll Be Back) rolls.  Every necron has this but it is most especially noticeable with necron warriors.  A good opponent can wipe out a small unit of destroyers or wraiths so that they don’t get their WWB rolls but it is incredibly difficult to wipe out a whole necron warrior squad.  They will almost always get their rolls and with a necron lord with a resurrection orb nearby and a monolith to help them reroll their WWB rolls (the monolith can do this whenever it teleports a necron unit) they are very hard to kill.  Another part of their resilience is their leadership of 10.  In all my years of playing I have had my necrons fail exactly 4 leadership tests (yes I know the exact number).  A tough unit is not much good if it runs at the first panic check it must take but you need not fear with necron warriors.</p>
<p class="subheader">Tactics: </p><p class="body">So basically you have troops who are able to lay down a very powerful spray of fire, take hits without much trouble and hold their ground.  My necron warriors hardly ever lose a firefight, not because they can outgun the opponent but because they are just so hard to kill and when it comes to wearing down each other my opponent usually loses.  However, all units have their weaknesses.  The Weakness of Necron warriors is close combat.  They are not necessarily bad in close combat, it is just that they can’t deal very good damage.  They don’t have any special close combat weapons or upgrades so against opponents with good armor they won’t have much effect.  If you find your necron warriors tied up in a combat in which they cannot win quickly then teleport them out of combat with the monolith or Veil of Darkness and then shoot the enemy squad that is now left in the open.  This is how necrons can use their strengths and minimize their weaknesses.  I normally take squads that contain anywhere from 12-15 necron warriors.  Below 12 warriors is too small a squad.  If hit with enough firepower or attacks it can be destroyed or reduced to too small a squad to be effective.  Above 15 necrons in a squad starts to get too large.  You will have too few squads of warriors and will not be able to maneuver as well.  For instance, three squads of 12 necrons is 36 warriors in all.  You have three averaged sized squads that can attack separate targets or the same target and therefore gives you more options in fighting the enemy.  If you have two squads of 18 necrons then you also have 36 necron but only two squads.  If you have three enemy squads attacking you then you will only be able to attack two of them and if they all happen to be dangerous then you might get hit with something nasty.  I learned this from fighting a battle with dark eldar.  I was being charged by 4 raiders but only had two squads and could only shoot down two of the raiders (and it was actually overkill as I could have taken down a raider with half the number of warriors I had in each squad).  The other two raiders assaulted my necron warriors and as I had not fielded a monolith in the game and my necron lord with the Veil of Darkness was not apart of those squads I lost a lot of warriors.  If I had taken three squads I could have shot down three of the raiders and then taken on the remaining squad in a much easier fight.</p>

<p class="heading">Conclusion:</p>
<p class="body">So that is my tactica on necron HQ and Troop choices.  As I said before you may not agree with everything that I have said but this knowledge has served me well.  Use these tactics as guidelines to help you along and once you get some experience make up your own strategies and methods, but most importantly have fun.  Good luck gamers!</p>

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