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Fighting a Monolith [Broken HTML]

Submitted By: Date: June 5, 2006, 12:00:00 AM Views: 2981
Summary: <p class="body">What's six inches long, six inches wide, twelve inches tall, and spews death where ever it goes? A Necron Monolith. The Monolith is generally considered to be the best vehicle in the game by many people. In fact, it is so good, and so cheap pointswise, that those same people also call it the most unbalanced vehicle in the game. Simply put, the Monolith is the toughest vehicle in the game. Its "Living Metal" special rule says, basically, that any bonuses a weapon gets to Armour Penetration rolls are negated. This includes lowering the armour value, or treating it as lower. That means your melta weapons, bright lances, monstrous creatures, etc. have no bonus effects. However, the following weapons work against Monoliths:<br />

<br />
Witchblade/Singing Spear (They affect the strength of the Farseer, they don't touch the armour or the armour penetration rolls)
Vindicare Assassin's Turbo-penetrator round (This was covered in the 3rd edition Necron Chapter Approved FAQ)<br />
Wraith Guns (The armour effects aren't bonuses, they are set effects)<br />
Zzap guns still roll 2d6 for strength<br />
<br />
The most common advice you will hear from people for dealing with the Monolith is to ignore it. This is, quite possibly, one of the stupidest things that I have ever heard for dealing with a monolith. It is also the smartest thing. Had enough of contradictions? The Monolith serves two purposes:<br />
<br />
1) Killing. It has a Strength 8 Marine-killing ordnance shot. It doesnt matter what army you're playing, this will hurt. If the Monolith is close enough, it can instead fire a Gauss Flux Arc, shooting d6 strength 5 AP 4 shots at every unit within range.<br />
2) Fire Magnet. Every shot that goes at the Monolith keeps a shot from hitting their warriors. 'Nuff said.<br />
<br />
Obviously, because of the Necron "Phase Out" rule, the fire magnet role becomses very important. Its a psychological effect, the Monolith is HUGE, the biggest vehicle in the entire game. People see a big thing, and they shoot at it. Screw the little stuff, its big, therefore it must be bad. This keeps people from shooting warriors, and therefore prevents phase out. This is the thinking behind the "Ignore the Monolith" strategy.<br />
<br />
However, the thing that people forget is that the Monolith is more deadly than an entire unit of warriors. The Monolith can teleport a unit, and when teleported, the unit can reroll all of its "We'll Be Back" rolls. This reduces the chances of a Necron actually dying to 1/4. Worse yet, the Monolith basically moves a unit 18" to the portal on the Monolith. If the Monolith is close, the unit can rapid-fire their Gauss Rifles, and that's no fun for anyone. Except the Necron player. Its fun for him. Want some numbers? Okay then, a unit of 20 Eldar Guardians vs 10 Necron Warriors, 8" apart. A Monolith is in the immediate vicinity. Eldar turn.<br />
<br />
Eldar move up, fire shuricats. 40 shots, 20 hits, 10 wounds, 3 deaths.<br />
Eldar charge (assume all models get into combat range). 40 attacks, 20 hits, 7 wounds, 2 more dead.<br />
Necrons attack back, 5 attacks, 3 hits, 2 wounds, 1 dead.<br />
19 Eldar vs 5 Necrons now.<br />
Necron turn, WBB rolls are made. 2 get back up.<br />
Necron player teleports the unit out of combat, into rapid-fire range. WBB rerolls happen. 2 more get back up.<br />
9 Necrons rapid-fire into Guardians. 18 shots, 12 hits, 8 kills.<br />
Repeat until Guardians are dead. Obviously, Necrons will win.<br />
<br />
The Monolith can not be ignored. It should not be an obsession though. If there is a Monolith, you should be playing in games around 1500 points. You should use an anti-tank unit against the Monolith, but only one. If you have a lot of long range anti-tank weapons, and the Necrons are all out of range of their weapons, then fire at the Monolith. If you can immobilise the Monolith, it is basically worthless. Its max weapon range is 24". If you immobilise the Monolith outside that range of the main force, you have just destroyed the Monolith for all intents and purposes. It can still teleport, but the Necrons will be far away from you then. The key to playing against a Monolith is finding the middle ground. You can't ignore it, and you can't dedicate everything to it. It won't work. This guide is not army specific, so I won't offer suggestions, but you know your playing style and your army. It is up to you to decide how best to use your list to take out a monolith.<br />
<br />
However, if you choose to ignore the facts presented here, and still wish to either completely ignore the Monolith or fire everything at it, here are the pros and cons of each:</p>

<p class="heading">Shooting the Monolith</p>
<p class="subheader">Pros:</p>
<p class="body">Statistically, the fastest way to kill the Monolith<br />
... thats pretty much it...</p>

<p class="subheader">Cons:</p>
<p class="body">See the rest of the army? It didn't take any damage. If you didn't down the Monolith, you have just wasted a shooting phase.<br />
Statistically, the slowest way to phase out the army.</p>

<p class="heading">Ignoring the Monolith</p>
<p class="subheader">Pros:</p>
<p class="body">Statistically, the fastest way to phase out the army.<br />
Very few shots that are truly wasted.</p>

<p class="subheader">Cons:</p>
<p class="body">Its dropping pie plates of instant-death goodness. If you can't see why this is bad, stop reading here.<br />
Statistically, the slowest way to kill the Monolith. This means that he has a Monolith. If you can't see the threat in that, you don't understand the monolith.<br />
<br />
I have presented the facts of the case to you, what you do with this knowledge is up to you.</p>

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