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How To Build A Better Burna Boy

Submitted By: Date: April 22, 2006, 06:44:00 AM Views: 4178
Summary: Welcome to the first in what I hope to be a long, long series of conversion and painting guides. Today, I'll show you how to convert a Burna Boy

The true beauty of Orks is that you can convert almost all of their Elite and Troops choices from the basic Space Ork Boyz box. This conversion will use parts from the Boyz box and from the Cadian Shock Troops box.

Parts you'll need:

From the Boyz sprue, take the Shoota with the drum magazine, and slice off the muzzle of the gun flush with the barrel with a craft knife. Then, from the Cadian sprue, take the flamer, and slice off the barrels from the body of the gun. Also, take the backpack for the Flamer, and slice it down the middle to separate the two promethium tanks. Then cut off the hose from the pack. If you'd like, cut the drum magazine square to the body of the gun to create a better surface to glue the promethium tank to. Alternatively, you can leave the magazine, as it looks good, imho.

Next, take the barrels from the Flamer, and glue them to the Shoota where you cut off the muzzle. Next, take one of the promethium tanks you just separated, and glue it to the side of the shoota, about on top of the ejection port of the gun. To do this, you may have to clip off a bit of the bolt mechanism to get it to fit right. Your Burna is now finished! Simply attach it as standard for a Shoota.

As some final, optional, steps, make a flame for the Burna and goggles out of green stuff. This is incredibly easy to do. Firstly, roll a minuscule amount of gs between your fingers to get a conical shape (I really do mean a minuscule amount of gs. The first thing I learned is that I ALWAYS make too much). Then, curl the tip back a bit to make it look like the flame is wafting upwards, and position it on the pilot light to see if you got the look. Finally, cut a few grooves in the flame to give it a more natural appearance, and set it aside to dry. I've tried simply smushing it onto the Burna before, but it doesn't stick very well. The best idea is to wait for it to dry, then superglue it on.

The goggles are just as easy. Simply roll a few tiny cords of green stuff, and put them on the sides of the head as straps. Then roll two more, and wrap each in a circle around either eye. Make sure to leave the center of the circle hollow. Put a small dab of greenstuff between the circles to bridge the gap, and make a nosepiece. Now, take a coffee break. You deserve it, and the greenstuff needs to dry. Your cords of greenstuff should be arranged somewhat like this:

As soon as the greenstuff is dry(ish), take more greenstuff, and put a small peice in each socket, rising slightly above the cords. Now you have your lenses. Be careful not to smudge the greenstuff together, or you'll lose the effect. Simply wait for it to dry, and paint however you like.

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