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Author Topic: RPG Board Rules  (Read 9208 times)

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RPG Board Rules
« on: August 21, 2005, 06:43:39 AM »
  • The Roleplaying-board doesn't add to your post count for the same reason the tavern doesn't, i.e. many of the posts here will not be constructive enough to warrant it. However, this does not give you the right to spam. Anything along those lines will be dealt with in the normal manner. The people on this board should also try to keep itself on-topic. Anything that breaks topic here will be breaking a game in progress, which would be a bad thing. Please do consider this, so you don't ruin the fun of everyone else, and get the moderators breathing down your neck.
  • To the GMs of RP threads.

    When issuing roll-calls, please do this via PM as otherwise they will be deleted as spam.

    For example:

    GM - "Who's playing?"

    Player 1 - "me"
    Player 2 - "I am"


    As you can see the players responses are one worded spam.
    If you want to see when the last time a said person has been online, click on his name. It will lead you to his profile, and will tell you when they were last active.
  • With 'Mordheim Online' now up and running, there will hopefully be some more activity on the forum. Remember however to follow the rules set up in the 'Mordheim Online' stickied thread. Also remember to use the 'Mordheim Online' opponent finder thread to find opponents, not making your own posts in the forum.
Any questions or complaints, PM me and I will discuss it with you.

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