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Author Topic: H: OOP Norse Dwarfs W: OOP Imperial Dwarfs and Marauder Clansmen (OR VICE VERSA)  (Read 1332 times)

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Hello there,

I'm collecting an army made up almost entirely of old OOP metal Imperial Dwarf clansmen, combined with old OOP metal Marauder clansmen. However, I also have a lot of old OOP metal Norse Dwarf clansmen, which I don't think fit into the theme of an Imperial/Marauder Dwarf army. As such, if possible, I'd like to trade my Norse Dwarfs with somebody for their Imperial and Marauder Dwarf clansmen.

Alternatively, I could be persuaded to trade my Imperial/Marauder Dwarfs for somebody else's Norse Dwarfs. Basically I want to end up with an army that ties together aescetically and thematically.

I have over 30 Norse dwarfs (it's hard for me to say exactly how many as I'm always buying more, some are listed in both Norse and Imperial lines, and with a few I'm not sure which line they're from); over 30 Imperial Dwarfs; and about 10 Marauder Dwarf clansmen. I also have plenty of other old OOP metal Dwarfs, including quarrelers, thunderers, Marauder hammerers, slayers, Marauder spearmen, Prince Ulther's Imperial Dwarf Dragon Company (personally I don't particularly like this Regiment of Renown), bolt throwers, hand-held flame cannons and a gyrocopter which I would be happy to trade for any of the above.

The models are all in good condition (though I also have some broken ones if you're interested), some are base coated or painted, but most are stripped or have never been painted.

In general I would like to swap models with somebody at a 1:1 basis, and preferably with somebody from the UK (I live in South West London) as the postage would be cheaper; but I would certainly look into swapping with someone overseas too.

Thanks a lot and I will be happy to give more details, including photos, on request!

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