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Author Topic: THE Dwarfs journey in painting ...  (Read 1360 times)

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THE Dwarfs journey in painting ...
« on: July 3, 2013, 09:26:42 AM »
Hey all

I have decided to start a thread here to not really showcase my models ... although name me someone who does not enjoy showing the world what they are proud of painting/modelling wise ... but also to;
  • Receive constructive criticism
  • Get modelling ideas
  • Get painting ideas/techniques
  • Get ideas for which model(s) to paint

And also, if the Mod's allow it, some posts about non-hobby related material. But it will be mostly hobby ... and the journey of my self from the past, to the present and into the future of my hobby.

Where it all began??
So lets go from the start ... I have been into hobby relatively recently - in a way. As I have been collecting models (Mainly Warhammer 40,000) since I saw some on my cousins desk when I was younger. When Warhammer 40,000 Second Edition was out. I am currently 26 (Born in 1986) so I would guess that I was about 8-10 years old when I saw some old (Space) Ork models on his painting desk - my very first models, and which are still some where.

[Insert pictures - When they are taken guys]

But back then I never really played the game. Sure me and a couple of friends played on board in mates garage - and when it was sunny (Those were the days, when England actually had a Summer) on the grass of ones front lawn. But those games were never really games, as even looking back at the rules once briefly not so long ago ... man did it look confusing. And I can only imagine how we took the rules when we were 10years old.

So the gaming really wasn't there, so it mainly about begging parents for some cool models that I saw in my local Games Workshop. Most of which never got painted. And when they did get painted they probably would look better still just as grey plastic or silver metal ... or even better, still on the sprus themselves.

[Insert pictures - When they are taken guys]

So after seeing my horrific models of yester year, why not see what I have done when I actually learned to paint. And this is when I got back into the hobby a few yeas back. Mainly because I came back from university, after dropping out after the first year. And then found time to get back into my hobby while going to my local Games Workshop. And over time, and after too much impulse buying, my painting and gaming got better.

I played/played (I say played, as last time I played 40k was way back in December 2012) two Warhammer 40,000 armies. These being Space Marines, like pretty much most people have, and Eldar. So as Space Marines was my first army, and yes they were the typical Ultramarines, I shall begin posting images of some of my half decent Ultramarine models.

Lets start with a diorama that I made, from the history of the Ultramarines when their home world was overrun by the Tyranids. And Captain Invictus of the 1st Company tried to hold back the tide with his Plasma Blaster (I believe that was his gun anyway).



I Promise you my painting skills have gotten better since that model. And I apologise if the photos are not the best quality. They were taken a long time ago, and on a variety of different devices/cameras I think if I remember rightly. 


I did go through a phase of looking on eBay and buying up retro/classic/OOPs models - how ever you call them. I did have to stop my self going onto eBay because I was bidding a little too much at times. But before that I bagged my self a few retro models. As you can see below ...


I have to say I am not too keen on the classic Dreadnought. But I don't know why, but I do quite like the classic Land Raider. But I am not liking what Forge World have done with the near endless array of variants they are doing with the classic Land Raider chassis. Or even with most of their vehicles now. Just making up new, and using existing, weapons - and just slapping it on a turret or hull. who is with me?

I also picked up some, what I believe are, Adeptus Arbite Judges. These I painted like the other stuff, a while back.



It was shortly after the above that I was painting in my local Games Workshop and one of the staff members, Adam, got me painting better. As it was quiet, and I was chilling in there - when I was meant to be at university in town :-\  and it was about this time that I wanted something different to the usual Space Marines. I was after something alien, but not too alien. So a staff member suggested that I look at Eldar. And they, to me, seemed perfect. Alien enough to not be human, and not too alien like the insect-like-looking Tyranids.

So then started my affair with Eldar, which is still strong to this day. I enjoyed reading up on how they once ruled the galaxy pretty much before The Fall. And the models, I have to say, they have some of the best looking models, in my opinion, in the game. And I do actually need to dig out my Eldar models and take photos of them, but  I have a few photos already done which I will post up here now, but come back later for more photos of my Eldar if you wish ...

Eldrad Ulthran conversion

First off, lets start with, who I believe, is the best psyker in the 40k universe ... that is being Eldrad Ulthran. I was going to just paint the original model. But then I had an idea of making him more dramatic, as apposed to the 'Y' shape his model takes normally. And I recall the base model I used was a High Elf Mage. And basically swapped the head, and the arms. I tried making him be in a more casting pose. So firing blasts of psychic energy down the staff. The painting, is not the best, but wait and scroll down it gets better ... I promise you!!

And for the time being, as my images are currently in two place (Undecided on which image hosting site to keep/upload at). So here is a link to my Flickr Set of my Eldar goodies, along with some previews shown below ...


So I hope you guys will, least some at least, will follow me and enjoy the models that I will paint and post. I will also, if this does get going to regular posts, think about editing this original post and adding a contents of sorts

Bye for now guys ...
THE Dwarf

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