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Author Topic: Eldar Iyanden Project  (Read 1193 times)

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Eldar Iyanden Project
« on: May 25, 2009, 07:39:56 AM »

This is project 3 of an ever growing collection.
I want to make an Eldar Iyanden force.
No guardians, no venicles and heavy on the wraiths.

The plan at the moment is this.

Prince Yriel
5 x warlocks
Avatar (FW Spear)

10 x Wraithguard
10 x Wraithguard
10 x Dire Avengers
6 x Ranger Pathfinders

10 x Swooping Hawks
10 x Warp Spiders

10 x Harlequins
10 x Striking Scorpions

3 + Wraithlords
( each wraithlord will be styled as a different aspect warrior )

2 x Revenant Titan
6 x Pheonix Lords

This will be an ongoing project along side a Tyranid army and a Blood Angels army.
Progress may not be that fast to start with because i am getting married in 2 weeks.
After the fun begins!

Comments, thoughts and ideas are more than welcome.


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