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Author Topic: Trader References  (Read 8051 times)

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Trader References
« on: February 9, 2009, 03:30:30 AM »
So, this site now has a tool for Trade References, which you can access through the profile of the person you traded with.
This replaces the old reference-thread found here. If you want to look up the trade history of a user, they may well be in there, without having many references on the current tool.

However, the trade reference on the profile will follow a few rules.

1. All references will be parked in the system awaiting approval from a global moderator. Most of the time this will be me. Don't expect the reference to appear immediately.

2. All references are either positive :), neutral  :-\ or negative  :(. If you submit references you need to pick one of the three and write a small explanation as to your choice. You are also able to reference your trade with a link to the thread on the forum and a longer piece of feedback that can be accessed by clicking on the reference within the profile. These are optional, only the reference and the short text are mandatory.

3. If you submit negative feedback you have to link this to a thread where the trade went down, as it is the only way the person you traded with can defend his position and safeguard him/herself against false accusations. If no such thread-references exists then I cannot allow the reference to go through, as it will be an accusation unresponded. If you have traded solely through PM then you need to write a longer explanation in the reference, and expect me to look into it before allowing it through. All of this is so that no unjust negative feedback stains anyone's reputation.

4. Feedback, once posted, will not be removed. So consider what you are saying carefully.

5. Not everyone can post feedback. It is limited to members with more than 100 posts to their name, simply because we wish to limit the possibility of anyone "inflating" their reputation. We apologise to all those non-jr Members and lower that cannot submit feedback immediately. You will, once your postcount is high enough.

6. False feedback is not allowed. If you submit false feedback, create alternate accounts to post feedback, or otherwise try to abuse this system you will be banned from this Community. We do not tolerate fraud.

Once someone posts feedback to you and it has been approved, a PM will be sent to you notifying you that this has been done. Responding to this PM does nothing, but if you want to reciprocate the reference you need to do so in the profile on whoever posted the reference for you.

If you have any questions regarding this system or its use, please feel free to ask here.
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