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Author Topic: Re-doing the Zeonic Guard (Intro and Commissar Demolisher shown)  (Read 1655 times)

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In everyone’s life, we have to make choices that will impact us in some shape, way or form. This weekend while I was out of town, I made one while thinking while doing some plastic cup politics (if you are a LTJ fan, you will get this). Dump my girlfriend? No. Should I sell my motorcycle and or car? No. Should I not go into the Army? No. You might ask “what is it then?” My answer is:

Going to stop painting my Trench Rats and re-do my Zeonic Guard.

In the followings pics, you should understand why. Plus I don’t have the money to buy a whole new army from scratch. So the Rats will have to wait till later.

In my defense, I painted these guys about 5 years ago when I just slapped a few coats of paint on then tossed them on the board. Hell, I didn’t even prime 95% of them.

During those 5 years of starting 40k to this present time, I have learned a lot of new stuff. Highlighting cloth,  small amount of GS working, and how to use an airbrush. Now its time to put this knowledge to good use!

I have thought up a few camo patterns for my troops and tanks. This is going to a urban/woods army. Sounds like an combo but it will work out. You will see hopefully soon.

Right now, this is one of the camo patterns I will be doing on my tanks:

I am going to strip this and re-do using my airbrush so the lines will be neater because I did these by hand and they are taking WAY to long to do. But I am pleased with how it came out. I will be adding camo netting and other cool stuff to these tanks. Just as a note, this army has a tie in with all of those posts about German Armour that I have done on 40k ;)

By the way, this is going to be my Commissar Demolisher tank for my Zeonic Armour Company. It will also be a Demolisher in regular games. Any who, this is what I got so far for it:

I will be making/buying a full tank crew for each tank that I have becuase my gaming buddy lets me use escape hatches still. Here are a few still in the blister. Will be getting the rest at the next bitz trade. :D

This will be more up to date than my Trench Rats blog. In my next blog segment, I will most likey show some test patterns on some plastic card for my tanks and maybe a few test models.

Till then,

Seig Zeon!
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