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Author Topic: Custom Chapter and Models- Space Marines- Archaic Antistes  (Read 1778 times)

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Custom Chapter and Models- Space Marines- Archaic Antistes
« on: July 29, 2008, 04:28:52 AM »
I am going to customize loads of my space marine models to give them like cloth robes (Like DA) and loads of holy stuff (Like BT) They are a cross between Dark Angels models and Black Templars with models also froM Daemon Hunters and Witch Hunters. This is gonna be a big and fun project. It's my own custom chapter (Read On) and I'm gonna scrathc build most/some of my tanks and buff up my Dreadnoughts etc. (Make em all holy)


++Name++ Archaic Antistes
++Meaning++ Ancient Priests
++Information File 8123919377/.gh Loaded++

++The Archaic Antistes was first formed by Second Chief Librarian Dementius of the Black Templar Knights, Company 6.7. In
the planet of Hacktoll Dementius' Squad were ambushed by tainted Templars. They were caught completely offguard and before they could gain a tactical position Chief Librarian Kron was slain. The squad escaped buit with three major casualties and Kron had been buried. It has been noted in the past that Dementius had been very involved with the holy side of Physic powers and activities. This was soemthing never seen before. Dementius was promoted to Chief Librarian and he renamed his squad to the Antistes Warrious. When Dementius blessed all the warriors including the injured the request for an Apothecary was aborted after Dementius announced he had a special gift. Soon however things became worse. Dementius had requested immeadiate pickup but because of a warp storm it would take a day to reach them. Unfortunately the Chaos Space Marines found the position of the Squad and all that we found was this voice recording and Dementius, still alive, barely.++

++Voice Recording File 38821-3432,/bba loaded.++
"This is Dementius Chief Librarian of the squad Antistes Warrious. I am requesting immediate reinforcements. I repeat we need immediate reinforcements. A chaos group has been located but they have located us. We are surrounded by a hundred or so Khorne Beserkers. There are ten of us. We need immediate back up. Brother. Watch your back. Take cover. Tactical Position W. Open Fire! --Pause. Gun Shots-- This is Dementius Chief Librarian of the squad Antistes Warrious. I am requesting immediate reinforcements...NO W. We may be able to hold them off for a while these are our coordinates...
80v 381 bty 182 cg. We are requesting immediate back...Argh...--Recording Fuzzes. Then Fades--++

++Dementius had fought bravely. Although his wounds were majorely severe he was able to recover. The Chaos Space Marne Gathering had been detonated.++

++From that day forward Dementius was promoted to Chapter Master of the Archaic Antistes. He welcomed only the bravest, holyiest Space Marine and Sisters of Battle.++


I am creating basically a Chapter that is a fusion between Deamon and Witch Hunters. And Black Templars. I have a strict army list:

++Allowed Forces++

Normal Space Marine Choices (HQ, Elites, Troops, Fast Attack, Heavy Support)
Bikes are considered unholy and are not allowed.
The army must contain at least one Dreadnought to every 2000 points. (More maybe Included)
Outside Marine Troops Allowed: Sisters of Battle--(Squads, Assualt Squads, Terminators and HQ Choices.)


I've had two HQ Ideas:

++Sacerdos Libararian, Chapter Master, Demetius++
--Epistolary-- (Librarian)

++Sister Antista++
--Mistress of Sancity-- (Chaplain)

Models etc to be uploaded soon!
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