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Heavy Gun Drone Squadron (Heavy Option, Fan Made Rules)

Submitted By: Date: August 12, 2006, 12:19:01 PM Views: 2318
Summary: Heavy gun drone squadrons are like gun drones squadrons but have a higher toughness and have TL Burst Cannons or for free you can exchange 1 Burst Cannon for a Marker Light. So you lose the pining abilities in favour of the second best marker light group available and most efficient burst cannon group. But it is in the heavy slot that means you will be limiting the amount of Rail Guns you can have. But if you are playing 2000+ points you now have 6 heavy slots so you now can have heavy gun drones because there are only so many rail guns you need. Also if you are playing farsight you haven’t got a choice of an extra rail gun so you might as well chose a forge world model to fill that 3rd heavy slot. Last reason you may chose them over broad sides or hammerheads is because you are playing a deep striking army

The heavy gun drones are just like all forge world models they have psychological effects on the enemy and get shot at more, turn this to your advantage.

This tactical is very similar to the gun drone squadron tactical so similar you may think I copy and pasted and edited a bit the drone squadron and you be right

Building the unit: all units of gun drones no matter their task must be full units of 6 because other wise they will fail Leader ship tests.

There are a few different ways to use these Drones.

Drone Shoot out

This simple shooting using heavy gun drones.  Basically jump so the gun drone unit is within 18” of the enemy for shooting. Try not to get too many enemy in the gun sights, you want to get the average number of kills in the shooting range. Then jump back in the assault phase around 5” to 6”, but this really depends on the number you killed in the shooting phase. The enemy in most cases will not be able to assault you or shoot you effectively. If you get the jumping and shooting right most 24” rapid fire troops will not be able to shoot back. Continue to jump back the unit as the enemy advances and this can go on for a while without loss even to Tyranids.

And this is the back armour of my tank Mr Heavy Dronez

Destroy vehicles from behind on that weak spot. Quite funny

Deep strike or move around terrain and then fire 18 S5 shoot’s into the rear armour and watch the tank explode.  If it is a transport vehicle with one entrance and is loaded try to position the drones by the door.  This will kill all the occupants when the tank is destroyed.

No good on: land raiders, monoliths, any super tank, sentry turrets and tyranids but for the reason they have no tanks.
Difficult on: lemmen Russ demolisher
Good on: IG, SM, Chaos, Eldar, Tau, Ork and Dark Eldar vehicles (except those all ready stated) and on all aircraft if close enough (6” normally if flying)

Drone swam

Used to Protect the Shas’o or Shas’el or an Ethereal

Keep the HQ with 2 gun drones in a group of 6 heavy gun drones this gives him 2, T3, save 4+, and 6 T4 4+ wounds.  Note the gun drone squadron is not connected to the Shas’o/el so you can’t deep strike them together. Remove the hard wire drones as causality as soon as possible so that your character can pull back so not be shoot due to “independent character” rules.

No good against: assassins or mass heavy bolter fire

Assault drones or Tie Up drones

Attack using drones to kill or tie up the enemy

Unit building: the more units of Heavy Gun Drones the better

Run the drones in shooting, then charge (you will have to use cover or bait to distract the enemy so that the Heavy Gun Drone Squadron does not to get shoot to pieces).  Use as many Heavy Gun Drone Squadrons as possible to hold the unit or kill it or cause it to flee.  Don’t try this if near to another unit as it might act as a stepping stone.

The attack can kill an IG squad and really hurt a SM squad

But the Heavy Gun Drones are too expensive to be used for “Assault” or “Tie Up” tactics even thought they have the benefit of Toughness 4. But if it is between an Ethereal (price of being an idiot) and the drones, you know which one must live the … Drones.

Mobile spot light

Helping the rest of your army to hit of 2+ and not knowing the meaning of cover save

The heavy gun drones have a marker light and burst cannon option for no extra cost so they can act as a pathfinder unit. They can also move 6” after they fire. They can be cheaper than pathfinder. But they can’t reach the effectiveness of a full pathfinder squad but they are second best with an average of 2 Successful Marker Light from a full squad.

If set up like this you can use the Marker Light on most troops and jump back to prevent enemy from coming close enough to hurt you. An example is terminators, they have range 30” (24” assault and 6” move).

You want me to shoot that bush, alright you’re de pathfinder

Due to the twin linked and low BS combined with a marker light you get a evil killing machine. Hitting on 2+, ignores cover and you get a re roll if you miss. This could mean a Heavy Gun Drone Squadron could kill 14 7/12 guard or 11 2/3 orks a turn ouch!

You need another unit with Marker Lights in.

A good commander will use all these aspects (and some I haven’t thought of) for maximum effect.  It is also wise to work out how many enemies each Heavy Gun Drone Squadrons can deal with in a turn.  Don’t worry thought I have done the shooting table for you it is set up for 6 Heavy Gun Drones shooting. So you don’t byte off more than you can chew.

Toughnessno save or AP 56+5+4+3+ 2+             .
          38  1/36 17/185 5/9 4 1/62 7/91 7/18
          46  2/35 5/94 1/63 1/32 2/91 1/9
          554 1/63 1/32 1/21 2/35/6
          63 1/32 7/92 2/91 2/31 1/95/9
        7/8 1 2/31 7/181 1/95/6 5/9 5/18

Good luck with your Heavy Drone shenanigans

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