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Firewarrior Kill Rates by Turn Four

Submitted By: Date: June 25, 2006, 06:42:02 AM Views: 2810
Summary: This post measures if you can kill a unit if they are heading towards you without any terrain blocking them by turn four.. The first three turns are counted as if the enemy is within range and the fourth turn is counted as once they are within rapid fire range. These stats apply to Fire Warriors only, in units of 12. The enemies are refered as the basic infantry choices (Guardians, Tactical Marines, Shoota Boyz etc.)

Space Marines/Chaos Space Marines

Due to their low armour save, of the approximate six hits you'll score in the first 3 turns only 3 will wound.

Turn 1-3: 3 kills
Turn 4: 2 kills
Total of 5 kills


The death rate of Necron Warriors are about the same as a Marine but their WWB rule brings back about half.

Turn 1-3: 1 Kill
Turn 4: 1 Kill
Total of 2 kills

Eldar/Dark Eldar

Though they will reach your lines by about the third turn, their low saves means that many more will be slain.

Turn 1-2: 10 Kills
Turn 3: 10 Kills
Total of 20 Kills

Imperial Guard

Low saves but they won't usually advance on you.

Turn 1-3: 15 Kills
Turn 4: 30 Kills (If your within Rapid Fire Range)
Total of 45 Kills (or less)


Referring to Hormagaunts, which will reach your lines in two turns.

Turn 1-2: 15 Kills
Total of 15 Kills


High saves but also high toughness

Turn 1-3: 12 Kills
Turn 4: 8 Kills
Total of 20 Kills.
(Ork stats are if they are footsloggers and not in vehicles)

You can do they math on how many kills if you have more than 1 squad firing.

This bit explains the importance of overlapping fire when facing Marines. Since marines are so tough to take down, your going to need alot of shots.

Tau Firewarriors are one of the best basic troops in the game (who am I kidding, they ARE the best! Go Tau!) but this does not mean a full squad of Firewarriors can take out 10 marines from 30" away in 2 turns. They will most likely suffer only 1-2 casualties, 2+ if your real lucky.

12 Fire Warriors fire 12 shots. Around 6 will hit and of those around 4 will wound. This means only 1.33 marines die.

Now, this ain't spectacular. Even with the best basic gun in the game, your tactics are going to have to be a bit more aggressive if your facing marines. So take three of your firewarriors squads (you should have at least three!!!) and use them to all fire at the incoming squad.

36 Fire Warriors shoot. Around 18 hit and of those around 12 wound. Thats about 4 dead marines. If your lucky maybe even 5. Thus in 2 turns you would have killed off an entire tactical squad. Then, next turn you will do this again. By the time your fourth turn comes along, the marines are within rapid fire range. Split back to individual targets and rapid fire away. Bye bye marines.

However, you need to remember that to do this, your going to have to keep your Fire Warriors a bit closer together than usual. Keep em packed and have enough room on the sides for your other troops to do their job. And if your afraid of getting assaulted because you havent neutralized all the incoming threats, no problem! Just bring back some Kroot (if you have Kroot, if not...your kinda screwed) or some other unit that has a chance of defeating the enemy and stick them beside you. Then on the turn you get charged, a massic counterattack will occur! Think smart, and make the right decisions, with these skills you will soon be on the path to victory

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