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Haemonculus Draeth

Submitted By: Date: May 5, 2006, 10:15:12 AM Views: 2655
Summary: [i] "AAAAARRGGGHHH!!!! WWWWAAAAGGGHHH!!!! OOOOWWWW!!!! AAHHHH!!!"[/i] Screams reverberated down the dark stone paved corridor. The screams signify that the haemonculus are at play. The walls are covered in moss and skewered heads and body parts seemingly protrude out of nowhere. A slave clad in nothing but a grimy loin cloth with a large tome in hand approached the large black wooden door which was slightly ajar.

He flinches as he approaches the door, as the screams were getting louder and even more petrifying. Screams of those who know pure fear and pain. Slowly opening the door slowly he sees the gruesome sight of the Haemonculus Draeth "creating" grotesques for the upcoming raid on an out lying planet. Draeth seemed to be in a good mood, the slave quietly sighs in relief. Haemonculus equipment crowds the room, metal tables, trolleys with assorted equipment, to walls lined with assorted "toys" and weaponry. A cell at the end of the room is full of slaves, watching the proceedings and waiting for their turn to come, all of them with the look of pure terror stretched across their pale faces. The cell is in clear view of the operating table and equipment to be used, this is all part of the Haemonculus's fun. Every time Draeth picks up a new piece of equipment, you hear at least one slave retching.

The man approaches Draeth and asks him; "Where would you like me to put your tome, master Draeth?"

Draeth stops what he is doing and looks at the scarcely clad man with a menacing glance and stretches. "On the table over there vermin! Don’t interrupt my work next time!"

Draeth mumbles something under his breath. The man walks over to the table and places the book on the table as instructed. Draeth eyeing him thoughtfully with a grin on his face."Anything else master?" asks the man

Draeth replies "Just one more thing for me.."

Draeth points to a cupboard and asks "Can you go the cupboard over there and fetch me a toy?"

The man looks confused and asks "Which toy would my master like me to fetch for him?"

Draeth replies "Any toy you like, but be quick! I have work to do!"

The man rushes over to the cupboard, and opens the cupboard carefully as not to break anything. He chooses a tool which he thinks Draeth will like the most and so that he can be out of here as soon as possible. An adjacent pavestone suddenly bursts open as a group of grotesques hands reach out to grab the man. His screams are drowned by the haemonculus's high pitched laughter. The man slashes at the grotesques with the object that he got from the cupboard but to no avail. The grotesques body parts seemingly appear from nowhere and proceed to tie the man to the closest operating table, he struggles with all his might to free himself of the bonds screaming his throat dry... Draeth appears, touches the mans hand, and opens the slaves palm and asks the slave "So which toy did you pick?”

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