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How to start a 1000pt Ulthwe Army

Submitted By: Date: June 10, 2006, 12:00:00 AM Views: 2532
Summary: What to buy 1 Seer Council box $45.00 1 Warlock w/ Singing Spear blister $11.00 1 Warlock w/ Witchblade blister $10.00 1 Eldar Guardians box $35.00 2 Storm Guardians boxes $60.00 2 Vyper box $60.00 2 War Walker blister $70.00 Total $291.00

All prices are from the Games Workshop US website Oct 2005 and may vary. Prices do not include taxes and are meant only as a guide.


Put both of the Scatterlasers on the Vypers, do a weapons swap so that one War Walker has two brightlances and the other has two starcannons. Make sure to equip two of the Storm Guardians with flamers.

Ulthwe 1000 point list


(270) Ulthwe Seer Council comprised of:  

  • Farseer #1 w/ Ghosthelm, Runes of Witnessing, and
    Fortune, armed w/ witchblade and shuriken pistol.
  • Farseer #2 w/ Ghosthelm and Eldritch Storm, armed w/
    witchblade and shuriken pistol.
  • 3 Warlocks armed with witchblades and shuriken pistols:
    one w/ Augment, one w/ Enhance, one w/ Embolden.


  • (210) 20 Black Guardian Defenders, + Warlock w/ Singing
          Spear & shuriken pistol w/ Conceal.
  • (208) 16 Black Storm Guardians, 2 w/ flamers. + Warlock w/
          witchblade & shuriken pistol w/ Enhance.

Fast Attack

  • (55) 1 Vyper w/ scatterlaser.
  • (55) 1 Vyper w/ scatterlaser.

Heavy Support

  • (100) 1 War Walker w/ two brightlances.
  • (100) 1 War Walker w/ two Starcannons.

Total 998 pts

Ulthwe Tactics

The Seer Council, Defender Guardians, and Storm Guardians are all Fleet of Foot, and should use that ability to close with the enemy as quickly as possible, where the Black Guardians can shoot to great effect and where the Seer Council and Storm Guardians can shoot and then assault. Use the Defender Guardians to limit the enemies view to the Seer Council and the Storm Guardians; if the Seer Council is completely hidden by the Defenders, have their Farseer cast Fortune on the Guardians instead of themselves. While the Defenders are themselves effective, they are more expendable than the Storm Guardians and certainly more expendable than the Seer Council. Remember that your enemy can still fire at the more distant Seer Council; but he will have to make LD tests, and a larger number of Guardians will subsequently hit the enemy force.


The Defenders and Storm Guardians can generate a huge number of attacks with good strength, skill, and speed, so use them to take out rank and file infantry. The Seer Council is one of the baddest close combat units in the entire game, so use it to hit the toughest and nastiest enemy unit, like a Dreadnought, Carnifex, or tooled-up character.  

While the main body of Black Guardian infantry and the Seer Council close with the enemy, the Vypers, and War Walkers should do their best to suppress any incoming fire that threatens your army. The War Walker with Brihgtlances is a dedicated tank killer and should be used to dispatch vehicles with a lot of anti-infantry abilities, such as any tank whose name begins with Leman Russ. The Vypers can take on infantry, light vehicles or even SMurfs with its scatterlasers although the starcannon War Walker will be your best SMurf killer. Use the movement of your Vypers and War Walkers to your advantage, hitting vehicles in the flank or targeting heavy weapons squads in the rear; and use their range to ensure that they don't receive too much return fire.


Don't forget that you have a units that can pin enemy infantry: the Seer Council's Eldritch Storm. This can help quite a few more Guardians reach the enemy lines, as a pinned enemy squad can't shoot for an entire turn. An Augmented Eldritch Storm has a range of 36"; it's worth slowing the Seer Council down a little if you can pin a large squad of enemies that would otherwise shoot up your Guardians or counter-assault them.

If you want more information, have a look on  
Cheers and Happy gaming.

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