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Assault under the Bloody Sky

Submitted By: Date: September 21, 2005, 08:35:46 PM Views: 3723
Summary: <p class="subheader">Prologue to the Legend<br /></p> <p class="body">Shas’ui T’au Ko’vash Kais of the O’Shovah cadre strode forward, helmet in hand, to a raised dais, on which stood he liege and master, Shas’o Vior’la Shovah Kaius Mont’yr, or more regularly called, O’Shovah. Even outside of his massive and ritually marked crisis suit, O’Shovah was a powerfully built Tau warrior and he exuded charisma and strength of will. He was adorned in the garbed in the regular armor of a Shas’la, although his bore the symbols of a Shas’o and his personally heraldry that is so very know through out the Tau Empire. At his side he held the mighty Dawn Blade, Bane of the Orks, which was in it self a very powerful and heavy weapon, used exclusively by O’Shovah on the battlefield. His piercing gaze focused directly upon the relatively young Shas’ui, whom showed great promise on the battlefield, especially when his comrades were on the line. In fact, Ko’vash was not his actual name; rather something give to him by O’Shovah himself when he witnessed the then young Shas’la charge into a group of orks with nothing but his Ta’lissera blade to save his pinned down squad. This reckless and outlandish fighting style was exactly what O’Shovah wanted.<br /><br />

<i>“Ui’Kais,”</i> bellowed O’Shovah, <i>“I have something very important that I wish for you to accomplish.”<br /><br /></i>
Ui’Kais bowed his head and replied, <i>“O’Shovah, ask of what you need of me and I shall attempt with all my abilities to have it accomplished.”<br /><br /></i>
O’Shovah’s eye’s narrowed as he spoke once more, <i>“Ui’Kais this is different.  I am not commanding nor ordering you do something.  I ask you to volunteer for a mission of the utmost importance to the Enclave.”</i> O’Shovah waved one of his muscled arms and a hologram appeared from the ceiling and began to display an image, a stormy jungle world nearby.  <i>“This is the planet known to the Gue’la as Griia, to us, it is nameless.  However the key thing is that a massive Ork Waagh is amassing at this planet.  Our intelligence shows that a powerful and new Ork Warlord is the reason for such a horde to be amassed.”</i> Another wave of his hand and the hologram changed to a picture of a burly and exceptionally grotesque Ork with a massive scar running down its right eye.  It did not matter to Ui’Kais; did not all orks look the same?  Oblivious to Ui’Kais’s thoughts, O’Shovah continued, <i>“This is what we believe the Ork warlord looks like.  Your mission, should you choose to except it, is to find this beast and kill him before he can get a larger Waagh and threaten the Enclave.”<br /><br /></i>
Ui’Kais shivered as all eyes in the chamber averted to him.  Would he accept this needlessly reckless mission?  Who in their right mind would, it is clearly a suicide mission, a one-way ticket if even that.  But Ui’Kais could not just refuse O’Shovah, especially in front of all the Shas’Os and Shas’Els.  After some mild thought, Ui’Kais spoke, <i>“Great O’Shovah, I am but a Shas’ui in command of but one Shas’la team, what could I accomplish?  Would not a group of Crisis or Stealth suits be better suited for the task?”<br /><br /></i>
O’Shovah considered this for but a fraction of a second before responding, <i>“Ui’Kais, you could be no more correct in this regard.  Stealth suits would be better qualified for the job, but already we are stretched too thin in this regard, and Crisis are too large, so they would never be able to get close to the warlord.  Your squad has been chosen amongst all others as the best for this mission.  If you do not accept, no dishonor will be put upon you or your squad; we will just look for another.”<br /><br /></i>
Knowing that even if O’Shovah said no dishonor in refusing, Ui’Kais knew that he would be shunned by other the Shas’ui commanders and he would never be trusted ever again.  So he said the only thing that he could in this situation, <i>“I will accept this honor, O’Shovah.”<br /><br /></i>
<i>“I knew I could trust you Ui’Kais,”</i>O’Shovah replied, <i>“You must be asking how you could infiltrate a planet and kill a warlord?  An Orca dropship will land you and a Pathfinder team, under Shas’ui Sa’cea Vash’ya, on the planet.  Ui’Vash’ya’s team is small, 4 members including him, but they will be your key to victory.  Other than Ui’Vash’ya, the pathfinders are using the recently acquired Rail Rifles with the new Target Locks.  They will be able to target the Warlord from a great distance.  However I am putting you in charge of the mission.  This mission shall be called Operation: J’karra, for you will be a mirror of the enemy, and they will not see you until it is far too late.”</i><br /><br />
Ui’Kais bowed and spoke one last time, <i>“O’Shovah if that is all you wish to tell me, I have a mission to prepare for.”</i></p>

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