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The Black Templars

Submitted By: Date: August 24, 2005, 04:26:06 PM Views: 4788

The Black Templars are the second founding of the Imperial Fists.  Their Primarch, Rogal Dorn, was charged with the protection of Terra, as that is the planet the Black Templars hail from. The Black Templar Chapter was first created with the intent of creating a defense for the Sol system.  Their highly religious and disciplined ways made them the ultimate servants of the Emperor.  Thus they were intended to be Sol's  guardians. However, the Horus Heresy in M31 denied the Black Templars their birth right of the defense of Terra.

The Chapter was called away to cease an insurrection started by the traitorous Lunar Wolves chapter in a system light years from Terra.  The Templars were successful in exterminating the planet's unfaithful lord, but upon returning to Terra, the Templars were thrown off course in the warp.  Three thousand years later the Black Templars found themselves too late to help the Emperor.  Horus had been defeated, and the traitors had escaped to the Eye of Terror.  From that time onward, the Templars have kept a close vigil on Terra, the cradle of Humanity.

As mentioned before, the Black Templars are one of the most pious Chapters in existence. They spend more time than most in ancient ritualistic prayer, thanking the Emperor and their Primarch for the gene seed they have been blessed with. Some Chapter leaders believe that the Templars waste precious combat training time on prayers.  The Black Templars, however, have an unshakable faith that more than makes up for the lost time in training.  They particularly hate the traitors of the Emperor as they were the reason why the Templars could not protect their homeworld.

The Emperor's Champion is a ritual that has been passed down since the beginnings of the Chapter's existence.  One of the worshipful brothers of the Black Templars may be granted the most revered and honoured positions of the Templars: the Emperor's Champion.  This chosen warrior will equip himself with the mighty relics of the Chapter and seek out the most terrible of his foes.  It is a common sight to see the chosen warrior seek out single combat against the most powerful lord of the enemy, empowered by the Emperor's spirit.

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