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Warp Fire

Submitted By: Date: July 14, 2004, 10:36:38 AM Views: 2200
Summary: Scribed by:Laurence Turner

"You refuse to learn mon-kiegh, your peril is nigh upon you, and you show no signs of concern!" Farseer Yisell leaned across the table, "I am risking my position, my name, my honor here," his voice dropped to a deathly low, an unbroken hiss, "I have seen a terrible fate, a cataclysmic break in your decadent civilization, the sky splits, the power of chaos rains down and your cities fall and molten lava bubbles through the drains," the Farseer paused for thought, before allowing a smile to play around his lips.  "As for the one you know as the Emperor, he can do nothing, but watch." The Farseer lent back, satisfied.

"You expect us to believe this, ludicrous nonsense?" Commissioner Bribekk barked after a short pause, "We are at the peak of our power, and we, unlike you, will never fall to the powers of chaos. Tomorrow at dawn we will crush your Exodite colony, despite all the help the Alaitoc Craftworld puts in. Your weak psychic powers are not seeing the future of the Imperium, merely memories of the fall of your own race."

Yisell barely managed to contain his anger, he knew that he could tear this up-starters soul from its mortal boundaries, leaving a drained unfeeling shell, all it required was a thought. Instead he settled himself calmly, knowing that any scores could be saved for the oncoming battle, and spoke haughtily, "Look at this ground Commissioner, what does it mean to you?"

"Land that rightfully belongs to the Imperium, and by next sundown, will belong to the Imperium." Using his physic influence, Yisell drew cold from the Warp, and the room's temperature dropped, before he lent menacingly towards the Commissioner, speaking so that the human understood, but did not hear with his ears. "You say we are weak, you say we will fail, but do you know this? Where did you acquire this divine knowledge?"

"The facts are staring you in the face Eldar!" Bribekk shouted, by now very disturbed by his visitor. "We have tanks, infantry beyond your imagination! You can never win, alien! For we have the Emperors blessing, look out of the window to see your proof!"

"Only the most foolish see with their eyes Commissioner." Yisell finished, before disappearing into the Warp, leaving Bribekk in a cold, bare chamber.

"Catachan legion reporting sir!"
"Cadian platoon reporting sir"
"Steel legion armored column reporting sir!"

Impressed by his new charges, Bribekk eased the worries that had been praying upon his imagination. There would be no miraculous Eldar intervention, this would yet another successful campaign to add to his dossier.

Then the first sniper fired. Bribekk screamed in agony as a bullet ripped through the muscle on his left arm, leaving a useless instrument in its place. Gritting his teeth against the pain, Bribbek roared at the great numbers of Catachans to engage the Eldar Rangers hidden in the dense forest. For fifteen minutes the pitched battled raged on, though Bribekk had yet to see any Eldar casualties. He suddenly received a report from the Catachan Captain, Singo Donka.

"..onka reporting.......... .....heavy active resistance......... .fire.............t he trees.....on fire! t out of there!................... ................... ...ELDAR SCUM!..........For the Emperor, FOR THE EMPEROR!"

The line went dead. Bribekk did not have to worry about the fate of the Captain, he knew he was beyond helping. Yelling like a maniac, he screamed at his remaining units to get the hell down into the valley, as he could already hear the dying shrieks of his courageous guardsmen.  All around him, hells furnace raged, engulfing tanks and men in a wind of death. Where was his proud legion now? He knew now that he was beaten, there was no way out, but he was determined to put up a fight. Now the enemy started to show its face. Tall, sleek Fire Dragons emerged from the merciless firestorm, the flames which had turned his proud warriors into ashes were guiding these alien angels of death towards there desires, the infernos tongue merely licking the exotically crafted armor. Bribekk was caught so deeply in his thoughts that he had failed to notice the aliens within his ranks. Glinting swords rained death down, his own men unable to match the speed and grace of these despicable fiends of the stars. Bribekk saw, to his grim satisfaction, that one member of the Storm Squad had ventured to far into the area of resistance; it was time for a kill. Crouching behind the wreckage of a defunct Leman Russ, Bribekk fired out of the shadows, his bullets finding a target. The Eldar was caught within hail of steel tipped death, and as he fell he turned his head, looking directly at the Human, spoke his last words,

"Eldarten, haras Angau. Furtafar Marg!"Bribekk sighed, he knew no Eldish, but he could guess the aliens last words. Shrugging off his worries, Bribekk turned to meet his next opponent.

It was Yisell.  The Farseer's eyes met his and he felt the full force of Yisell's psychic desire slam into his crippled body. The Farseer sent him one thought before Bribekk breathed his last breath.  "You have failed in life, Human. Now face the punishment, now face the pain."

Yisell laughed, the Human howls of pain were but song to his ears. The Eldar's time for subjection was over, for he could feel the end of Mankind, the whispers in the Warp spoke of nothing but it. The Fall of Mankind was here.

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