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The Tyrant

Submitted By: Date: July 14, 2004, 10:26:31 AM Views: 2463
Summary: Scribed by: Seer Kethledar

The screeches of dying Tyranids could have been heard from miles away. There were so many of them. Everywhere; they fought and ate and devoured my kin all around me. All I could see was my young lord Kethledar floating in front of me, his hands facing outwards in a defensive psychic shield. It was all that stood between my fellow seers and I, and total annihilation at the hands of the Great Devourer. A gargoyle came near my right flank and I lashed out with a bolt of psychic energy, literally boiling the foul creature before it hit the ground. We have trained our minds for centuries; not for clairvoyance, but to channel our mental energy into physical, powerful attacks. We are the seers of Karan-Breaga. We are the avengers of the great Betrayal. We are those who wield fire in one hand and lightning in the other (or so the Imperial scum say). Kethledar's orders flashed in my mind. Obeying him, we drifted to the left of the battlefield with our levitation amulets, a gift of Kethledar's father. With another blast of my mind's fires, a brood of Hormagaunts screamed in agony; their flesh burning.

This was our world. Our maiden world. We won it from Imperial hold and brought it back from ruin. And now the Hive Fleet Poseidon thought it could take it from our grasp. We had recently come across this world as a result of its finding by our Exodite allies. They too fought on this gruesome battlefield. It almost seemed as if they were doing better then we.

As a battalion of Bladerunner sprinted towards the Lictor below me, I noticed the Exodite's King, Lethgarim, yelling his battle cry. He was the exaltation of all of our forest-dwelling kin in this planet. The most powerful of them all. This became even more evident as Lethgarim heaved his monstrous hammer at the Lictor and its screeching head became a cloud of drifting goo and the rest of the body sank to the ground. Lethgarim's Bladerunners hadn't even come within 30 meters of the beast.

One thing always strikes me about the Exodites. Even in this brutal time period, they have the strange ability of taming animals. Their druids can befriend anything from a serene cat to a ferocious bear. It makes no difference to them. Then they can drive these tamed beasts into battle with enhanced claws and eyes to destroy their foes with practiced ease. Even as I was thinking that, I was privileged to view that very scene. A lone Druid marched forward, targeting a pair of Raveners. At his side were three hulking wolves and one gargantuan brown bear. As they moved closer to the slithering horrors, the animals broke into a speedy run. One of the wolves was severed in two but before any other damage could be done, the bear had battered the heads of the monsters into the rocks and the Raveners twitched in their death throes as the Druid searched for another enemy.

On another front of the battle, I observed the destruction of one more Gaunt brood. As I gazed in glee, two squads of Guardians began to close on the creatures and opened fire. Their shuriken stars ripped through flesh and bone alike, severing many limbs from their owners. Once their fire ceased, a squadron of Swooping Hawks began their dodge and weave tactic while they too ate at the ranks of the enemy. Finally, a squad of dark-clad Striking Scorpions charged the remaining scum and hacked away at their putrid bodies until, like the Lictor, only goo was left.

The battle seemed to be going very well. Under the leadership of Kethledar and Lethgarim, our armies were cutting swathes of minions away from their pitiful Hive Mind and beginning to emerge victorious. Unfortunately, my daydream had left me unaware of what would happen next.

Suddenly, one of my brethren let out a horrifying yelp. I turned to see a barb emit from his throat and barely had time to grab the spirit stone before he fell. He did not fall far thought, for the Tyrant was upon us. In one sweep, it shoveled up my dying companion and several other fallen Eldar, and scoffed them down, roaring in satisfaction. It's wings beat strongly, holding it aloft at our level. We instantly sent bolts of mental electricity flying from our fingers, burning holes through its thick hide, but to no avail. The huge beast immediately healed and continued the fight. I was just about to throw another blast of fire when I realized that Kethledar was lowering his barrier. Myself and the rest of the Warlocks with me ceased our onslaught. As he raised his staff, it began to glow and emanate a soft, purple mist. Then, a fierce scowl appeared on his hawked, uncovered face. He slashed down, with unnaturally powerful arms, impacting the staff head into that of the Hive Tyrant with a sickening crunch. Impossible power surged through Kethledar's body, pulsating ever more into the Staff of Hatred. When the energy reached its peak, it burst in a blinding expanse of purple light; and when it faded, the mighty monster was simply non-existent.

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