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Scout Tank Regiment Doctrine for Armoured Company [recoding needed]

Submitted By: Date: September 16, 2005, 03:32:09 PM Views: 2807
Summary: <p class="body">Many people who don't play an Armoured Company, when asked of their views will tend to whine about it being 'overpowered' and 'cheesy.' These are generally people who have never actually played against an Armoured Company, but they still tarnish the reputation of Imperial Tankers. As a response to this, I have writted a modification to the Armoured Company rules, which *gasp* contains little to no ordnance or AV 14. Without further ado, I present...</p>

<p class="subheader">Organisational Doctrines</p>
<p class="subheader1">Scout Tank Regiment</p>

<p class="body">Some regiments prefer to use light, fast vehicles to perform raids and survey enemy movements, disdaining the use of artillery or heavy armour.  Tank Units must choose vehicles from the Reconnaissance Section rather than the Tank Unit entry.  Support Tanks are a 0-1 choice and must use either a Leman Russ Exterminator, Leman Russ Conqueror or Basilisk instead of the stated options.  A Basilisk taken must have the Armoured Crew Compartment upgrade, and cannot be upgraded to indirect fire.  The regiment may not take vehicles from the Artillery Vehicle entry, but may take Storm Troopers as Heavy Support choices, but not as Elite choices.  Command Tanks and Tank Aces must use Chimeras or Salamander Scout Vehicles instead of the stated vehicle options.  May not be combined with the Siege Regiment or Heavy Armour doctrines.</p>

<p class="body">At first glance the Doctrine may look confusing, but let me explain it a bit.</p>

<p class="subheader1">HQ & Elites - Tank Commanders & Aces</p>
<p class="body">For HQ and Elites you take either Chimeras or Salamander Scout Vehicles which act as squadron and company commanders.  Tech-Priest Engineseers can be taken as normal, but I'd avoid the Techpriest for both their tactical shortcomings and the low chance of an Enginseer accompanying a reconnaissance company.</p>

<p class="subheader1">Troops</p>
<p class="body">Tank units come from the recconaissance section instead of the stated tanks, which means you can use Chimeras, Hellhounds or Salamander Scout Vehicles.  For fluff purposes I'd limit the amount of Hellhounds and Chimeras taken, as this type of formation uses primarily Salamander Scout Vehicles.</p>

<p class="subheader1">Fast Attack</p>
<p class="body">The Fast Attack options remain unchanged, but Sentinels are by far the best choice for this role, if you wish to keep with the background.  Note that in an 'Escalation' scenario, the only units on the board will be your sentinels, so plan your list accordingly.  Armoured Fist units can be included as well if you desire infantry support, and are one of the few units that can provide decent anti-tank firepower for this list.</p>

<p class="subheader1">Heavy Support</p>
<p class="body">This section sees some radical changes.  You can take a Leman Russ Exterminator or Leman Russ Conqueror to add some anti-infantry support from big tanks while keeping the army mobile, or choose to include a direct-firing, armoured Basilisk to serve as a improvised tank destroyer.  Keep in mind that you can only choose one of the above options, so make it count!  Stormtroopers can be chosen as well if you want to include heavy infantry, and tend to make good tank killers with 2 BS4 Meltaguns.</p>

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