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Author Topic: Post your glorious Tau Battle Reports Here  (Read 1532 times)

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Post your glorious Tau Battle Reports Here
« on: August 9, 2002, 11:23:27 PM »
This batrep is kinda unbelievable, in fact, its down right insane! But my opponent, got lazy, and simple gave up half way so as you read, you will see what I'm talking about.


Tau (ME:):):):):)!)

Shas'o commander - missile pod, plasma rifle, HW drone controller with 1 shield and 1 gun drone, multi tracker

2 bonded three man crisis teams, 1 with 3 burst cannons, missile pods, multi trackers, the other with plasma rifles, missile pods, multi trackers, both teams have a shas'ui team leader with HW drone controller and 2 gun drones

1 twelve man fire warrior team mounted in a devilfish with decoy launchers, multi tracker and targetting array

2 Kroot squads each with shaper, 1 with 14 kroot, 1 with 13 kroot. Both are the reserve units.

1 broadside battlesuit team leader with HW drone controller and 2 gun drones
1 hammerhead with rail gun, 2 burst cannons, decoy launchers, multi tracker, and a target lock

Eldar (details are a little shaky, but the units are correct)
farseer with warlocks
5 howling banshees and exarch
2 ten man guardian defender squads with plasma grenades
1 8 man dire avenger squad
1 four man jetbike squad
2 vypers
1 falcon grav tank
9 pathfinders divided into 3 teams

Tau Turn 1

Winning the roll for the first turn, the devilfish moved into a forward position, allowing the fire warriors to get into firing stances. The tau got things started off with a bang, moving all of the crisis suits forward, and empying their amunition stocks into the nearby dire avenger squad, leaving 1 man alive. The broadside fired on a vyper, shaking its crew. The hammerhead had far more luck, killing 2 jetbikes with a submunitions shot. The battlesuits merely floated backwards into cover in unison to conclude the turn

Eldar Turn 1

With the loss of the Dire Avengers, the eldar had to move quickly, with a lightning fast reflex, the farseer transmitted his orders for the eldar forces to advance on the tau position. Every unit moved forward within reason, and the still viable vyper shot its starcannon at the fire warriors, killing only 1. The shuriken catapults proved too short ranged for the guardians to do any damage. And the howling banshees were a long way off from combat. But the falcon had more luck, scoring a hit with its pulse laser, but the tau hammerhead's armour was too strong, and the eldar gunner just performed a costly lightshow.

Tau Turn 2

The fire warriors formed up. The plasma rifle armed crisis team emerged from cover and opened fire on the jetbikes, killing the 2 that were left alive. The 2nd crisis team floated over the sparse jungle with ease and fired upon the guardians, only 4 fell to their wounds. The shas'o commander let loose a fusillade of fire power and put a wound on the farseer. The hammerhead, seeking retrubution for its ruined paint job, unleashed cataclysmic death upon the falcon, sending a hyper-velocity shell right through its hull, the powerful ammunition impacted the thermo-plux engines in the tank, causing a critical meltdown, and a spectacular explosion took place before the falcon's delapidated, burning frame collided with the now scorched earth. Vengeance was a theme for this turn, as the broadside brought his guns to bare on the vyper that took the life of a fire warrior in the previous turn, and unleashed all hell on the vyper. The vyper gunner just looked at the xv88, only seeing a bright flash then darkness. The fire warriors finished off the the 6 man guardian squad with grim efficiency. The crisis suits floated backwards once more, ending the turn.

Eldar Turn 2

The farseer was growing weary, the casualties were piling up, and the trails of fire in the air from the railgun ammunition was unnerving. He was determined to press home the assault. The eldar forces moved forward once again, falling irratatingly short of combat. But the tau had made a critical error, and the pathfinders all fired on the devilfish, but merely shook the crew. The remaining vyper, who had now recovered from the fright of the hole punched through its hull, a trademark of the xv88, unleashed more firepower on the fire warriors, but they were too dug in, and only 1 fell to the ground before his brothers put his body on the devilfish along with the other dead fire warrior. The eldar were simply not bringing their specialists to bare. They could not last.

Tau Turn 3

Both kroot units arrived on the eldar table edge. The devilfish took cover in the woods, while the battlesuits jetted forward, bringing their mighty weapons into position. Then fire warriors were in perfect range, and rightly so, was a feared sight for the lone dire avenger that had been left alone since the early stages of battle. The hammerhead hovered towards the left flank, firing a submunitions package towards the eldar pathfinders in the forested area. But it did nothing more than blow away the tattered foliage. The kroot, aiming with their crude bladed rifles, killed a single pathfinder, he was the lucky one. The crisis team brought down the remianing vyper, while the xv88 and the 2nd crisis team blew the howling banshees off of the map. On the right flank, the fire warriors unleashed pure death upon the dire avenger, when the smoke finally cleared, all that was left was a long, red smear on the ground obscured only every so often by blackened, destroyed bits of armour. The shas'o commander stripped away the final wounds from the farseer with a little help from his trusty gun drone. The kroot lunged forward, 1 squad at the guardians, 1 at the pathfinders. The kroot used their primitive rifles to maximum effect, ripping apart the guardians in a particularly gory fashion the caused the tau to look away in disgust. The Guardians had been completely wiped out, only 1 kroot fell to a lucky punch, and now the bloodied eldar corpses were just dinner to the kroot. The other kroot squad tore into the pathfinders, some of them stumbling over the dead pathfinder riddled with kroot rifle ammunition. Both remaining pathfinders were already being eaten when they still had breath in their bodies. Both kroot consolidated towards the 2nd pathfinder squad, only 1 making it in.

Eldar Turn 3

The only remaining eldar forces, 6 pathfinders opened fire on the kroot, killing 4, but not enough. The kroot disembered them so hideously that made the previous acount look like an formal occasion. They consolidated into the last pathfinder team.

Tau Turn 4

The Kroot moved in on their doomed enemies, staring into their foriegn, alien eyes with a paculier look that would be enough for any enemy to be filled with fear and terror. The Shaper simply stood there, speaking the clicking and whistling language of his kindred. The pathfinders had no idea what was happening around them, they merely stood there, feeling lucky enough to be still alive, they turned to each other, filled with relief, until one of the pathfinders eyes were wide open, as if he was paralyzed. He was like that only for a split second, before the tip of one of the kroot rifles burst through his chest, which fountained out eldar lifeforce, he fell, and more kroot jumped from the trees, landing on top of the surprised victims, brutally hacking them down, until there was little if any way of telling what race the corpses belonged too. As the tau departed, all of the pathfinders on the field, as they were too horrified to go near them.

Far off, a space marine librarian fainted to the ground. One of his battle brothers rushed to his aid. The librarian said in a humble whisper, "An eldar farseer is in more pain than I have ever accounted before. I cannot understand what thing in this universe could cause this poor soul to be in such a tattered state."

While on the battlefield, as the eldar reinforcements arrived, a lone farseer stood by the position the pathfinders once held. He kneeled by the corpses and wept, picking up a still wet blade from the ground, only he found that it was not a blade, but the end of a rifle, he tugged on it, sure to not disturb his fallen comrades. He lifted the weapon into the air, a kroot rifle, as he announced to his comrades that this was not the end. This was not the end. The Eldar race will have vengeance!

The End

As told by Tyler Gerard
The man who makes a beast of himself,
rids himself of the pain of being a man.


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