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Started by adamscurr, July 28, 2020, 05:26:30 PM

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So I've been out of the loop for so long... How do you guys think the orks will do with the new ruleset...? I was, er, a little disappointed with 8th... Not necessarily the orks, but the game, I lost interest due to some like issues (young kids take a long time) and the game overall...

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Hi adamscurr,

I need to sit down with the rules to really see but I think Orks will do okay.  The smaller boards and the focus on getting objectives should help Orks get into assault more often.  The capping of modifiers to +1 or -1 to rolls should also help survivability.  The new moral system also means if that 28 out of 30 boys die in a turn, there's a 5 out of 6 chance the unit (of one model) will still be on the board the next round instead of the last two certainly running away.  Those are just my initial thoughts and observations from other sources.

Overall, I really hope the new edition plays faster than 8th like it's designed.  I've had a lot of trouble finishing games some times or games taking 5 hours or more to play.  So that change will be highly appreciated.

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Orks have fantastic board control and this edition you can only win games by holding more objectives than your opponent. I think they will do rather well this edition.
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Well that all sounds positive... Maybe that 30 strong mob of boyz will win the day...  In the past, I've found that 30 shootas in the backfield was never a bad idea...

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