SideGame: Catch Dem Grotz!

Started by OD from TV, November 2, 2016, 01:18:49 PM

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OD from TV

Going thru an old flashdrive, I found an incomplete side quest game I was working on for the WotW that I never finished... at least until now.  So here's the rules for Catch Dem Grotz!

Catch Dem Grots
The game plays like your standard game of 40k with the following exceptions.  Neither player has a deployment zone, neither player may declare a Challenge, and in lieu of the Psychic Phase, each player has a Catch Dem Phase.

Catch Dem Phase [Replaces Psychic Phase]
Provided that your unit is not locked in Assault, you may attempt to catch Grots.  Roll a D3 and apply the following results...
1-2   Leave No Stone Unturned
     Your unit immediately Goes To Ground, as they are literally lifting each stone in the nearby area looking for missing Grots.

3-4   It's a Squig!
     Roll another D3.
          1-2   Buzzer Squig
      Take a Str2 Ap- Wound
          3-4   Medical Squig
      Place a token by the unit.  Each token may be expended for a single FNP 6+ roll.
          5-6   Squighound
           Gain a Squighound model.  This model does NOT have a profile, BUT for each Squighound you control you gain +1 Grot when you roll 'Dere You Are' in the Catch Dem phase.

5-6   Dere You Are
          Place D3 Grots in unit coherency with your Runtherda

Set Up: Each player controls 1 Runtherda.  Roll off to deploy first.  The first player places his/her Runtherda anywhere on the table, and the second player places their Herda anywhere on the table that is more than 18" away from another Runtherda.

Winning the Game: Be the first Herda to find 10 Grots OR kill your opponent's Herda.

Campaign Options
Should you wish to play a Campaign Mode, that can easily be accomplished.  Provided that your Herda wasn't killed, total up the number of Grots and Squigs that you have at the end of the game.  Each Grot is worth 2 Teef and each Squig is worth 1.  You may purchase the following upgrades to your Runtherda for the next game using the teeth you found.

Looted Shotgun (15 teef)
Attack Squig (15 teef)
Looted Lasgun (30 teef)
Shoota (35 teef)
Eavy Armor (40 teef)
Lucky Tattoo (45 teef)
  Runtherda gains a 5++ Invul save.
Twinlinked Shoota (50 teef)
Burna (60 teef)
Gitfinda (65 teef)
  Gain the usual effects as listed in the Ork codex along with a reroll on the Catch Dem phase.
Big Shoota (80 teef)
Mega Armor (120 teef)

Optional Additions to the main game (best added after a game or two with upgrades)
Pedigree Pet Squig!
Before deployment, place a Pedigree Pet Squig in the center of the table and scatter him 2D6".  Neither Runtherda may be deployed within 24" of the Pet Squig.  Either player gains control of this Squig when you move a friendly model within 2" of the Pet Squig.  From then on it counts as a member of that unit.  Should the unit become locked in close combat the Pet Squig is removed from the game (it runs away scared or is killed by the rival Runtherda).  Should you have control of the Pet Squig at the end of the game, you earn an additional 2D6 teef.

Rampaging Squiggoth
Place a Squiggoth model on the table.  Each Player Turn move the Squiggoth 2D6".  Should the Squiggoth move into a unit, treat it as a Tank Shock rolled by the opposing player.

Waaagh On!
Quote from: dog_of_war on July 31, 2016, 04:34:44 PM
Truly beautiful work. That's the kind of stuff that makes a true mekanik cry tears of joy.
Quote from: SKEETERGOD on October  9, 2012, 09:22:42 AMOD, you once again prove that your are still the freakin Da Vinci of plasticard


Quote from: OD from TV on November  2, 2016, 01:18:49 PM

Rampaging Squiggoth
Place a Squiggoth model on the table.  Each Player Turn move the Squiggoth 2D6".  Should the Squiggoth move into a unit, treat it as a Tank Shock rolled by the opposing player.

Sounds like the herd of cattle game I played a few years ago where a herd of cattle was the objective, but if it moved into your unit you took D6 S3 hits. Then you had to herd the cattle to your deployment zone to win the game.

It was fun and a really different game than the usual slug fest.

Since I don't have any other ork players in my area I will have to see if I can modify it to play against other armies; look for squigs while fending off marines, etc. etc. etc.
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