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Started by Gutstikk, October 5, 2009, 09:04:52 PM

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Rules, Guidelines, and other useful bitz:

As always, the general forum rules apply:
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Now that that stuff's settled, welcome to the Ork forum! We hope you enjoy your stay. The community here goes to pretty good lengths to ensure that discussion is spirited and valuable, the orkish is kept to a minimum, and the fungus brew is fresh.

The Waaagh!
You may notice some members have Orkish titles floating in their profiles. This is currently in a phase of transition, but represents the forum Chain of Command. Essentially, those who express desire to be a more active part of the community and then get stuck in and get their hands dirty will sometimes receive a title in appreciation for their efforts. All titles will be granted by relevant moderators and should not be requested [that's the best way to get made a grot]. We've made this decision to avoid hiccups in the continuity of the Chain of Command.

If you want to get stuck in, post a small bio in the faces thread about your particular approach to Orks and the horde you've amassed, and as things get sorted out we'll add you to the roster.

Ork Boy:
Those who've been here a while, who contribute regularly, will be granted the title of Ork Boy. They'll be added to the list below, and titled accordingly.

Nobs: Generally this title is gonna have a modifier, and will be reserved for members in good standing who play a very active part in the community, who's contributions set a good example for others. Don't expect to see this title appear too quickly!

Mekboy/Big Mek: This title is generally gonna be left for those who get involved in the nuts and bolts of things, including but not limited to mathhammer articles, modelling articles, army list rating and the like. The sort of things which are technically challenging and often left undone because they aren't glamorous.

Weirdboy/Warphead: This title will be reserved for those whose contributions are insightful, inspiring, and off the beaten path. Articles for units and strategies that aren't commonly considered, novel ways of using units, or anything else that stands out as "unusual" that catches our eyes could earn this title.

Runtherd: This title is set aside for those who perform a mentoring role on the Ork forum. Mentors are those I can send newer players/members to for regular assistance via PM, helping to familiarize them with the game, the army, and all that it means to be Orkish.

Warboss: Essentially this title is gonna be reserved for those who've contributed a lot, have their hands involved in everything [articles, aid to other members, army list rating, battle reports on the batrep forum, and helping to keep discussions moving], and really go beyond the efforts of the sane and rational.

Warboss and Runtherd titles will be replaced with something appropriate if the titleholder remains inactive, to avoid confusion [mekboy, weirdboy or nob].

Members of the Waaagh!


Quote from: Ollieb on April 15, 2008, 04:15:15 PM
With the publication of the recent Ork CODEX many new lists are popping up on the forum for review.  While we are all here to help each other out I'm going to list a few tips for posting an army list. 

1.  In the subject post the point value for the army as a whole.  This will key others in on what to recommend for your list as some units are better suited for larger point armies while some work well in smaller lists.  I.E 2K Ork list for RTT or 400 point list for Combat Patrol.  If you want to build a themed army (Deffskullz, BadMoonz ect..) this is the place to state that as well.   

2.  Do not post specific point values for wargear.  Listing the total point value for a unit or character is fine. 

3.  An idea of who you normally play against will help others provide advice.  If it is an all comers list that info would help. 

4.  Try to post a legal list.  It can get annoying to start commenting on a list only to realize halfway through that you included 4 Fast Attack and only 1 troop choice or your Mega Armored Warboss is also on a bike.

5.  Are you a new Ork player or a veteran?  Some Vets have "cracked the code" on units others think are not worth taking.  If you are including an oddball unit let us know why.

6.  Don't take comments or criticism personal or try to defend against a suggestion.  Everyone has their opinion and you asked for them.  If there is a unit intentionally included in or excluded from your list then state why up front. 

7.  If you have any units on-hand you are capable of swapping out, list them at the bottom.  It will help others help you.  Nothing is more aggravating than to have the original list poster reply that if he had another unit of Shoota boyz on hand they'd be in there all ready.   

8.  Don't post "I have the following models build me a 1500 point list".  We aren't here to do your job for you.  If you are too lazy to build the list don't waste our time.  If you are truly at a loss of what is effective give it your best shot.  Also don't be offended if you don't get an immediate response to your post.  Some folks here do have a life or will want to cross reference any replies with their CODEX in order to better help you out. 

And finally:
9.  Try to list units in order as they appear in the CODEX.  Also put the number of minis in the Mob in the post.  It helps detect mistakes in points.  Common wargear items that come with a mini and don't cost any points aren't necessary to list. 

Using the following as a format will ensure everyone knows what you are talking about.

Correct way
Warboss – Bike, PK, Attack Squig, 'Eavy Armor
150 points
Tells us what your Warboss is armed with and how much you spent on him.

Shoota Mob X30 – 3X BS, Nob (PK/BP)
227 points
Tells us you have a Mob of 30 Shoota Boyz that you've given 3 Big Shootas to and includes a Nob and what he is armed with.

2X Slugga Mob X20 - 2X RLs, Nob (PK/BP)
Tells us you have 2 of these in your list.

Incorrect as individual points costs for wargear items are listed. 
Shoota Mob – 3 Big Shootas @ 50 points each plus a Nob @20 points armed with a Power Klaw @ 9 points. 

I'm sure I may have forgotten to list something here.  If it is pointed out to me I'll edit the above.

Since we have tips for posting a list, figured a few pointers on commenting may be in order as well.

1.  Try not to be condescending.  Stating "geez what a dumb looking army build" and putting the OP on the defensive from the start isn't going to help anyone.

2.  When recommending unit swaps try to stay with the theme.  Telling a guy that posted a Green Tide list to swap all of his footslogging Mobz for Trukk Boyz probably is going to waste time. Just because you are a Speed Freak doesn't mean he is.

3.  Try to recommend unit swaps that are close in points so the list value remains the same.  Stating that the OP needs to drop that Mob of 10 Gretchin and add in 2 full Mobs of Nob Bikers probably won't fly.

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