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Author Topic: Doubles Bat-Rep - Beastclaw & Troggoths vs Deepkin & SC  (Read 556 times)

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Doubles Bat-Rep - Beastclaw & Troggoths vs Deepkin & SC
« on: September 28, 2019, 10:34:43 PM »
Battle of Greater Goriea


Feast of Gore Alliance:
Troggoth Hordes – 1000
1x Dankhold Troggoth
1x Fungoid Cave Shaman
6x Rockgut Troggoths
6x Rockgut Troggoths

Beastclaw Raiders – 1000
1x Huntsmen
9x Frost Sabers
1x Stornhorn
4x Mournfang cavalry

Black-Bane Kindred Alliance

Idoneth Deepkin – 1000
1x Akhelian King
1x Soulrender
10x Namarti Thralls
6x Ishlaen Guard
10x Namarti Reavers
10x Namarti Reavers

Stormcast – 1000
1x Lord Castellan
1x Lord Celestant
1x Knight Heraldo
5x Liberators
5x Liberators

“Shh…” Malkerion sighed into a dank breeze that smelled of rotten meat and permeating fungi. “Now, let your poison intoxicate the wind!”

A volley of one hundred arrows whistled from out of the dank woods of Gorreia. Scattered in the meadow beyond, a patrol of lumbering Ogors mounted upon winter beasts, was caught unawares.
Vicious shouts and cries of anguish carried upon the wind’s current that came flowing back to Malkerion. Oblivious, the Ogors did not drop dead until they were wheeling around for a blind charge into the woodlands beyond the meadow.

“Excellent…” Malkerion sighed. “Now be silent-”

A sudden explosion punctuated each scream from his Reaver brethren, their cries cut brutally
short by some obscenely crushing force.

“Troggoths, surging into the meadow!” Alkaine’s voice raised alarm over the chaos. “Ogors, charging on our flanks!”


Apologies, as I cannot remember the mission name. This was a special mission that was fought at our AoS doubles tournament… which really wasn’t a tournament after only four people showed up, ha ha. The four of us just got together and played some games lol.
This mission requires a diagonal deployment, with three objectives in our territory and two in the enemy territory. Each objective scored in your own territory is 1 victory point. Holding an enemy’s territory is 2 points. Most victory points determines the victor.


Both sides basically deployed in a diagonal line, with a few exceptions. The sabretusks and the mournfang cavalry deployed in the north-western side of the board. Both Troggoth Squads deployed themselves in center-field, with the Dankhold and Fungoid Shaman backing them up from behind. Loonshrine was placed in the extreme northeastern sector. Hunter is also located in the east.

For the Black-Bane Kindred, the Idoneth anchored their western flank with a unit of Thralls, backed up by a Reaver unit positioned just behind them. Beside the first Reaver squad, a second one was deployed behind the dais. A soulrender anchors the namarti and claims the objective in their sector. The Ishlaen Guard formed up beside them in the center, supported by their king positioned by their flank.

Beside the Ishlaens, the Fulminators take their position, their right flank reinforced by a line of liberators and the heroes of the stormcast.

Turn One:

Feast of Gore

Everything surges up the board and positions itself to create a lot of carnage in turn two. For the Deepkin, I am beset by a squad of mournfangs and six troggoths, with a Dankhold troggoth and second troggoth squad a little behind them… it’s already looking not too good for my flank.
The Fungoid shaman summons the skuttletide and kills three thralls located in vicinity of it. The Dankhold Troggoths from both squads throw their rocks and crunch the rest of the squad. Not good. But fortunately, no one is in a position to charge.

Black-Bane Kindred

My Reavers re position themselves away from the scuttletide and let loose with a volley into the troggoths… one wound. Okay. My Ishlaens would rather deny the troggoths the charge rather let them into the reavers, and so sail overhead and crash into the troggoth unit. I thought about pulling in the mournfangs with my Akhelian King, but I decide to caution my charges, and instead buffed the Ishlaen Guard with the King’s presence anchored behind them.

The troggoths slam their boulders and clubs into my Ishlaens… but they’re seriously buffed since it is low tide and they managed to get the charge on the enemy. 2+ save, then spent the command point to re-roll failed saves of one. Not a single tick of damage comes through.

The Ishlaens, buffed by their King on the offensive as well, tear down half of the Troggoth Squad in a flurry of gnashing teeth and razor hook-blades. One of the last remaining three troggoths is wounded in the encounter.

Also, the Fulminators charge into the Stonehorn and shred it apart in one round of combat.

Turn Two & Three:

Feast of Gore

The Dankhold Troggoth and his fresh unit of followers, smells the dead meat of the Stonehorn and prod off to the east to investigate. Meanwhile, the mournfang see their Troggoth allies being devoured by ferocious eels and circle around for a flanking charge.

Hilariously, the Mournfangs whiff every hack of their wicked pole-arms, but deal about 2 wounds with the hooves of their beasts. The Troggoths, on the other hand, manage to come to grips with one Ishlaen and tear him apart.

The Ishlaens continue their own onslaught and hack the last of the troggoths down, their fangmora eels devouring the regenerative carcasses. Brought into the fight by the Mournfangs over-extension, the Akhelian King wades into the fight… end result, two mournfangs are torn down and one more is left on one wound.

In the third phase of the battle, the mournfang are wiped out by the triumphant akhelians… but endless spells in the form of the scuttletide and the malevolent moon continue to whittle their numbers further. By the end of the third phase, two Ishlaens are slain from mortal wounds and two more flee from battle-shock.

The Stormcast and the Troggoths advance toward each other.

Turn Four Summary:

Flood Tide hits again for the Fuethan, and they take advantage by surging up the field. The lone Lochian Prince claims the extreme western objective while the Akhelian king claims the one towards the center, both in the enemies deployment zone. The Reavers circle around the watchtower and whittle the fungoid shaman full of arrows, until he lies limps upon the stairs of the watchtower.

The Dankhold and his troggoth minions duke it out with the Stormcast. Blows are traded, half of the Fulminators are slain in the combat, but so are all of the troggoths and eventually, the Dankhold.

The Victory score is 18 to 14, if I recall correctly.

Good Game to my opponents and ally, and hope you enjoyed the write up!
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Re: Doubles Bat-Rep - Beastclaw & Troggoths vs Deepkin & SC
« Reply #1 on: September 30, 2019, 01:07:06 PM »
What kind of Troggoths were those? Rockgut or Fellwater? They sort of look like Rockgut, but then wouldn't their boulders have caused mortal wounds in turns 2-3? Or did they just miss?

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Re: Doubles Bat-Rep - Beastclaw & Troggoths vs Deepkin & SC
« Reply #2 on: September 30, 2019, 01:37:13 PM »
Hi Wyddr,

Both Troggoth units were of the Rockgut variety. They did indeed throw some rocks and hurl some mortal wounds. One my Akhelians took 3 wounds from those and my King received around two but my opponent had some unfortunate rolls for those. I believe a Fulminator was either severely wounded or killed off. Should have added those details, sorry!

Each Team took their turn simultaneously turns, so unfortunately I didn't secure every detail of my ally's side of the field. That, and this was also my second game for that day lol, so my mind was a bit fuzzy.

I'll try to retain more details the next time I do doubles, not sure when that'll be though.
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