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Author Topic: Bat-Rep: Hedonites of Slaanesh vs Ondaric Enclave  (Read 763 times)

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Bat-Rep: Hedonites of Slaanesh vs Ondaric Enclave
« on: May 18, 2019, 09:30:15 PM »
   Valliur surveyed the twisted ruins of Ondaric from an airborne view. Scalebreaker slithered on the magical tides of the Ethersea, hungry for the blood of the foe. The horror of seeing the homeland of Valluir’s Ondaric Sentinels torn asunder by the predations of the great enemy should have been an emotion that scarred him… but Valluir felt nothing but rage at this outrageous slaughter.

   On the horizon below, seething tides of She Who Thirst’s minions raced through the streets of the once mighty Ondaric Enclave. Calvacades of chariots and hellish slaves to darkness surged forward toward the only silver lining of hope for the Idoneth Deepkin present on the battlefield…

   Valliur lifted his blade to signal the masses of flying calvary amassed in the skies behind him. As one, the Akhelians of Ondaric shrieked their war cries and readied themselves to descend upon the foe…

Ondaric Enclave vs Godseekers
Mission: Escalation
Points: 2000

Army Lists:

Ondaric Enclave (Fuethan)

Fendriach the Benighted Prince – 1x Akhelian King with Great Sword
Ellion’Draich the Banishing Blade – 1x Akhelian King with Bladed Polearm
Abyssal Hunters – 2x Allopexes
Ondaric Sentinels – 6x Ishlaen Guard
Talons of Furion – 3x Ishlaen Guard
Depth-Dwellers Shoal – 6x Morrsar Guard
Void Leviathan - Leviadon
Ondaric Fourth Phalanx: Akhelian Corps


1x Keeper of Secrets
1x Infernal Rapturess
1x Infernal Rapturess
1x Bladebringer
1x Bladebringer
30x Daemonettes
30x Daemonettes
5x Hellstriders

Mission: Escalation

So, the board is divided diagonally in two deployment zones. Three objectives are spaced out along the invisible line that divides the deployment zones. 1 victory point for each turn the objective is claimed. Objectives cannot be scored in the first battle round.

Battleline units must deploy at least nine inches away from the enemy’s deployment zone. None battleline must deploy eighteen inches from the enemy. Behemoths must deploy twenty-four inches from the enemy deployment zone.

Whoever scores the most victory points wins.


Western Sector:

Spawned from out of the ether, a shrine of the damned dominates the center of the western sector. To the south, a dead forest lies frozen in madness. In the north, a corrupted realmgate spews out the myriad legions of Slaanesh.

Central Sector:

An observatory sits in the north across from the captured realmgate. Further toward the center, a great dais to Mathlann maintains vigil over a hotly contested realmgate that leads further into the Ondaric Empire. In the south, a great dais harnesses the arcane power of the Deepkin.

Eastern Sector:

The scattered ruins of a great sigmarite enclave dominate eastern sector. Only more twisted woodlands dare encroach upon this defiled ruin.

Godseekers Deployment:

The Godseekers spew out from the northern deployment zone and claim it as their own. The Fane of Slaanesh is raised toward the center of the battlefield. A horde of daemonettes encroach upon the damned ruins in the western sector. Two infernal rapturesses setup their instruments on the northern permiter of the shrine. Further north, a Bladebringer chariot and the Keeper of Secrets remain in the backfield. Another horde of daemonettes spawn around the Fane of Slaanesh itself. The second bladebringer and the hellstriders deploy themselves in the eastern sector.

Ondaric Enclave Deployment:

The Abyssal Hunters and the Void Leviathan deploy in the south corner of the eastern sector. Fendraich and his brother Elion’draich deploy further toward the center, screened by the six strong unit of the Ondaric Sentinels Ishlaen Guard. The Depth-Dwellers’ Shoal of the Morrsar Guard and the Ishlaens of the Talons of Furion deploy on the edge of the western sector, in the shadow of the Gloomtide Shipwreck.

The battle lines are drawn…

The shadow of the Void Leviadon eclipsed Valluir and nearly the entire Ondaric deployment zone. Valluir listened to the Void Drum rumble to the rhythm of a dark song, observed the belly of the great beast and it’s midnight shell as it surged ahead to lead the defense.

“Sentinels of Ondaric, find your courage, steel your nerves! If we must die on the soil of our defiled homeland, then let it be in the Enclave’s defense! Our struggle is a desperate one! But we shall not surrender to despair! Cut these horrors down and sacrifice their souls to Mathlann! For Ondaric!”

The Akhelians of Ondaric thundered their cry, drew their weapons, and prepared for the worst.
Ondaric Enclave Turn One:

The Void Leviadon surges forward to lead the defense of Ondaric. It advances and reaches the fore of the Ishlaen screen in the center of the battlefield. The Ondaric Sentinels choose to hold their ground, commanded by their nearby Akhelian Kings.
On the left flank, the Talons of Furion and the Depth-Dwellers decide to back off and distance themselves from an encroaching horde of Daemonettes. The Talons of Furion create a living shield for the Depth-Dwellers to shield them from an assault.

On the right flank, the Abyssal Hunters surge forward into the ruin of the second half of the Gloomtide shipwreck. Fendriach joins them, intent on lending him his support.

Godseekers Turn One:

The daemonette squad in the western sector surge across the chaos shrine to claim the western objective. No points will be scored this turn, but they are prepared to claim it for the second turn. The Infernal Rapturesses move up behind them, still in the backlines. The Bladebringer in the western sector darts forward, as does the keeper of secrets.

The daemonettes in the center dart forward toward the leviadon. As does the second Bladebringer. The hellstriders move over to the northern edge of the eastern sector to claim the objective there.

Godseekers Turn Two:

Daemonettes beyond number pranced and leapt into the fray. Valluir surveyed the swirling melee from a safe distance, watched Fangmora fangs gnash and rip daemon flesh. Voltspears flashed with biovoltaic energy, blasting daemonettes into gory smears. Pinpoint thrusts from the Depth-
Dwellers Shoal speared countless more. For a moment, Valluir thought they could turn the tide.

Then the monstrosity arrived, heralded by masses of hundreds of sharp blades strewn up on elegant chariots. The giantess merely flicked her elegant greatsword and swiped it’s massive claws in several strokes. Before Valluir could comprehend the lightning movements, the Talons of Furion were no more…

Acquiescence goes off on the Depth-Dwellers, giving the Hedonites rerolls to hit them. Mystic shield goes off on the Daemonettes. Infernal Rapturess opens up and blasts two wounds off of one of the Depth-Dwellers. Another spell chips a wound off of one of the Talons of Furion Ishlaens.
The Daemonettes in the center make a furious charge past the Leviadon and into the rear of the Depth-Dwellers that had fallen back previously in the first turn. The Bladebringer and Keeper of Secrets in the west crash into the Talons of Furion intent on shielding the Depth-Dwellers from harm.

Two Depth-Dwellers are slain in the combat with the Daemonettes. Between the Bladebringer and the Keeper of Secrets, the Talons of Furion were hacked to pieces. In return, the four strong Depth Dwellers show their teeth and cut down 13 Daemonettes.

Ondaric Enclave Turn Two:

Victory Points: Godseekers 3

The Ondaric Sentinels surge into the fray to liberate the Morrsar Guard and take down the second bladebringer in one glorious charge. Between them and the Depth-Dwellers Shoal, the Daemonettes are annihilated, and the second bladebringer is dragged down to one wound. This is where I made a crucial mistake, because by this point I had forgotten my re-rolls to hit for Akhelians thanks to my Akhelian Kings. Could have easily killed this bladebringer, but I did not, and in return it shreds five out of six of the Ondaric Sentinels. Valluir flees the battle due to battleshock, determined to live another day.

Leviadon suffers many wounds from the bladebringer. It fails to kill the blade bringer, but does a decent amount of wounds on it.

Ondaric Enclave Turn Three:

Fendraich the Benighted Prince darted through the ethersea upon the back of his Deepmare, Vosymir. He answered the screaming horde of Daemons with practiced strokes of his polearm. Each blow lopped away clawed hands and horrifying heads in equal measure. Vosymir charged further into the teeming masses, ensnared by the scent of a worthy foe.

There it was… a teeming mass of wicked blades and wheels turned by the ugly creatures of the warp. Vosymir descended upon the great chariot as the Daemonette Hearld “Bladebringer” turned to meet them a moment too late. Vosymir crashed into the Bladebringer and impaled her upon it’s slender horn, then proceeded to rip the creature to pieces.

   The last remaining three Depth-Dwellers charge over the slain members of the Talons of Furion, into the Keeper of Secrets. It’s High Tide, and Ellion’draich pops his command point to grant them one extra attack for all of their melee weapons. The Keeper of Secrets is slain in one round of combat with three of Ondaric’s mightiest heroes. Ellion’Draich cuts down the Bladebringer beating on the Void Leviadon. Fendriach rushes in and finishes the second Bladebringer.

Turn Four:
At this point… my opponent has so many depravity points that he can summon 90 daemonettes. After some discussion, I decide to concede the game, as there was nothing I could do to win at that point. Good game overall and good game to my opponent!

Final Score: 6-3
Victory for the Hendonites!
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Re: Bat-Rep: Hedonites of Slaanesh vs Ondaric Enclave
« Reply #1 on: May 20, 2019, 06:01:24 PM »
Nice report! Thanks for posting it!

Those eel cavalry seemed to drop much easier than I thought. Is Slaanesh that deadly, or is the cavalry not as tough as I've been led to believe?

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Re: Bat-Rep: Hedonites of Slaanesh vs Ondaric Enclave
« Reply #2 on: May 20, 2019, 06:12:51 PM »
Thanks for comment, Wyddr! Your opinion is appreciated :).

Excessive statistics and rules removed - Iris.

They are pretty tough, but I just had some atrocious save rolling that game. Plus, there are other factors. The Keeper of Secrets kept forcing my Leviadon to fight last in the combat phase, which is why it got mauled so badly before it could fight back.

The real thing that chewed up my eels, though, were the Blade-bringers... you cannot underestimate these guys. When they roll sixes to hit, they generate that many extra attacks. Then my opponent kept spending command points to have the blade-bringers fight twice. It was just brutal, haha.

If I had remembered that my Akhelian Kings provided re-rolls on hit rolls of 1 for most of the game... would have demolished that bladebringer I left on one wound and saved five of my eels. Oh well, mistake I've learned to correct in the next game.
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