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Author Topic: Age of Sigmar - Sylvaneth vs. Seraphon, New GHB 2022  (Read 3411 times)

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Age of Sigmar - Sylvaneth vs. Seraphon, New GHB 2022
« on: June 25, 2022, 08:03:15 PM »
Age of Sigmar
General’s Handbook 2022: Season I
Pitched Battles—Matched Play
Sylvaneth of Dreadwood Glade VS Seraphon of the Starborne
The Mighty and the Cunning
Forest of Daybreak inside the Green Gulch of Ghur
Ruins of the Ebonpyre Fastness

The Left Flank: A pair of abandoned domicile keep watch over the board edge on both the northern and southern end of the ruins, respectively.

Center of the Board:

Three Guardian Idols watch over the Nexus Syphon—still channeling pure ghyranic life magic at its heart. Another shattered domicile guards the southern approach to the nexus, while the Aqua-Ghyranis Lifespring Well continues to channel life and into the untamed arid wastes of Ghur farther north.

The Right Flank:

Another domicile watches the southern approach in the western lands, and in the north, the skeletal carcass of a massive Draconic beast lies half buried amid the arid soil.

Pre-Game Terrain Deployment:

Without the hindrance of the lizardmen’s primordial and terraforming pyramid to alter the wyldwoods around the Ebonpyre–the lords of the Dreadwood spread their creeping magic onto the battlefield.

All three noteworthy pieces of terrain in the sylvaneth deployment zone become shrouded underneath a creeping mist, exotic fauna, possessed of a malignant sentience burgeoning there until they have become overgrown… around the southwestern domicile on the left flank–a wicked wyldwood sprouts forth from the earth, turning all to unsettling darkness beneath its canopies.


A throng of dryads appear to tend to the overgrown domicile on the left flank—watching from the shadows of an approaching skink cohort. The minions of the lizardmen march into their territory from across the ruins. Behind them, Spite-Revenants wait in ambush in the dark places, prepared to blink through the ancient hidden paths to where they will surprise the foe to rend them apart.

A band of Tree-Revenants keep themselves hidden amid the domicile in the southern center of the Fastness, also watching shadows flicker around the Aqua-Ghyranis Wellspring—accompanied by the baying of cold-blooded beasts and a lumbering creature of the primordial jungle.

On the right flank, another throng of dryads screen the wyldwood, dancing between the recently sprouted woods, and the overgrown domicile beside them. Kurnoth Hunters of the Great-bow and Great-sword to refuge amid the Wyldwoods, undergoing their rituals to enter the fires of battle. Behind this great mustering—Dryacha and the Lady of Vines oversee their armies to command the battle.

Proving Grounds:Belltower on Far Right Flank Objective

Turn One: Starborne
Hero and Magic Phase:

Lord Kroak—summons the chromatic cogs to boost his casting. He then drops magic payloads on the sylvaneth across the battlefield. Seven dryads screening the wyldwood are entangled and torn apart by their own woodland fauna upon being turned primordial–beyond even their control. A sole spite-revenant is also torn apart, along with three other dryads on the left flank in the domicile.
Fortunately–Places of Power and the Awakened Wyldwoods shield the rest of Alarielle’s children from harm!

The Engine of the Gods stampedes forward, taking the second objective to the right of the center board—a pristine banner from the armies of Sigmar, still wavering in the breeze.

The skink cohort advances on the left objective—a shattered arcane conduit, about half their ranks coming into range of the Dryads nestled in the domicile—cutting down a handful more of them.

The Carnosaur and the Saurus knights vanish amid a storm of celestial energy—leaving the battle to return where most needed (opponent forgot to put the units in reserve—no problem, we agreed he could move them!)

The Stegadon achieves the Against the Odds Battle Tactic for the Starborne!

Turn One: Dreadwood
Hero and Magic Phase:
Or disaster–no spell is manifested for the Dreadwood Sylvaneth.

Rest of the Phase:
Disappointed, but undeterred, the Sylvaneth commit to battle. All nearby Sylvaneth become inspired by the invigorating life-essence of their Branchwych general—a warsinger, her warriors call her. Granting an additional 3” to all units within 12” of their general, the Sylvaneth anchored around the Wyldwood spring forth.

The Dryads bound forward, advancing across the life-blossoming earth, turning arid wastes to bountiful fields in their passing. The Lady of Vines marches after them – creating an aura similar to another awakened wyldwood around the surrounding troops. The Kurnoth Hunters Greatbows sally forth a little more toward the center of the board, but keeping cohesion with the left flank. The Greatswords move after them, positioning themselves to reinforce the battlelines.

The Spite-Revenants hear Drycha’s calling—teleporting across the battlefield into the newly sprouted Wyldwood created by their Warsinger. Drycha herself joins them, coming into a position to charge the ornate Stegadon alongside her Spites.

Yet the Engine of the Gods redeploys, shrinking back six inches, making a charge unlikely now.

Dryads surge forward to meet the Skink Cohort, losing four of their number to Unleash Hell command, and kill one Skink in return– then lose another dryad.
The Tree Revenants use their musician to teleport onto the Proving Ground, still untested, claiming the objective and Battle Tactic Against the Odds for the Dreadwood!

Victory Points Status:
1 – Hold Objective
1 – Hold Two Objectives
1 – Hold more than your opponent
2 – Battle Tactic – Against the Odds
1 – Hold Objective
1 – Hold more than your opponent (Engine of the Gods ran away)
1 – Hold Two or more Objectives
4 – Battle Tactic Against the Odds w/ Galletian Veteran Unit
Grand Total:

Proving Ground: Shattered Arcane Conduit

Turn Two Priority—Dreadwood Sylvaneth
Turn Two: Dreadwood
Hero and Magic Phase:

Using the Dreadwood’s strength in navigating the hidden paths–Except the Verdant Blessing because of the Branchwych’s Versperal Gem on a 2+ relic. An Awakened Wyldwood sprouts out of the earth on the northern half of the Right flank, near the bones of the ancient Dragon that fell upon this land in battle centuries ago.

Aside from that—I don’t remember anything else going off successfully (A poor turnout for Tree-folk magic in this ancient game)

Rest of the Phase:

Spites and Kurnoth Greatswords reappear around the Awakened Wyldwoods (You can move inside 3” of enemies so long as the units are within 3” of the Wyldwoods or overgrown terrain. Or you can be 9” from enemies and 9” out from the Wyldwoods.
Drycha surges forward with the encouragements of the Warsinger, and all three units are in position to charge the Engine of the Gods.

Kurnoth Hunter Greatbows take up position around the Nexus Syphon nearer to the southern center of the board.

Dryads surge ahead to take the Tree-Revenants place at the Belltower Objective with the Lady of Vines.

Tree-Revenants teleport again to claim the bones of the dead dragon—earning their battle tactic for Desecrate their Lands.

Greatbow Hunters open up on the Engine of the Gods, scoring 2 wounds. Dryacha opens up on the Engine as well, taking another handful of wounds off.
Charge phase – the spites charge into the Engine of the Gods from its right flank, but Drycha storms around the other side of the Guardian Idol (big charge), swinging into the Stegadon and its crew before the Spites can even attack.

Hamedreth crushes in the Stegadon’s skull beneath a flurry of blows, its talons slicing through the skink crew with horrifying strength. In the aftermath of her onslaught – the Engine of the Gods lies dead!

Drycha’s fury earns the Dreadwood their Grand Strategy achievement–Vengeance and Spite (Kill an opponent’s general with an Outcasts unit!)!

Turn Two: Starborne

Kroak opens up on more magical payloads, wounding Drycha before she attempts an assault on his position. Four more spites are burned to ruin by the comet’s call, and a hunter unit is wounded twice. Kroak also enchants his Saurus Guard with enhancing spells, making them demi-gods of battle.

Solar Engine Teleports into the overgrown domicile in Sylvaneth territory on the left flank¬, finding the untamed wilds comfortable. The Oldblood on Carnosaur teleports in beside the artillery beast, prepared to charge. On the right flank, in the overgrown domicile south of the Belltower objective—Saurus knights burst into physical form, prepared to charge the dryads guarding the objective there.
The Bastilidon claims the Desecrate their Lands Battle Tactic for the Seraphon this turn!

Bastilidon reduces Hamedreth to slag wood, avenging the engine of the Gods.
The Starborne fail about all their charges across the board, aside from the Saurus Guard into the Spites. The enhanced temple lizards clean out the Spites. The skinks struggle to clean up the last three or four dryads in the combat on the left flank!

The Skink Cohort continues to fight off the few remaining dryads left on the Left flank objective—but the tree maidens hold on.

Victory Point Status:
1 – Hold an Objective
1 – Hold Two Objectives
1 - Hold More than your opponent
2 - Desecrate their Lands Battle Tactic
1—Hold an Objective
1—Hold Two Objectives
1—Hold more than your opponent
2—Desecrate their Lands Battle Tactic
Grand Total: 10—10

Turn 3:
Hero and Magic Phase:

Warsinger restores three dryads to the ones guarding the belltower. Lady of Vines rouses the Woods to wrath, reinforcing the Greatbow Hunters with another unit of Dryads. A regrowth from the Branchwych restores the Kurnoth Greatsword unit.

Tree-Revenants teleport toward the skinks on the Left Flank. Great-sword Hunters teleport into the overgrown wood outside of 3” of the Saurus Knights. Lady of Vines marches forward to join the Great-sword Hunters.

Greatbow Hunters open up on the Carnosaur, doing four wounds in total. The dryads anchor themselves and prepare to receive the charge.

The Tree-Revenants fail their charge.

The Greatsword Hunters and Lady of Vines combo charge the Saurus knights even after they redeployed 6”.

The Great-sword Hunters killing the Saurus Knights and the Greatbow Hunters claiming the Banner Objective earn the Dreadwood their Eye for an Eye battle tactic!

Skink Cohort finally mops up the Dryads.

Hero and Magic Phase:
More magical nukes, becoming more punishing as the Sylvaneth lose more numbers–mainly more Dryads and wounds on the Kurnoth Hunters. A salamander is summoned!
Dryads still hanging on!

Rest of the Phase:

Salamder cooks Dryad wood for dinner. Bastiladon gets some wounds on the Greatbow Hunters. Skinks kill another two revenants, leaving three.
Skinks charge the revenants, but the Treefolk cut down several skinks, then strike and fade back to the other side of the board.

Carnosaur charges into the Kurnoth Greatbows and dryads. The Greatbows Unleash Hell, taking eight more wounds off the Carnosaur.

Another Greatbow Hunter dies against the Carnosaur I believe.
Salamander charges into the Branchwych, and immolates her inside the sanctuary of her own wyldwoods.

Dryads slay the Carnosaur and… it does NOT resurrect!
This earns the Starborne their Battle Tactic Eye for an Eye.

Grand Total:

1 – Hold an objective
1 – Hold two objectives
1 – Hold more objectives than your opponent
2 – Battle Tactic Eye for an Eye

1 – Hold an objective
1 – Hold two objectives
1 – Hold more objectives than your opponent
2 – Battle Tactic Eye for an Eye

Turn Four & Five Summary:
Proving Ground: Banner Flag

Turn Four Priority:
Hero and Magic:

Nothing happens in the magic phase.

Hunters Teleport to the other side of the board to face down the skink cohort. Lady of Vines goes after the Salamander. The Tree-Revenants charge in before her, but are burned alive when the Salamander Unleashes Hell.

Lady of Vines finally lands a spear throw and kills two of the crew. 

Kurnoth Greatswords literally kill 18 skinks, then trample another several underfoot. The unit is wiped out at the height of the fifth turn combat phase. Another Galletian Veterans unit killed.

Lady of Vines cannot kill the Salamander in the Fourth round–and the Dreadwood misses their battle tactic for the first time, but claims their fifth round battle tactic Head to Head.

At this point—the Seraphon claim their Grand Strategy to have more units in the Dreadwood’s deployment zone.

Two more Salamanders are summoned—and the battle draws to a close—the Dreadwood quitting the Ebonpyre Fastness, allowing its primordial terraforming by the Lizardmen for the time being…

Victory Point Status:

I cannot remember what exactly led up to this score during our calculations—but I remember checking everything with my opponent, and we came to an agreement.

The Starborne Seraphon eke out the blade’s edge win, with the final score being:
35-30 (Starborne to Dreadwood)

Good Game to my Opponent – what a nailbiter to bring us into 2022 Season One of the General’s Handbook!

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