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Author Topic: Realm-Lords vs Jawz of Mork Debut Game Summary! (Pics)!  (Read 3451 times)

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Realm-Lords vs Jawz of Mork Debut Game Summary! (Pics)!
« on: September 27, 2020, 10:50:02 PM »
​So, I am trying to get back into the swing of making written battle-reports. This'll be a summarized version of the game, which can be considered as a warm-up  :).

I got my Lumineth on the table for the first time! Against the White Dwarf Battalion for the Gloomspite Gitz known as the Jawz of Mork! If anyone isn't familiar with this battalion, it enhances squigs into a ferocious stampede! Also it changes the moonshrine so that squigs can get resurrected at half strength instead of only moonclan units.

Mission: Shifting Objectives

Turn 1:

The Gitz take first turn and seize all the objectives across the board. The Boingrotz, Squig Boss leader, and Skagrott slink to the very back of their deployment zone in hopes to avoid my archers, which they will. The Squig herd advances on the right flank and takes one of the secondary objectives, and a unit of stabbas takes the center non-primary objective. The Mangler Squig roles up onto the primary and the Squig Hoppers bounce past it and straight into a Warden Phalanx.

Wardens pop their aetherquartz for +1 save. Moonfire flask takes out a squig hopper. The Hoppers absolutely flatten 16 Wardens... leaving four. That had me sweating a bit lol. The Wardens do strike back and kill a couple of hoppers.

The Lumineth march forward in formation to counter attack. Stonemage remains in place and unleashes an Assault of Stone on the Hoppers, who have a 6+ save... 8 mortal wounds! Over half of the Hoppers just got smashed underneath some rocks! The Archers make their presence known, hosing down a good number of squigs in the squig herd, and taking off about 8-9 wounds off the Mangler Squig.

All of my spells go off beside Ethereal protection.

The Dawnriders surge forward on either flank and crash into their respective targets with some good charges. The Squig Herd is trampled underfoot, the rest flee from battleshock and kill a knight on the way out thanks to their frenzied flight.

The Knights assaulting the mangler squig whittle the chained creatures down to one wound with their sunmetal lances alone... guardian sword and hooves fail to do anymore. 😑. Now that the Mangler is on one wound, it manages to wipe out an entire unit of ten dawnriders in one chaotic, gore-splattered round of combat.

This changed the outlook of the game completely... if I could have done just one more wound, I'd have an entire unit of dawnriders still in the fight and the primary objective under control. And now there is a very angry Mangler on the rampage!

If I had won turn 2 priority, I knew I'd have a good chance to recover and counter-attack back into a position of strength...

Of course, gloomspite win the priority. To make matters worse, the primary objective stays where it is, on the flank that is pretty much decimated at this point.

The mangler would go on to crash into the sentinels on my left flank and chew up 15 of them. The last five do strike down the mangler with the glorious light of hysh in their eyes. The Stonemage whittles down the rest of the Squig Hoppers when she joins the fray.

The remaining Warden unit charged into the center objective under a constant hail of supporting fire from the other sentinel unit marching steadily behind them.

11 out of 40 stabbas remain by the end of turn 3, but at this point, the game is 5 - 2 and there is no chance of me coming back at all.

So, I concede and call it good game to my opponent!

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