Path to Glory, Round 1: Kharadron Overlords vs. Idoneth Deepkin

Started by Roboknee77, November 21, 2019, 01:22:35 AM

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Path to Glory, Round 1: Kharadron Overlords vs. Idoneth Deepkin
This was the first match between Uncle Tungsten and I for the Path to Glory Campaign we're playing along with Wyddr.

Idoneth Deepkin

Tidecaster w/ arcane corrosion (Artifact: coral ring) (General)


10 Namarti Thralls

3 Ishlaen Guard

3 Morrsarr Guard

Kharadron Overlord: Skyport Barak-Mhornar

Arkanaut Admiral w/Opportunistic Privateers (General)

Aether-Khemist (Artifact: Aethershock Earbuster)

Arkanaut Company w/ 3x Light Skyhooks

3 Endrinriggers w/ Rivet Guns and Pneumatic Saws

Arkanaut Frigate w/ Heavy Sky Cannon (Artifact: The Last Word)

Mission, Terrain, Deployment
We rolled randomly for the mission and got Shifting Objectives from the 2019 General's Handbook.  3 Objectives were placed along the center line between our deployment zones, one in each third of the map.  Each round the primary objective would shift between the three, netting 3 VP for the primary objective and 1 VP for each of the others at the end of each player's rounds.

We set up a forest in the south west corner of the map. Ruins were set up in the south, southeast, and eastern portions of the map.  The northeast and northwest had some ritualistic terrain.  In the north there was a small lake and the center of the map there was a small hill.  The objectives were placed on fountains in the east and west and on top of the hill in the center of the map.  We didn't get any special feature for the Realm and the three of the terrain features had beneficial scenery rules but none of them came up in the game.

Tungsten won the roll off and picked the southern deployment zone.  He placed most of his troops and heroes in the forest or at the edge.  I deployed all my units in my frigate in the lake in the middle of the northern zone.


Deepkin sighted off the starboard

Top of Turn 1
Uncle Tungsten won the roll off to go first and chose to go first.  The central objective is the primary obective this turn.  The Ishlaen move toward the primary objective.  The Morrsarr head toward the eastern objective along the board edge.  Finally the Thralls, Tidecaster and Soulrender move toward the western objective.  None of them are within range to score any VP.

Score: Deepkin 0, Overlords 0

Deepkin spread out towards all objectives.

Bottom of Turn 1
Admiral Riprock orders all hands to disembark at the top of the round.  The Admiral, Khemist and Arkanaut Company deploy in a firing line by the lake while the Endrinriggers and Frigate push toward the center of the board.  The Frigate takes control of the central objective to score 3 VP while the Riggers move to assault the Ishlaen Guard.  Shooting is relatively ineffective due to the Ishlaen ignoring rend.  The Riggers take a wound off one Guard and use a footnote of the Kharadron Code to deal enough Mortal Wounds to the wounded Guard to kill it and the rigger survive the Guards counter attack.

Score: Deepkin 0, Overlords 3

Disembark and engage

Top of Turn 2
The Deepkin win the initiative this round, and ever round of the game.  The primary objective moves to the western objective, soon to be controlled by the Thralls to score 3 VP for the Deepkin.  The Tidecaster casts arcane corrosion on the Riggers and melts one and wounds another.  The Morrsarr moves toward the central objective but fails to get more units closer to the objective than the frigate.  The Ishlaen finish off the wounded Riggers.

Score: Deepkin 3, Overlords 3

The Endrinriggers are in trouble

No more Riggers

Bottom of Turn 2
The Frigate moves to the top of the hill and fires all guns at the Morrsarr Guards and kills one of them.  The admiral chooses the Thralls as the target of his ability allow units near him to re-roll all misses and the Arkanaut Company takes out 2 Thralls with their skyhooks.  At the end of the round the Soulrender resurrects one of the Thralls.

Take the high ground and all hands to guns!

Score: Deepkin 3, Overlords 4

Top of Turn 3
The primary objective moves to the eastern objective, which neither army controls or will be able to control this round.  The Deepkin earn 1 VP from the objective the Thralls held.  The Deepkin surge forward to engage The Admiral, Khemist and Arkanaut Company.  This is where I held my breath, the game could hing on this combat.  The Morrsarr's eels unleash an electric charge on the Admiral dealing 3 mortal wounds to him before combat.  The two guard units then unleash on the Admiral but he's made of sterner stuff and only loses 2 wounds, staying alive to bring the pain.  He smashes one of the Morrsarr guard in retaliation.  Meanwhile the Thralls cut down five members of the Arkanauts but the Admirals Inspiring Presence lets them automatically pass their battleshock test.

Score: Deepkin 4, Overlords 4

Get ready to be charged!

Fight for your lives!
The aftermath

Bottom of Turn 3
In the hero phase The Khemist buffs the Admiral so he can get an extra attack with his hammer and then the Admiral uses another footnote to let him fight in the Hero Phase and smashes one of the Morrsarr Guard.  Afterward the Frigate moves  to support the rest of the Overlords and kills the last Morrsarr with a well placed cannon shot.  It also gets 1 VP for still controlling the central objective.  The Khemist fumigates the Ishlaen and kills one the Admiral finishes it off in combat.  Meanwhile the Arkanauts shoot 3 Thralls but end up falling to the Thralls blades in hand to hand combat.

Score: Deepkin 4, Overlords 5

Hammer Time

The end of the close combat after battleshock

Top of Turn 4
The primary objective shifts back to the central objective and the Deepkin must regroup after losing most of their troops.  The Tidecaster and Soulrender move up and take control of the western objective, scoring 1 VP this round.  The Thralls engage the Admiral in combat but his armor protects him while he smashes the Thralls in return.

Score: Deepkin 5, Overlords 5

Only Heroes, and a Frigate, Remain

Bottom of Turn 4
The Admiral and Khemist move closer to the Deepkin heroes, as does the Frigate, which still is control of the Central objective, gaining 3 VP.  The Firgate misses the Soulrender with its cannon but the Khemist uses his noxious Aether to fumigate the Soulrender.  The Frigate assaults the Tidecaster and does 1 wound, which is negated by the Tidecaster's spirit dolphin.

Score: Deepkin 5, Overlords 8

I don't think her spirit dolphin will save her for long

Top of Turn 5
The objective stays in place and the deepkin will only gain 1 VP this turn.  The Tidecaster casts Arcane Bolt on the Admiral, doing 3 mortal wounds, more than enough to finish off the Admiral.  At this point the Deepkin concedes the game.

The final showdown

Final Score: Deepkin 6, Overlords 11

Post Mortem
Despite the final score, this was a close battle and could have gone the other way.  I think it came down to the Admiral making his saves to stay alive with 1 wound through 4 rounds of combat and the footnote that let him make a free attack.

I may, or may not have, made a mistake attacking with the Endrinriggers in the first round.  They don't have enough wounds to survive sustained combat but they did delay the Ishlaen Guard a turn from engaging the Admiral and Arkanauts.  They may end up being suited for objective grabbing or counter-attacking from the frigate.

Also, playing against the Deepkin was much different from Wyddr's Goblins.  One, the Ishlaen Guard are hard to shift due to ignoring rend.  Second, only being able to shoot at the closest Deepkin unit can force me to move or have to fire on less than desirable units.  Three, they're also fast.  I won't have multiple turns to sit and shoot at them before they arrive.

All said, I had a good time and enjoyed the battle.  Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed it, and as always, thanks to my opponent.


Nice battle--it was a close one, for sure!

Hey, what did you earn for Glory at the conclusion of the game?

According to what I've got, here's the standings:

Deepkin: 2
Gitz: 4
Overlords: at least 5, I think. How many did you earn at the end of our game? It think it was 3, right?


Great battle, Roboknee, I'm really surprised that you managed a comfortable victory over the deepkin. The overlords looked strong and performed quite well, even without their new battletome (which is surely on the horizon). That's not to say that the Deepkin didn't hit hard, it was a close battle model count wise, the entire game.

Also am loving that table ;D.

Looking forward to seeing the campaign continue!
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You're right Wyddr, I got 3 from our game and I got another lucky roll for glory points and got 3 more this game.  That would put me at 6 total so far.

Thanks Myren'Tal, I was definitely worried at times during this battle.  Glad you liked the table too, our local hobby shop has a lot of great terrain for us to use.


I think, story-wise, we can assume that Admiral Riprock has discovered from a captured Deepkin that the Gitz have a Lochian Prince captive and that they'll stop at nothing to recapture him. Of course it probably occurs to Riprock that, if the Overlords get there first, they can ransom the prince back themselves.

Looks like Loonboss Gloama has a lot of people on his tail!

Uncle Tungsten

Good game, man! If I was to do it over, I think I would have swapped approaches: namarti to the center to outnumber the frigate on the objective and send the eels around the flank.  Also,the soulrender needs to stay closer to the thralls. Could have brought a few back if he'd hugged them more. Need to play the caster more forward, too. There are a few useful spells in Chamon that she was too far away to sling. 

That admiral of yours is made of stern stuff!  He tanked like...everyone. Looking forward to the next game.


I think we're all still learning about our armies, Tungsten.  You did well enough getting in my face, the Overlords are not made for close combat in most cases.

Wyddr, that sounds like a good narrative to me.

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