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Author Topic: Start Collecting! Orks - Unboxing  (Read 3291 times)

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Start Collecting! Orks - Unboxing
« on: March 11, 2016, 11:11:50 AM »
 I have split my unboxing photo’s into three albums that you will have to click on and page through.

The Box (6 Photo's)

The box that this set comes in is informative before you even open it. The back of the box even includes small paint schemes for painting skin, brass and other things. One of the sides clearly shows what you get in the box and the front has a nice group shot of everything that you get in the box all assembled and painted. I really like the back of this box. I find the back of the box really informative as it includes weapon descriptions.
It is not all good though as I don’t like the fact that the box didn’t come shrink wrapped and this new style of box looks cheap compared to the old style.

The Box Contents (7 Photo's)

Ten sprues (nineteen models), twenty 1.0” bases, one 2.5” base, four assembly instruction sheets, two decal sheets and a next step flyer. The back of the Next Steps flyer has a Formation called “Ork Painmob” printed on it. The assembly instructions for the Nobz and the Dread also include the unit profile, type and composition information. I don’t particularly like the assembly instructions. After the nice quality pictures on the box it is a shame that the instructions use 3D renders. I don’t find them to be that clear. The two decal sheets are identical.

The Start Collecting! Orks will cost you £50. Based on the cost of the individual sprues this comes across as a bargain. Buying the models individually would cost you £80 (Dread £31, Nobz £15.50, Painboy £15.50, Boyz £18).

The sprues weigh 352g so you are paying 14.2p per gramme.

The Sprues (9 Photo's)

Not a lot I can say about the sprues. As you would expect the moulded items are of a nice quality with plenty of detail. There is not one of them that you will not have to clean flash off though. My personal favourite is the Big Shoota used by the Boyz. Don’t know why but I really like the back pack and gun that make up this weapon.


I love it. Loads of Orks what’s not to like.

I am not qualified to say if the contents are the best combination to start an Ork army with but I bought it because of the value it represents. You always need more Boys, right!

It is plainly aimed at a collector/hobbyist rather than a gamer I would say. The Next Steps includes the Codex but you can’t really use the content of this box without a codex. The GW webstore says that this is a great value box set that you can use right away in games of 40K. Well whilst it is great value you can’t use it straight away as without a rule book you don’t know how to move, shoot and assault.
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Re: Start Collecting! Orks - Unboxing
« Reply #1 on: March 11, 2016, 11:38:08 AM »
 I'm very happy with my box aswell. Generally I wanted to build one nob of a kind so this fit me perfectly. The deff dread is an AWESOME model. I fully agree that the box is suited more to collectors like me than to competitive players. It is just what the box says -start collecting.


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