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Author Topic: 2nd game with orks in 7th edition... wth  (Read 1955 times)

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2nd game with orks in 7th edition... wth
« on: November 16, 2014, 01:27:22 AM »
I didn't realize how horrible this edition is for orks until I played my second game in 7th edition vs Chaos today.... talk about lobsided.

So orks basically don't assault or get assaulted anymore there is no point.  They challenge out your nob so you lose him right off the bat he gets cut down before he gets to swing.  So no more boss pole not that having one matters at that point anyway because it is downhill fast.

Tried a painboy with ard boyz.... They were meh....

The squad that I thought would do great but ended up being the biggest let down was Mega nobz... I went up against plague marines and typhus.   So basically typhus just cuts them down and they get no save...  and with the change in FNP plague marines get a save vs a PK?   

We have no Inv save in CC for a CC oriented army with the change to cybork....  wth is that.  and mega nobz get insta giged by PF or equivilant.   

Add to that the fact of having no hard hitting ranged weapons...  makes me wonder what are we supposed to be using this edition? 

The worst part is we played malestorm and I ended up winning by playing strictly by going for objectives.  But the say orks play now is a sad state to the way orks should play.   Grab up objects and shoot stuff.....  sounds a lot like a handicaped version of eldar to me.


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Re: 2nd game with orks in 7th edition... wth
« Reply #1 on: February 4, 2015, 01:22:11 PM »
Well, with the site being down and all, I guess I have a slight excuse for not replying sooner.  ;)

Yes the orks suffer in CC, and that was the point of orks in the first place. The new codex really hurts the orks and the way they play. I have adapted by making many FoC lists. Example three or four FoC's in a list. Of course we loose the bonuses for the majority of the army but it seems to work.

I play a first FoC with 1 warboss with big choppa, two truck loads of boys, and three units of fast attack (buggies and coptas), then the second FoC is no kit big mek with two more trucks of boys and three units of fast attack, a third Foc like the second, and if the points go to the 2k level a fourth FoC with the pain boy, two trucks of boys and add in some heavy support stuff like lootas, flash gits, etc.

I have found my flash gits are seriously nerfed now with no armor, no FNP, no cybork, and no weapon upgrades. They work ok as a purely defensive force that you park inside a fortification of some sort, but they are not an offensive unit anymore.

Buggies and koptas are good as they are twin linked as before, and have outflank now, and are cheaper overall. Full size units of buggies are good stuff as they don't have to take LD tests and are basically two wound really fast tank bustas. So, I am building up my buggy squadrons.

Planes seem to be a required item lately too, just so I have something to shoot down all the enemy planes that seem so prevalent at my local, your mileage may vary. However, I have found that two dakka jets are the minimum now for any game over 1k points.

As for my truck boys, a truck only has the ram, no more red paint, no more plank, no more grots. So it keeps them cheep, and the boys are now minimum squad size as they are simply nob delivery units. Most of my nobs now have big choppas instead of PKs and the boss pole is now a waste of points. The new mob rule means you will lose more boys and fail more LD tests than before. So just get used to large amounts of running orks. Gone are the days of getting stuck in with a glorious yelling of Waaaagh. Now it is dance around and only get stuck in when you have to.

That is why I take a minimum of six truck boy units, the HQs are also minimum kit, with lots of buggies, planes and coptas. The tactics are now to stay concealed and in/behind cover until the later turns of the game to try and get objectives. No more full throttle charge into the teeth of the enemy get into CC on turn two, krumping. Take out the enemies vehicles and fast units so that in the later part of the game you will have the edge for taking objectives.

I have no idea how you kan wall players are going to fare, especially since kans take LD tests now. The advantage of big units seems to be that you can take more casualties before having to take LD tests, but that means that more boys will be running away once you do.

I guess my ranting is going on a bit too much, so I will finish off here. Have fun rediscovering your army, I am interested in seeing how you do with a kan wall, I am still contemplating having a two green tide army list just for fun, but I am waiting to see what else is going on with the ork world.
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Re: 2nd game with orks in 7th edition... wth
« Reply #2 on: February 16, 2015, 11:22:17 AM »
try this one.

just watch out for high strength large blast !

30 orc boys mobz. all choppas. all heavy armour. 1 baby mek with killsaw per unit - for anti-vehicle/walker/heavy inft. /challenge absorption. 1 nob-fist for real damage.
 AND 1 painboy on a bike for the fnp goodness.

yes they have to walk [well more like an extended two turn charge] straight at the enemy but killing that many orcs that can resist most st7 and lower weaponry is not as easy as it sounds. {at 1850pts i run three units - but at or above 2000 you could probably run 4 !]

unless you are really unlucky [and not 'born to fight'] they arent running until there is only 10 left !

mix in buggies / deffkoptas / mek guns even a few tankbustas in a trukk - just to give the opponent something else to worry about.

imo outflanking buggies are best ; but everyone has their own preferences. and i like a  full unit of lobbas for back field support

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Re: 2nd game with orks in 7th edition... wth
« Reply #3 on: February 16, 2015, 01:07:56 PM »
"Vanilla" orks and speed kults have it kind of rough right now, but I've actually lost most of my games against orks since the new book came out. I'm not an ork player myself, but my most regular ork opponent creams me by sending in various ork deathstars.  Council of the Waaaaagh, Green Tide,nob bikers with painboy and big mek support, and nobs in mega armor coming out of a wagon all give me a lot of trouble. 

Now, I'm not exactly a proponent of death stars.  They can be pretty unfun to deal with.  Maybe you could sprinkle some lesser versions of these units into your army to good effect though.

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Re: 2nd game with orks in 7th edition... wth
« Reply #4 on: February 21, 2015, 03:22:45 PM »
ran five trukks in a 1750pt game.  trukks unloaded into tau gunline on turn two. orks lost game narrowly on objective points but the gunline was splatted by turn 3

reckon with some juggling i can get 8 trukks in


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