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Title: Ork Mob size?
Post by: Gork n Mork on September 7, 2002, 06:53:31 PM
I used to post on Eldaronline but stopped for a year. I'm back now so greetings to all of you. I have been playing for three years, and have managed to finish my Iron Warriors and Ulthwe Eldar armies. I just recently began collecting Orks and as the subject implies, what is a decent size for a squad of (slugga or shoota) boyz? 16 (like in the box), 20 or even more?

Some other questions too if you guys don't mind answering...

1) Which is better, one dreadnought or 3 killer kans?

2) Is it worth purchasing powerfists for your Nobz or is the price too exorbitant?

3) Does anyone use flash gitz? If you do, how do they perform on the battlefield?

Thanks all, and may Gork n Mork be with you! (Or any of your applicable gods! LOL)
Title: Re:Ork Mob size?
Post by: hatboy15 on September 8, 2002, 12:03:22 AM
well orks, the bigger the better. as many of those greenys as you can fit in a squad.

1. i'd say the kans
2. depends on what you want your army to do best. if you need tank bustin stuff go for the fists, if not, dont.
3. haven't heard of em. :-\
Title: Re:Ork Mob size?
Post by: AceV53 on September 8, 2002, 01:56:59 AM
I usually go for at least 15 and normally 20. That's a good squad size because you know a few will die (darn 6+ save) before they get to close combat and that is gonna mess you up for the Power of the WAAAGH!.

1. 3 Killa Kans are better because there is power in numbers and have a combined 9 Dreadnaught Close Combat Weapon Attacks if they all charge in as apposed to 4 if you charge the Ork Dreadnaught with both Dread CC weapons.
2. I would because it's the only weapon that ignores CC saves and it hits at Strength 8. They may go last but they always do (most of the time) and they have 2 wounds each. Also good for tanks.
3. Haven't used Flash Gitz yet.
4. No question?! Well then I'll just have to give you NO ANSWER! ;D