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Title: Your Favorite Ork Force
Post by: ddtedie on July 16, 2002, 10:49:20 PM
Okay, I don't know how to do polls on this board, so I will just ask and see what kind of replies we get. Myself, I perfer a good, footslogging Ork force, with my Warboss and a Retinue mounted up on a truck, a mob of warbikes in front of him, and a mob of truck boys running along side, and bunches of Orks slugga boys moving up the middle behind a Killa Kan squadron, and a grot screen. I also like my looted baslisk to stay back and pound on the enemy until I can get in close and use the choppas. So, which force do you all prefer? Kult of Speed, Feral Orks? Let's get this board moving.
Title: Re:Your Favorite Ork Force
Post by: Lord Argroth on July 17, 2002, 04:22:27 PM
Speed Freeks. I just love how fast you can get into assault where you really count. I always try to keep another squad next to my Warboss and Nobz so that when an assault, those extra load of Choppa attacks come in handy. I destroyed 3 Space Marine squads using that tactic without even moving. He didn't have enough transport because it was only a small battle and he tried to take me out with guns so his counter-assault squad would turn up just as I finished the last one off. He never managed to get 2 squads in at once and I didn't even have to move my Warboss to do it.

 My advice for Speed Freeks would be take a nice big squad of Stormboyz. Mine is only little (5 I think) and I get taken out too easily. If I had a bigger squad, I go for the heavy weapons then use my Nob on the tanks that are hanging around the back.

 I haven't had a chance to finish my bikes yet because I'm doing a Looted-style bike squad using Ork bikes, Space Marine bikes and I'm trying to come up with a few more ideas. I'm thinking about going for an attack bike conversion with the gunner stood right up in his seat swinging the gun around in a hectic fasion and the driver nearly tipping the whole thing over. Then I'd do a Warboss on bike using the Chapter Approved rules just for a big of variation in my army. The most important rule is dont bother with souped-up characters because those vehicles will be destroyed very easily and you're gonna need numbers to make it the rest of the way to the enemy.
Title: Re:Your Favorite Ork Force
Post by: ddtedie on July 17, 2002, 04:58:36 PM
Aren't the Orks the greatest for conversion ideas. Anything wacky will work with them. It is great. I myself have tried the Kult of Speed a few times, but I have never had the luck with them, that I have had with just a normal foot slogging force that I have already described. That, and I really like my gretchin. I know that sounds crazy, but I have painted up a bunch of 2nd edition grots in a uniform manner, converted an old 2nd edition Storm Boy Drill boss (the one with the commisar style hat) painted him the same, and call them the 95th Brave Gretchin Rifles. These guys have always had a good run of luck during battles. They have taken out a Ravenwing Bike squad that should have torn them to sherds, beaten off terminators, and killed various characters over the years.  But it is nice to see the Orks coming out on the board.
Title: Re:Your Favorite Ork Force
Post by: Scythe on July 18, 2002, 11:45:37 PM
My ORK FORCE/ BAD MOON: Mega Armoured Retinue w/Trukk, 14 Ard' Boyz w/ Nob, 10 Flash Gitz w/Nob, 20 Shoota Boyz w/Nob mounted in a battlewagon, 12 Burna Boyz w/Mekboy and grot, 10 Tankbustas w/Nob, Gunwagon, 4 Trakks/Buggies, 2 Dreagnoughts, 3 Warbikes, Big Mek, with each Nob equipped to the best, and the troops with all the assualt weapons allowed. (this cannot be fielded at once unless you have 2 Force Organisation charts, i.e. over 2000+)

Two Dreads is fun take against SM espically if you equip one with twinlinked megablastas, get with 24" SM go bub by.
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Title: Re:Your Favorite Ork Force
Post by: JiMInY on August 22, 2002, 06:44:00 PM
you cant hold all your hopes on ork shooting, mainly coz it sux :) but i like snake bite wotever you call them, i like their style