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Author Topic: 2000pts New Nids Swarm List  (Read 1640 times)

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2000pts New Nids Swarm List
« on: January 20, 2014, 05:59:45 AM »
Hi all!

Here's my first take on a nid list for the new book! I was focusing on making sure I had back up synapse for when things went south but with enough killy to do damage and enough small bugs to win the attrition war. A big focus on achieving this is focusing on cause target priority issues with big hard to kill units that deal tons of damage or very fast distraction units to give my synapse creatures breathing room.


3 Tyrant Guard

The big distraction unit, Swarmlord will likely pick up dominion as one of his powers for a total of 24" synapse to keep the rest of the gribblies in line. His +1 reserves really benefits the Mawlocs and he can hand out furious charge to the Hormagaunts when needed or monster hunter or preferred enemy as needed. His main role is to wear a big shoot me sign and charge into stuff as early as possible to give the rest of the list some breathing room.


2 Venomthropes

They help make everything harder to kill, while there is  a fair amount of ignores cover floating around they should stick for a turn or two in LOS bloacking terrain or behind some big gribblies making everything harder to take out.



I split them up into 2 single man units to provide better synapse coverage and help protect them from overkill. Provide buffs early game and take opportunity shots late game and add a extra layer of synapse if somewhat fragile.


30 Hormagaunts

Run forward with the swarm lord and rip up rear armour on tanks or tear through my opponents troops, extra fast and in your face unit that adds to the target priority issues

20 Termagants /w 10X Fleshborers 10X Devourers

20 Termagants /w 10X Fleshborers 10X Devourers

Had a hard time deciding between running 30 stock or with the new half and half build, they are the back/mid field objective scorers in the list and aim to rain shots down field. Bonus! If they go to ground they don't have to test for IB so in desperate times synapse can leave them behind.

3 Warriors /w 3X Devourers

3 Warriors /w 3X Devourers

The backfield synapse control and rear objective scorers, hang back and provide synapse to those who need it and help soften up units. If my front end synapse collapses they move in to help regain control, the rest of the list is designed to help keep pressure off of them.

Fast Attack

3 Shrikes /w 3X Rending Claws, 3X Scything Talons

Forward synapse unit for when Swarmlord and crew go down, they get into combat with juicy targets asap and provide the synapse to the Hormagaunts and gargoyles. As with the warriors the list is designed to help keep pressure off of them.

10 Gargoyles

10 Gargoyles

Early game screens providing cover to the MC's. Later on they tie up units and eat overwatchs, they also support CC's with their blind attacks. Can quickly contest objectives if they are still alive end game.

Heavy Support

2 Carnifex's /w 4X Twink-Linked Devourers

March forward with Swarmlord and lay down some support fire (possibly with onslaught if the power was rolled), get into CC late game to smash appropriate targets and cause a big mess, hopefully absorbing some shots and causing target priority issues. Primary and only AA in list is a bit of a weakness I feel.



Show up and cause a big ruckus in the backfield creating further target priority issues, some math hammer shows that they are very favorable for wiping out everything they land on that has t4 or less and no invulnerable save.

The list features some of my favorite things aesthetically about Tyranids barring Lictors, so thats a big + in my books. Though it does feel a little bland with so many duplicate choices. One of my big concerns is flyers, though I think the list can safely ignore most of them and focus on the objectives and ground targets to secure the win.

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Re: 2000pts New Nids Swarm List
« Reply #1 on: January 20, 2014, 10:07:33 AM »
I just wanna point something out on your gants. If your plan is to go to ground to avoid IB it may not work. They won't be able to GtG until they're out of synapse so you'll have to do it the turn they leave synapse coverage or you'll end up taking the IB test before you can have them GtG.
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