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Author Topic: Adepticon GW session (8th Edition, Death Guard)  (Read 4636 times)

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Re: Adepticon GW session (8th Edition, Death Guard)
« Reply #20 on: March 24, 2017, 12:53:01 PM »
I don't want a carbon copy of age of sigmar as well. I agree that the games should be different.

From what I've heard, all books from stealer cults onwards were made with 8th in mind. So, we are not going to see changes so much that the codex's become irrelevant.

I'll expect it'll be like the change from 5th-6th when they introduced the psychic phase, ap in melee and hull points. There will be Errata's put out to bring all the armies to the same page, until they can reprint all the books.

I hope that is the case lol.

My wish list

1. Army construction rehaul (too crazy right now)
2. Rehaul of the psychic phase (takes way too long to resolve
3. Kill grav (lol)
4. Remove the scatter dice (I think the AOS mechanic for area effect weapons is way better. The scatter dice is one of the most contentious parts of the game, and creates so much argument).

Anything else is peachy.
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Re: Adepticon GW session (8th Edition, Death Guard)
« Reply #21 on: March 24, 2017, 05:51:38 PM »

Follow-up Question: If you're advocating the return to Move stats, do you then *also* advocate a removal of all the other special movement rules that exist? So, can we then jettison Fleet, Battle Focus, Turboboost, Fast Vehicles, Eldar Jetbike special moves, and all that other junk?

Yes, exactly. :D
I would be perfectly happy with Mareens moving 4" eldar moving 5", vehicles moving 6" bikes moving 8" jetbikes moving 10" fast vehicles moving 12" flyers moving 18" or something similar. Possibly keep turboboosting, but make it simple like run/turboboost = move again and forfeit all other phases this player turn. But having it as a special add-on rule might be sufficient, say a whyte scars or a saim-hunn formation/CAD gets it, maybe that ork clan too, "Speedfreiks" I think it's called.

Simply making special rules a little more special.

@Killersquid: 3. Grav and D weapons should be thwarted by improving snipers IMHO, creating a balanced rock/paper/scissors -relation between elite units, stealthy units and horde-y? units.

Sorry if I'm speculating/wishlisting too much.
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Re: Adepticon GW session (8th Edition, Death Guard)
« Reply #22 on: March 25, 2017, 07:17:21 AM »
The thing I'm hoping comes from the Movement stats return... is more movement in the movement phase... and less movement afterwards. For example... If Guardian Jetbikes move 12" in the movement phase... I'd rather see Reavers move 18" in the movement phase instead of seeing their movement increased when they turbo-boost. Its the same thing with Razorwings + Voidraven's getting Supersonic... instead of Vector Dancer. The extra movement when turbo-boosting is nigh on useless... Same thing with Harlies and Rising Cresendo... or Hormaguants, Rust Stalkers et. all I'd rather see their base line movement increased rather than all these dice dependent buffs to potential run moves and charges.

Corsairs and Warp Spiders is ridiculous... they move like 3-4x their normal distance AFTER the movement phase. I'm sure Tau players with Crisis Suits feel the same way... its like gee... I sure could of used these jet thrusters to move... in the MOVEMENT phase...

Hopefully this gives a big buff to Tyranid players too... get the smaller creatures scuttling at increased rate to get them across the board quicker. Before I was hoping they'd make the whole army Beasts (crazy I know) but now they can just tailor their movements to each unit.

Plus its so easy with the AOS approach where you aren't referencing some massive rulebook... you just look at the individual data slates for each unit and it has all the rules for them and exactly how they work printed right there.

I can imagine having a little binder (as opposed to a codex) with the data slates for each of my units... so handy instead of flipping all throughout a million different books.

Again very enthused about this... can't wait to see where it goes!
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Re: Adepticon GW session (8th Edition, Death Guard)
« Reply #23 on: March 25, 2017, 09:26:12 AM »
Of course, by limiting all movement to the movement phase, you invalidate rules like Battle Focus, all Jet Packs, and so on. The Tau, in particular, would be devastated by that change.

And, again, I would insist that having every unit move in a unique fashion is *no different* than what we have now and is potentially even more complex. The only units that are too complex in the movement phase are Warp Spiders and, arguably, all Eldar Jetbikes. Nothing else is that big of a deal.

It *would* be nice if we could just stop having to roll for jetpack thrust moves, as that is needlessly time-consuming, but I really, honestly have no idea what everybody is complaining about. If the alternative to having all units move differently is to have all units have a different move statistic, it's the same damned thing (assuming, of course, we don't Sigmarize 40k to hell and back). 
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