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Author Topic: Lorizael's house-rules when posting Rumours.  (Read 7081 times)

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Lorizael's house-rules when posting Rumours.
« on: June 23, 2008, 10:55:32 AM »
The following is a list of rules and guidlines for posting within the Rumour Mill.

-Before you post about something that you've heard about, seen, know about, have great preminations about etc... please check to make sure that there are no other posts already discussing what you want to post about.

-If a new codex is coming and there is already a thread in existence there is no need to create a new one. Even if you want to post a specific section of a new codex or rule book, you can post about it in the existing thread. This way the boards don't get cluttered and it makes my job easier. :D

-When posting rumours from another site or source, please give credit to the original poster and link to the thread/forum where you found the information. This is just common courtesy.

-Do not clutter up the threads with useless replies. Often, threads about things such as a fast-approaching Codex will persist for weeks or months.  Such hot topics are a place for people who are not up to speed on the latest rumours to get the information they want, without sifting through many many pages of chit chat. With fewer extraneous replies, summaries are needed less because there is less babble to sift through.
People would like to read new rumors, not your opinion of Rending, or why it's so awful that a Codex is being updated for the second time rather than Witch Hunters or Dark Eldar.

-The Rumour Mill is for posting rumours, not for discussing why the rumours or rumoured changes are good/bad/unfair etc. Discussing a rumoured rules change due in 4 months time is fairly pointless and rather stupid. Pages of discussion and pointless arguments can be avoided by simply waiting til the rumours are confirmed. When a new release has appeared in GW's Black Box it is no longer rumour and as such can be discussed within the relevant army forum.

-Please remember the site-wide rules on what you can and cannot post in the forums.
Just because something is a rumour doesn't mean that you can post huge tracts of statlines and points costs. This is still copyright infringement, even if the book hasn't been released.

Things that do not belong in rumor threads:

*Wishlists & whining
Come on warp spiders with flamer templates!  ;D

*Unfounded speculation
The eldar will I bet get 80 pages, with the new rules for screening comeing out we are screwed you will be able to shooot throgh squads on a leader ship test, what I think is thay will make a big book of eldar, eldar,dark eldar and perhaps harleys and if we ar lucky exodites, crone world eldar and a corsair list now that would rock

*Fishing for rumours
I dont know if there is already a thread on this, if so link me to it please. here goes, does anyone know if GW will make IG secial Chars, anytime soon if ever? specifically Lukas Bastonne.

*Opinionated reactions
All sounds good. I don't think the Avatar should become a special character, because he isn't one, cos it's not unique. ...

As usual, spam is not tolerated and will be deleted.

Things that we really want in rumor threads:

*Credible rumors!
Ok, the new Codex Eldar is schedueled of release in the UK in August with the new rulebook. The Avatar is gonna be stronger, some stats in general will be edited and some of the rules for troops will be changed(possibly). Also a new PLASTIC yes PLASTIC Wave Serpent will be released. ...

*Credible refutation or confirmation of said rumors from those who have access to or are themselves insiders.
That was proven to be false last year.  No one knows what will appear in the next Eldar codex because GW has not started to work on it yet.

Now, go play nice, have a nice day and try and make my job easier by thinking before posting.

Thanks, Lor.
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Re: Lorizael's house-rules when posting Rumours.
« Reply #1 on: February 18, 2010, 05:06:35 AM »
Rules updated, please re-read.



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