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Kroot Allies

Submitted By: Date: February 11, 2007, 12:00:00 AM Views: 2176
Summary: Through out the Tau Empire the Kroot have been their largest and most renowned allies. The Kroot have a very specific way of fighting that involves them eating of the flesh of their newly killed prey. When they do this the Shaper or leader of the squad can actually taste the DNA of his victim and combine helpfull traits in his own DNA strand which is mostly blank. The Shaper then leads his squad of Kroot to consume this kind of enemy to access this DNA. The changes are miraculous and appear only in one or two generations. Thats a little history so lets see how to use these guys.

Basic Kroot Squad.

Close combat ability.

A normal Kroot squad normally has about twelve to twenty members of Kroot. The Kroot warriors are equipped with a black powder rifle with blades normally attached to the front and the stock or back. This rifle even though it is primitive it is stronger than your standard issue lasgun. Even though the Kroot look small their muscle masses are denser and thus giving these creatures immence amount of strength. In combination this their high amount of attacks on the charge, high combat capabilities, and their abnormal strength the Kroot are immensely good at charging anything. Thats right anything from Space Marines to Eldar to the master of high attacks the Orcs. Even though the Kroot get little to no armor save their numbers allow them to get into combat relatively unscathed. The Kroot are good for breaking up the enemies firing line they are also good for helping out a Fire Warrior squad who were unlucky enough to get themselves charged. Once in combat the Kroot clean up quickly as their low initiative doesn't help but with high attacks they can soon break that squad. With the new Tau Empire Codex Kroot are now no longer subject to the Eaters of the Dead rule so they can make a sweeping advance after they break that squad. With the initiative of Kroot it would seem unlikely but it does happen.

The Kroot hounds.

In the new Tau codex the hounds got an initiative boost to five. WOW how can you not take these awesome combat specialists for so little points? If you want to go character hunting take twelve of these buggers and knock 'em down. Any charging Kroot squad NEEDS these sweet guys. Send in the hounds.

Use the Forest.

Kroot being very skilled at running in jungle or forest get sweet perks. Absolutely no difficult terrain test for them and they are so good that they make the cover save from five up to four up. Fire warrior saves for way less points and one more thing. Kroot if they stand can see through up to twelve inches of cover. Annoy your enemies by staying seven inches back while you can shoot at them but they can't shoot back. With the ability to infiltrate they can easily steal a juicy forest with no problem right from under their noses.

Shooting ability.

With a squad like this who would want to waste the great combat ability of the Kroot with shooting? What you might not know is that about sixteen kroot rifle shots into a light infantry squad with a low armor save like guardsmen can really kill their numbers.

The Krootox

The Krootox is a brute to say the least. The points for this monster have decreased a lot form the codex changes. Although this creature is good in combat but the greatest feature is the gunner and gun on his back. That Kroot aiming the Kroot gun can be a great light vehicle or medium infantry hunter. Although beong in a Tau army you don't really need to use the Kroot gun and you can't infiltrate your Krott so just leave him out.

The Shaper

A Shaper can be a great help to your squad. With his leadership, multiple wounds and attacks a Shaper can be a great edition to any squad shooting or charging. The Shaper is also required to give your Kroot ANY kind of an armor save. A Shaper can also be equipped with his normal Kroot rifle or he can be given a pulse rifle or carbine. Again being in a Tau army just take his normal rifle and give him another attack. Not being an independent character he cannot be singled out in combat so if you make it you can't lose you new leadership easily.

No matter how you use these great warriors they are very versatile and can take on everything you can through at them. For new players it is a must that you take at least some kind of cover even if it isn't forest. Remember a bigger Kroot squad is one that lasts. Mmm tastes like chicken.

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