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Imperial Guard vs. Lost and the Damned

Submitted By: Date: September 24, 2006, 08:00:00 PM Views: 5952
Summary: Long time since I made a battle report so 'ere is another. I took command of The lost And The Damned spawny force and my buddy took command of my Imperial Guard. Also, we opted to use the escalating engagement rules as they seemed pretty cool.

The armies were:

Imperial Guard


-Senior officer w/powerfist, plasma pistol, and refractor field

  Four vets w/ c/c weapons and one banner

  Priest w/eviscerator

 All with hardened fighters

Also two anti-tank squads, one with three missiles, the other with two missiles and one lascannon


Six Ogryns

Ten veterans with hardend fighters, leader with powersword, and two plasmaguns


Two platoons, each with a command squad with four plasma guns, and an officer with powerfist and three infantry squads with heavy bolter and plasma gun

Armored Fist squad with flamer and missile launcher, Sgt with storm bolter, and Chimera with storm bolter, multi-laser, heavy bolter and smoke


Hellhound with heavy stubber


Leman Russ with battlecannon and three heavy bolters

Basilisk with indirect fire

Lost and the Damned


 Daemon prince with: Stature, Resilience, Venom, Essence, Aura, Armor and Gift of Chaos (henceforth called GoC)

 Two Aspiring Champions with powerfist, Mark of Tzeentch, mutation and GoC


-Eight possessed with talons

-Three Obliterators


 Two units of 16 Plague Zombies (called spawnlings(they are the purple things))

 Two units of 7 Marines with autocannon and plasma gun


 Seven Raptors with Furious Charge, Two flamers, one meltagun.


Two units of five Spawn

Defiler with Indirect Fire.

  So we rolled for missions and whatnot with escalating engagement (the IG have the flying bases and the LatD have the other bases as objectives)

So the missions rolled up were Bridgehead for the IG and Sabotage for the Lost and the damned.

 So the Skaven had to hold one of their own and one of the foe's counters, and the LatD had to destroy both IG ones.

 So deployment happened and we were each at one corner and could deploy up to halfway across our adjacent table sides and 14" inches.

Also just you you know the text goes:

turn x

Latd...bla bla bla


IG..bla bla bla

Turn 1


 Lost and the Damned won the roll-off for first turn and their mutant forces in two groups shuffled toward both IG counters, though the Spawnlings on the long table edge moved a mighty 1", they must have been tired after deploying so far forward.

   The Obliterators unleashed a hail of autocannon fire at the infiltrating Veterans across the map, killing five with high caliber shots, and forcing them to fall back. The Defiler then opened up with a mighty blast of its battlecannon firing at the Basilisk, but missed utterly.

  The veterans regrouped and moved back toward their previous location as the IG quickly moved their forces. In two obvious groups toward the objectives in no-man's-land, and behind the Russ and Chimera moved Skull platoon command and squads 1 and 2 (squad 3 is at the ruins) while red platoon moves all its forces toward the Lost and the Damned counter beyond the woods.

 The Basilisk started the shooting phase by firing its massive Earthshaker Cannon at the Raptors, but the shot scattered off onto the possessed and one was killed by the exploding shell. The Infantry squad dug into the ruined walls and fired their heavy bolter at the approaching spawn, wounding one while a hail of shots from the anti-tank squads  finished it off.

  On the other end of the table the Leman Russ fired its battle cannon at the Obliterators, but scattered and wounded a spawn.


Turn 2

 The LatD turn started well with the Spawn squad by the Russ going stupid, and the spawnlings closest to the camera went only an inch..again

  Aside from that, movement went well with both forces moving toward their objectives, though the Prince and gaggle of Spawn started heading straight toward the IG deployment zone.

  The Obliterators started the shooting phase again (they like to do that) and removed some of the Leman Russ's paint, but that's about it. The Defiler tried to redeem itself by killing four Guardsmen from behind the Russ. Also the Chaos marines near the Defiler fired their autocannon at the Chimera, blasting the multi-laser off.

   Movement continued, though firelines were starting to develop. The shooting begun with the Leman Russ by firing its battlecannon at the Obliterators at point-blank range, killing two instantly and the last one, while stunned by the shot, was blasted by a plasma gun from skull platoon's command squad, wounding it.The Chimera fired past the spawn and with a hail of shots was able to kill one of the mighty chaos marines standing at the rear of the LatD line.


The Hellhound fired through the woods, ambushing the possessed and killing one with its mighty Inferno Cannon. The veterans fired their plasma guns from the hip, blasting a Spawn to a pile of slag, while the anti-tank squads fired together at the Daemon Prince, though only the lascannon was able to pierce its warped flesh, wounding the massive creature.
  The Red platoon's squads fired at the nearby Chaos Marine squad downing two of them, while the Basilisk's massive shell fell on target, obliterating three Chaos Raptors.


Turn 3

     Movement proceeds as normal. No stupidity, and the spawnlings move decent amounts.

Shooting begun quickly afterward with the Obliterators again vainly trying to take out the Leman Russ, and are foiled again, the Russ's armor is much too strong. Though Imperial Guard don't have strong armor and the Defiler fired at the squad behind the Russ and killed five of the buggers, and the squad dived to the ground pinned.
  The Chaos Marines fired at the Chimera again. While the autocannon rounds bounced off the hull harmlessly, the plasma gun blasted through the hull, igniting the fuel and blasting the vehicle into oblivion with its hull blasting apart in every direction, though due to quick disembarkation only two passengers were killed by shrapnel and the survivors were pinned.

   Finally the Chaos forces were able to assault with the Raptors charging one of the red platoon's squads while the Chaos Spawn charged the veterans. Both combats went well for the LatD with the Raptors breaking and killing their target, and consolidating into the red command.

The Spawn meanwhile did the same, though one was wounded by the vet Sgt.'s Power Sword. Also the Possessed tried to charge the Hellhound but were deterred by the trees.

  The Ogryns seeing the combat rushed toward the forests, while the Hellhound fell back from the Possessed. Most other squads held their ground to fire at their warped foes.

 The squad hiding in the ruins killed the spawn wounded by the combat with the veterans while the anti-tank squad killed another, leaving only one. The infantry squad in the woods killed one of the approaching Spawnlings, while the command squad on the other side of the battlefield had two of its men go down to overheating plasma guns while their targets were unharmed. The Russ's shot went wide, and so did the Basilisk's.

   The Ogryns reached combat and cut down the Raptors, rescuing the command squad from death.

Turn 4

     The death of the Raptors was shocking, but the loss would not stop the Chaos horde.

Then the lonely Spawn goes stupid. I guess it needed its buddies. But the other Spawn squad reached the first IG objective and began dismantling it.

  The Defiler and nearby Chaos Marine squad fired at the Armored Fist squad, reducing it to only two men, while the other Marine squad fired all guns killing the entire  command squad of red platoon.

   The Possessed with fury charged the flank of the Leman Russ through the woods and tore open the hull, killed the crew and set the tank aflame. At the same time the Daemon Prince attempted to catch and eat the Hellhound but was unable to catch it as it drove by.

  The IG command squad led by Warlord Nit-Nit rushed toward the Daemon Prince intent on its destruction, while the army continued firing at the Chaos horde.

  The Remaining infantry command squad fired its remaining plasma guns at the Spawn, killing one of the unholy beasts, but one of the gunners' weapons overheated, leaving one left with the officer, Tex. The Armored Fist squad and a nearby infantry squad fired at the Possessed, killing four of the buggers while an anti-tank squad lent its fire to aid that of the command squads, killing another spawn. The Hellhound, thankful to have not been eaten by the Prince, turned its Inferno Cannon on it, causing severe burns on the unholy being, though its hide was far too tough for the stubber or heavy bolter to be of use.

   The Armored Fist squad charged the possessed but were ambushed in the woods and wiped out, while Nit-Nit led the charge against the Prince. Nit-Nit was slain, and the squad fled from the beast though the priest's eviscerator cleaved a hunk of the creature's flesh off, but it was not enough to kill it.

Turn 5

 The Spawn succeeded in destroying one of the IG objectives, so there was only one left. The Prince chased after the fleeing command squad while the Spawnlings near the Ogryns prepared to charge. The larger Spawn squad also got ready to eat Tex and the remaining plasma gunner.

   But they would have to be content with only Tex, as the Obliterator killed the last plasma gunner of the command squad. The Defiler decided to target a fresh squad and aimed its Battle Cannon at the infantry squad in the ruins, and with a mighty roar its cannon's shell landed right on target, killing five Guardsmen.

  The Spawn then charged Tex,while the possessed charged the squad behind him. Both IG squads were killed in the vicious melee.

  The Daemon Prince attacked the squad in the ruins, and was able to break the squad and cut them down as they fled. The Spawnlings behind the wood charged the Ogryns and were able to kill two of the large creatures, while four Spawnlings were killed in return.

 The command squad regrouped and moved toward the Prince, and a nearby anti-tank squad moved to support them.
 The infantry squad in the woods charge the Spawnlings to help the Ogryns, while the anti-tank squad and the command squad charge the Daemon Prince. The Prince devours all the command squad but the priest, but is unaffected by all attempts to kill it. Then the priest flees in terror, while the anti-tank squad stays to help him escape.

 The Spawnlings lose one of their numbers to the Ogryns, but cause a greater number of kills, and while the Ogryns flee the mutant horrors, the infantry squad stays and fights.

Turn 6

 The prospect of the battle ending soon fuels the Chaos need to cause more death and destruction with the entire army moving toward the final IG objective. (beside the Basilisk)

  The Aspiring Champion leading the Spawnlings in the combat uses his mystical powers to warp one of the guardsmen into a horrid chaos spawn, and the Daemon Prince used his own warping influence, and created a spawn of his own from the anti-tank squad.
  The anti-tank squad and other IG squad in combat are both defeated while the anti-tank squad is entirely consumed, and the infantry squad was broken and cut down.

 With not much more that could be done, the battle mostly over, the Hellhound killed eight Spawnlings from the fresh squad, while the Basilisk killed a few more.

Now to see who won.

  The Lost and the Damned were able to only destroy one of their two targets, thus were unable to complete their main objective. The IG on the other hand held onto the Lost and the Damned objective in no-man's-land, but due to not moving the Basilisk were unable to hold onto their own remaining objective.

LatD Main Objective--FAILED

IG Main Objective--FAILED

    Secondary Objective--Achevied!!

 Victory to the ial Guard!

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