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Tactica Retributors

Submitted By: Date: June 22, 2006, 06:03:02 AM Views: 3233
Summary: easy to update: a few previous edition references (smoke causing glancing etc), a couple of language tweaks. Content overall correct due to same codex. -small_furry_spider Heavy Bolter Version [i]"You think your starcannon is good. Watch my heavy bolters in mass destroy you, for we use the most under-rated gun in the game. Emperor have mercy on your soul, sinner!"[/i]

One of my personal favourite units in the whole army. Ever since I learned how cheap heavy bolters were and how afraid my aspect's were of them, I've always wanted to use them. A squad of 4 heavy bolters is amazing, and will desacrate anything not in power armour. The other bonus is that they are cheaper than devastator squads. Your putting out the same amount of fire-power for cheaper and have the protection of power armour. Wickedness. Retributors are your reason for not using 3 Exorcists. You should have one spot reserved for these girls. Against 4+ and worse save armies, your heavy bolters will basically make a unit unscorable each volley, and against marines, you can expect results of between 1-3 dead marines on average. Not bad results at all. They can also make an improtu rhino hunting unit, if your in a little trouble.


*In cover

*Near the back of your army, or out of the enemies way (they have to go out of their way to reach you). At least make sure they have to do a priority test

*With plenty LOS

Veteran superior

*Storm bolter, is a nice addition, although unneeded

*Nothing else necassary

Small squad

Faithful or not, this squad is nasty, and the one I use. This squad consists of 5 girls, 4 HB and a veteran sister. A veteran superior is not necessary, but for extra faith, she is a good deal. During the beginning of the game, you can expect some long range fire-power directed at the girls, and most long range guns are AP3 or better. Ion cannons, reaper launchers and starcannons come to mind. This is where the low squad size comes in handy, as you can turn yourself invulnerable quite easy, making those weapons a bit of waste. But then your army other squads are more likely to have these weapons directed at them. Retributors should be in cover however, so you do not have to use faith if you do not want to. Your first casualty should be your Veteran superior. That way you do not have to lose fire-power, and gain another faith dice, if at the cost of the squad not being faithful.


*Cheap, very cheap for what they do

*Can contest a quarter, or a counter (although I've managed to get use out of them in recon missions, it is rare that you lose LOS so you cannot shoot for the rest of the game)

*Can turn invulnerable easy, so you can take out dark reapers easily

*Can easily make back their VP value


*Less fire-power at 24" than bigger retributor squads

*No bodies to soak fire

*Lose 3 girls, and you can no longer be a scoring unit.

*Harder to pull off divine guidance (harder, not impossible)

*Lose veteran superior(through your choice or by target saturation), and they are no longer faithful.

Big Squad

This squad should be faithful, as there is a reason behind it. Divine guidance. Honestly,  divine guidanced heavy bolters will kill wraithlords, that is how powerful they are. Against 4+ save armies, you needn't worry, but the extra bolter shots definetly will kill anything in the kill-zone. Against Space marines, Chaos and Necrons (although it usually feels wasted with their WWB roll), this squad will rip them apart. Heavy bolters do well against marines, but when 1-3 shots are AP1, they hurt even more. If they dare get within 24", Emporor have mercy on their souls, adding possibly another 6 shots as well. A storm bolter for the Veteran superior is recommended heavily, and is a better idea to remove normal sisters instead of Veteran superiors this time. An Imagifer could come in handy once you lose casualties to help with divine guidance. I'm not the biggest fan of them though, although they look to have a good use in this squad, so it's your choice. They will make a difference, at a cost.


*Even more effective against marines than the smaller squad

*More bodies to soak up fire

*Harder to make unit unscorable


*Cover can negatively affect your divine guidanced kills

*Your relying on the divine guidance a bit heavily to help with kills (help your soul, if your having a bad day with the dice)

*Becomes more expensive, to the point you may not make your VP back.

*Bigger squad, bigger target

*Enemy can avoid the squad, reducing half it's member's to just spectators, who seem to get shot at a lot


Multi-Melta Version

"It's like melta, but it reaches further."

Never used this squad, and have not bothered to buy the models for this gun. This gun is short ranged and very expensive for it's purpose. The gun itself is almost as expensive as a HB equipped retributor. If you use the multi-melta, do not expect many tanks to come to you. Against fast skimmers, you'll never be in range, or tanks like Predators who can use long range to shoot you up. Where this gun comes in handy is against transports and dreadnoughts (and the like). They will be coming to you, and knowing most mission scenerios, you could probably shoot them first turn if you can second. Since they're coming to you, range is no longer such a big issue. With AP1, you can put  serious hole's in anything you fire at, as long as they don't pop smoke (even then, you could probably get an immobolization result at least).

EDIT: With the new drop pod rules, dreadnoughts and squads alike may think twice about landing near your lines.

Squad Size

Full squads are not necessary, since they will not be putting out the shots for divine guidance. Only a few extra bodies are needed, mainly to protect your heavy weapons.

Veteran Superior

*Not worth giving anything. Squad is already expensive, don't over-do-it


*Will melt marines quick

*Good at defending a position

*A good "keep the f***" away from me" unit for lightly armed transports and dreadnoughts (killer-kans and peninent engines should definetly keep away)

*Good at destroying tanks from a range other than 12"

*AP1 special rule

* Unlike the Exorcist, you cannot stun the Retributor squad  with anti-tank weapons (unless they're pinned). So you should be able to fire most turns.


*Smoke launcher's will render the AP1 rule useless, along with glancing hits and skimmers moving fast.

*Short range, so easy avoid. They're heavy support, so most likely they will be placed first before other units, making it easier for your intended targets to avoid you.

*Expensive (your probably better off with an Exorcist)

*If you can get within 12" and manage to get a 2D6 penetration, you deserve a medal, since it will not happen often.

Mixed Units

"When you just cannot decide"

Very few people on E/O will recommend mixing weapons, and for good reason, you reduce the effectiveness of at least one weapon. In my opinion, I think that for one multi-melta, this rule could be waived a little. There are a few advantage's of having just one multi-melta:

*Gives you extra anti-tank power in the radius

*Gives you extra power when dealing with rhinos

*Is a nasty shock when that heavy bolter squad destroys his dreadnought, because of a hidden multi-melta
*Troops will get within 24" (we're amphetamine parakeet at assault, so they want to get close). Turning one member to slag is still pretty nice

Of course, the disadvantages include the extra cost and you'll be putting out less shots (cost of two shots to ignore armour is a good trade-off though).


"When your too stingy to use a heavy suppory slot"
Beautiful, an Immolator than doesn't fill in a HS slot. I wouldn't recommend this to HB squads, since they should be in a good position to fire all game. The Immolator can still be taken still, if not as a transport, but to use it to go flame heretics. Multi-melta squads can get great use of this tank, as they will usually be small in size. You can drive this tank up, deploy the squad behind it, and be ready by turn 2 to fire. Of course there will be problems with this tactic:


*Can quickly get into a good position, possibly with greater firing arcs

*Can quickly get within range of potential threats, and dictate more where tanks can go and show themselves


*More vulnerable to assault, especially to units with jump packs

*If the Immolator your hiding behind is immobilized or destroyed, your LOS will be blocked, so you'll have to waste another turn moving.

*Adding the cost of the Immolator to the cost of the retributor squad, and it gets awefully expensive (this can be debated, since you probably wanted to use the Immolator anyway, almost as a seperate unit.)

To complement the squad, you could give the Immolator a multi-melta, but this will significantly slow down the squad. If the tank stays still, you can also fire two multi-melta's from within the tank, at two different targets. Besides the added protection of steel, there are risks. If the tank is penetrated, your squad disembarks, and take's a pinning test. Not such a bad thing, since that squad next turn, can fire to full-effect. However if the tank is destroyed, your expensive squad is pinned.


Since the Immolator is a transport option, it can no longer be a scorable unit. This can be debated over as a disadvantage, since most people will argue, that Immolators rarely survive long enough to score. I've had my Immolator (HS choice) score points as a scorable unit, but I never expect the tank to survive long. It all depends on how you use the tank (and how lucky you are and if the enemy wants to shoot the Immo over the Exorcist), but it's not much of a disadvantage really. Hell, the enemy may ignore the tank because of the fact, then we can do some nasty work.

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