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Palatine Tactica

Submitted By: Date: June 22, 2006, 05:59:02 AM Views: 3447
Summary: What can I say about the Palatine? She only has two uses in my opinion. One is shooting and being a leader in "40K patrol". Her stats let her down and she is fairly expensive for what she is. She is only slightly better than a veteran superior, which is nothing special for a commander


*Shooting is where the Palatine truly shines.  Unfortunately, there are few guns for her to select. With only 2 attacks, average WS and average wounds, she is not worth giving an expensive weapon like the eviscerator. So the best place for her is to keep out of CC. For shooting, here are some good weapons worth using:

-Storm bolter

-Combi-weapons (excluding combi-flamer)

All of these weapons allow her to keep good distance from the enemy. The meltagun can be a nasty way to kill a tank that gets too close, while plasma is good against basically anything. The stake-crossbow is an excellent weapon against a hive tyrant, if you're facing Nids. With the backing of 9-10 other bolter shots with divine guidance that Hive tyrant will be in no shape to face you. The storm bolter on average is probably your best bet. You can keep on the move and fire a good amount of shots.

*The bolter, shotgun and the bolter-flamer were left off the list for a few reasons.


The bolter is just inferior to the storm bolter. The bolter also slows you down if you want to shoot at maximum range


The shotgun's only benefit is being able to assault after shooting. With bugger all attacks and a hard time wounding, that is the last place you will want to be. The short range and low strength are not good either.


Flamer weapons should only be used in specific circumstances, as you don't want to get too close and get assaulted. If your part of a squad which has two flamer type weapons, then using a bolter-flamer for extra punch when part of the squad is a good idea. The  brazier of holy fire is also a good weapon to consider if you want to be in a flamer squad. You lose out on using the bolter with the other sisters, but in CC, your Palatine can better support your Superior, with  +1 attack in CC and having the option of using a power weapon.

*Note-Heavy flamer, flamer, superior brazier and Palatine brazier looks like a cool idea. It is expensive, but at least you have 11 bodies, 3 templates, 16 rapid fire bolter shots and about (8+3+3) attacks if charged in assault.

Note-Join Dominion squad with an Immolator. In total, this squad has one TL HF and 6 flamer templates (with the Palatine and Superior included). If mounted in a rhino, a priest can join, so you could have 7 flamers in one squad. I don't know how practicle that is, but sounds fun if you pull it off. With litanies of the Faith and divine guidance, that is one nasty unit. Too bad the new template rules ruin this a little bit. Although, I think a brazier of holy fire would be a better idea.

*If using a shooty version, joining a squad is a good idea. A squad with similiar weapons is ideal. In a foot-slogger squad, a potential of 8 storm bolter shots on the move is nice, while in a dominion squad, 12 storm bolter shots is also handy. With a book keeping everyone in a good morale, she can definetly help with your firepower on the move. In a big squad as well, she will not have to worry about being picked out, unless someone somehow manages to score 12 wounds on the squad. Litanies of the Faith can also help the squad, if in desperate trouble. It's amazing what SOTM can do when Dark Reapers are shooting at you.

40K Patrol

If you want her in this, thats your decision. A cheap power weapon and a few goodies may be nice in a small game. A rosarius is good but expensive option, due to the fact you will not have much faith to burn. I'd prefer more troops, but I can see a shooty Palatine being an annoying asset in a 400pt game. The best piece of wargear that should be consider is the book of Saint. Lucius. Any unit near her can use her unmodified leadership (9) for morale and leadership tests. This will keep your army fighting despite negative modifiers that the enemy may use against you (such as daemonic visage). Any unit that (when the Palatine joins) that can fire 8 storm bolter shots on the move is nasty, since most units will not be able to assault you. Even then, they have to get through rapid-fire with divine guidance to assault them.

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