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The Diary of an Heroic Grot

Submitted By: Date: June 2, 2006, 04:23:22 PM Views: 3327
Summary: <p class="subheader">F’rst wordz</p> <p class="body"><i>Me name is Retsin, and I‘m a grot. Only been round for a few weeks, but me Ork lordz have already giv’n me a job; I’m da new ammo grot. Theyz tell me, that I is going to be feeding roundz into da new tank we just lutted, it’s a Lemon Rust, but seemz they smashed up da auto loader, and now I get to grab shells and shove ‘em into da cannon. They say it shouldn’t be too bad, I ain’t certain, so I am telling youz what to do should I die. I leave all that I own to my drill sergeant, don’t know ‘is name, oh well, hope I get to tell you more later.</i></p>

<p class="subheader">Sec’nd wordz</p>

<p class="body"><i>Hi again, seemz I did me job so well that we was able to overtake a ‘umie base, guards I think. But da important thin’ is that me Ork leader’s been promoted, and so ‘ave I. I am now to be his roo’kit loader. He ‘as been given a roo’kit laucher, and now rides on da back of a squigit, I get to be strapped to ‘is back, and load roo’kits into his gun. I am looking forward to this job, da last one was not fun, dam rounds were as big as me and I grab ‘em, and shoved ‘em in da barrel, almost g’t kill’d a few timez to’. Oh well that life is done, thank da great Nobz. Gotta to go, we’z headin, to a fight, Later.</i></p>

<p class="subheader">T’rd wordz</p>

<p class="body"><i>T’day was fun, wez kill’d plenty of pixies, seems they really don’t like choppas, and the’m ve’icles don’t like roo’kit either, da boss ‘as even decided to g’ve me arm’r. Seemz I permitted ‘im to score da most kills in da battle. He was so happy after that actually let me rest after da fight as da boyz partied. So I am really happy, and I am looking forward to gettn’ me new armour, I’ve been told that I will even get to fit it myself. I gotta to go, da other grots want to he’r me story. Later</i></p>

<p class="subheader">F’rt’ wordz</p>

<p class="body"><i>I got a nice set of plates from an pixie vehicle, themz make good armour, we had a small fight ’rlier in da day, got to kill a few chaos boyz stupid enough to think they could take a band of boys down, their shrieks were music to music earz as da boss fired a couple roo’kits at da poor group. Then they all died as da rest of da boys gut ‘em with their choppas. Can’t wait till later tonight, we is going to take out da chaos boys base. I will write tom’row. Later.</i></p>

<p class="subheader">F’ft’ wordz</p>

<p class="body"><i>‘em chaos boys really squeal good, but themz berserkers are tough. Took two nobz with power arms to take one down, coulda been a problem if we didn’t have three nobz for each of their berserkers. But we did, and they all died. It was bloody, da boss even got to destroy some big mech crab, it blew up good too. I got plenty of practice loading da boses weapon, but it looks like we is going to get to pilot a killacan next. Da boss is happy, and so is I. More later, da boss and I have to get our killacan.


<p class="subheader">S’th wordz</p>

<p class="body"><i>We got to tries our new can, works like a dream, a ban of rogue Orks sais we was weak, so we bust’d ‘em up some. Da can sliced through ‘em easy. Their choppas didn’t even scratch da paint. On da way back to da base we ran into this huge hairy thing, had big clans and fangs, it ‘tacked us, don’t know why, da boss carv’d it up good. We is having steaks tonight. Da boy even said I could eat with ‘im and da boys tonig’t. Da meat is cooking on da fire right now. Gotta go, my food’s just about ready, later.</i></p>

<p class="subheader">S’v’th wordz</p>

<p class="body"><i>G’day, seemz me and da boss are gett’n another promotion, that thin’ we kill’d, well it turns out it was a beast that da head Nob wants, me and da boss headed out in our can with a few squads of boys, to find more. We got lucky and found another one, but this one was bigger, and it weren’t alone, nah there was a dozen of ‘em. Well da four squads of boys thought they could take ‘em out easy, but da boss knew better, we had fought one. They listened to ‘im, and we split da bests up before striking. Da boss was right, Orks fight better in small packs than two beasts. We captured half of ‘em, and killed four more. Two escaped. We brought ‘em back to da base. We’s having da dead ones for dinner in a feast in honour of my boss, da newest Nob in da base. Later</i></p>

<p class="subheader">Eig’t wordz</p>

<p class="body"><i>Woo’py, da boss is gett’n Mega arm’r, and da mad doc said he was going to give me a new set of armour too, he promised to make me bett’r, worries me a little, but da boss said not to worry, he warn’d da doc that if he hurt his lucky grot that he would use da mad doc as a choppa. So I ‘m lett’n da cr’zy doc take siz’ng for my new battle gear. I am curious what hez got ‘n mind, but it looks dangerous, da boss wil love that. Tell you more later, da boss wants me joining ‘im in a drink’n match hez hav’n with da other Nobz. Later.</i></p>

<p class="subheader">Nin’t wordz</p>

<p class="body"><i>Da Boss and me got to try our new gear today. The mad doc gave the boss a mecha arm and cust’m shoota. Seemz the shoota is basicly three bigga shootas strapped together, per’dy nasty looking weapon. The armour plates he put all over the boss’ hide also look nasty, the spikes on ‘em don’t hurt the look. Man the boss really looks mean now. I got a mecha frame that I sit in, makes me as big as one of the boyz. The doc also wired me brain to a reflex booster, so I never miss anymore. I got a bigga choopa in one hand and a shoota in the other. The weapons have got kick, and they sure do rip through ‘umie flesh good. We took on a guard division on, just me and the boss, it was glorious, we killed ‘em all. I am partying with the nobz tonight. Da boss is getting better at this everyday.</i></p>

<p class="subheader">Ten’t wordz</p>

<p class="body"><i>I’ve been made a hon’ry nob by the nobz, and the boss, or should I say the War Boss now, has taken control on the horde. New orks are joining our clan everyday; we are the most powerful horde on the planet, the War boss sayz the planet is going to be ours soon. The pixies and the chaos boyz have already jumped the world. The guards are almost all dead too. We is going to take the last imperial city pretty. Then all we have left will be a chapt’r of marines, theyz going to be a pain in the neck. Later, some ork ale’s got my name on it.


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