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A Dichotomy of Soul

Submitted By: Date: January 2, 2006, 07:03:36 AM Views: 2950

He won't stop looking at me.  

It scares me when he does that.  Not because he is angry, or that I think he is going to do me harm, I think it's his eyes.  No, it's more than that.  It's his whole facial expression.  



One would almost think he is at peace, but I know better.  I've seen what he is capable of.  Others fight because they must, and when he joined the Storm Guardians, that was his reason.  He didn't want to see his wife and child come to harm at the hands of the followers of the Keeper of Secrets.  It started out as a noble goal, but that was a long time ago, even by the way time Passes here on Ulthwe.

Now, his lips may speak the words that his reason to take up arms hasn't changed, but both He and I know that is a lie.  Not as dangerous a lie as some, but it is always the first step off the Path, to lie to one's self.

I know what he did in the last battle, and it scares me.  

Like the others in his group, the beauty of the dance made his heart stir, and its rhythm was increased by the fear of never seeing his home again.  To die on a world forsaken by Isha, cold and harsh, so unlike the worlds we inhabited before the fall is a tragedy.  To die at the hands of the Mon-Keigh, even worse.  

In their ignorance they tried to colonize a system with one of our Wraithgates hidden on it.  One critical to the fighting in what they call the Eye of Terror.  It is hard to imagine at its heart it was once home.

The Wave Serpent rocked as he stood right next to the Warlock that was leading them.  They two would be the first out the door and into the fray.  They could be the first to die.

The silence of the cabin was broken by the thunderous call of the Star Cannons.  They knew the time was upon them, and then the door opened.

The warlock linked with his mind, as he did with all the others in this group, filling their heads with visions of the wars fought in heaven and inspiring the hearts of gardeners, bakers, and other common tradesmen to become heroes, just for today.  

The mental urging was not needed.

He broke left, leaping from rock to rock to make room for the soldiers behind him, and as he turned to face the enemy.  They were close.  Far closer than his wife and child would have liked them to be.  Close enough that he knew his pistol would strike true.

Normally the drills teach those called upon to be Guardians to fire at once, but so filled with hate for his foes, he fired first.  A slight pressure on the trigger, less pressure then to bruise the petals of a delicate flower, and it fired.  

His aim was true, and the human's pitiful armour was no match for the stream of mono-molecular discs spit by the pistol.  The human's chest erupted in a spray of blood and bits of bone.  He didn't think the eyes of the human looked any different in death.

It's things like that that scare me the most about him.

As the Wave serpent pulled up and away, swept away on the tide of battle, the Humans and his group closed.  He was shot, but the heat from the primitive energy weapon was dispersed by his armour.  For the insolence of trying to kill him, another human's life was ended by a deft stroke of his chain sword.  It made him smile.

I know nothing else of what happened.  It was too much happening too fast for even an Eldar mind to grasp as a whole.  That he smiled was all I needed to know.  It is not uncommon for us to take pleasure in the perfection of our paths, but this was beyond simply enjoying a job well done.  This bordered on ecstasy.

He sickens me.  As I look into his face I know what must be done.  As much as it scares me.  I know I may never see my family again if I do this, but it is the only way to save him.

I pick up the helmet that I had set on a table, still looking in its eyes.

It seems such a harmless thing, this helmet, with its simple mask.  The eyes are hollow, like the dead human's...

Until I put it on.

I go now, to leave my family and join the aspect warriors in their shrines.  It's the only way to save him, and myself.

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