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[reserve][images]The Raterials

Submitted By: Date: November 30, 2005, 02:11:06 PM Views: 2009
Summary: Unit Designation: The Raterials Homeworld: Planet known as Skytix, Death world, location unknown

Background: The Raterials are small abhumans that are from (as we have learned from our resources) a small dark world called Skytrix in an unknown region of space. These rat-men live in tunnels underneath the planets surface as, even though it is dark, it is scorching hot on the surface for pretty much of the time. The creatures have developed a vicious system of leadership when the strongest rat-man rules large clans, these clans though do not fight amongst themselves and each help out in a different part of society, but those in charge may be killed by assassination, or many other means by the lesser clansmen, so they can gain control.

Apparently during the planets cooler season (lasting aprox. 40 Terrain days) a small imperial guard dropship (containing not much more then a couple of platoons of men and support units and tanks)  landed on the planet to regroup from an ork attack. The ratmen spewed from their holes and with primitive weapons attacked the Guardsmen. The fighting lasted five days and in this conflict the rat-men sustained uncountable losses but with sheer numbers overran the guardsmen. The rat-men took the weapons, equipment, and tanks underground to their factories and ''rebuilt them'' and through much scheming found out how to make the stuff themselves. This is were Warmaster Nit-Nit or the warrior clan fitted his men with as much equipment as he could and boarded the dropship to sail space for combat and to scavenge so their race can one day rule the stars.



Infanrty Platoon lead by a Chieftain


Scavanged Leman Russ


The Swarmguard Sentinals


 Storm Vermin


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